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510 Pen & Charger by Voltair Information

Have you ever bought a cartridge of some high-quality cannabis extract only to realize you don’t have the tools you need to smoke it? Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. With this 510 Battery Kit by Voltair, it’s easy to attach a cartridge and start vaping.

These batteries are compatible with any 510 threaded cartridges – by far the most common type of cartridge on the market. Voltair’s 510 Threaded Batteries feature a sleek design with a simple one-button interface. Even if you’ve never used a vape pen before, Voltair’s intuitive design makes it easy. Never get caught without a battery for your vape cartridges again!

What Comes With a Voltair 510 Battery Kit?

Each Voltair 510 Battery comes with everything you need to start vaping: a battery and a charger. Vape batteries come in two colours: classy black or stylish white. Kits come with a USB charger, which accepts charge from many electronic devices like some computers or cars.

Notably, these Voltair 510 Battery Kits don’t come with a pre-filled vape cartridge. Instead, you’ll need to buy a cartridge separately. Fortunately, Voltair 510 Batteries are compatible with any 510 threaded cartridge, making them extremely versatile.

How To Use a Voltair 510 Battery Kit

Voltair’s super-simple 510 Threaded Battery Kits are a breeze to use. Just screw the battery on to the charger and insert it into any USB port to charge. To draw power from a wall outlet, you’ll need a converter to alternate charge from AC to DC (phone chargers work perfectly for this).

Once your battery is charged, you’re ready to go. Voltair’s intuitive one-button design makes it easy for vape newbies and veterans alike. Five clicks will turn the battery on or off. After that, press and hold the button while you inhale. Two clicks heats the battery up for 15 seconds, allowing for constant inhalation. A single click will cancel the heating process.

That’s not this battery’s only feature, though. Voltair’s 510 Threaded Battery boasts a suite of controls that’s surprisingly diverse for such a simple interface. Three clicks can increase the battery’s voltage and heat for a more powerful, harder-hitting effects. The battery will change colour depending on its heat level, ranging from white (lowest temperature) to red (highest temperature).

38 reviews for 510 Pen & Charger by Voltair

  1. joseph

    I recently invested in a vape pen to explore a more convenient and efficient way of enjoying my favorite herbs. What prompted me to try this particular vape pen was its sleek design, ease of use, and promising features. From the very first draw, I was impressed by the smoothness and flavor it delivered. The vapor was clean and pure, capturing the essence of the herbs without any harshness on my throat.

    One of the standout features of this vape pen is its portability. It’s compact and fits perfectly in my pocket, making it incredibly convenient for on-the-go use. The battery life is impressive, lasting throughout the day with frequent use, ensuring I can enjoy my herbs without worrying about constantly recharging.

    The customization options offered by this vape pen are exceptional. It allows me to control the temperature and adjust the airflow, tailoring my vaping experience to my preferences. Whether I want light, flavorful hits or dense, potent clouds, this vape pen delivers. The discreetness of the pen also adds to its appeal, allowing me to indulge in my herbs without drawing unnecessary attention.

    In terms of effects, I found the vape pen to be efficient and consistent. The rapid onset of the effects allowed me to manage my symptoms effectively, whether it was relaxation after a stressful day or relief from minor pain and discomfort. It provided a clean, reliable method of consumption that quickly became my go-to choice.

    For anyone considering a vape pen, I highly recommend this model. Its combination of style, convenience, and performance makes it a top contender in the market. Whether you’re a seasoned enthusiast or a beginner, this vape pen offers a seamless and enjoyable way to experience the benefits of herbs. It has certainly enhanced my herbal enjoyment, and I believe it would do the same for others.

  2. Sandra

    Great vape, holds a charge for a long time. They don’t last forever of course, but the price point makes this a fabulous vape. Works really well, charges quickly.

    We use the vape to quit smoking flower, we take a complete break occasionally from THC. I find the vape provides a quick hit of THC, enough to quell any withdrawal symptoms. It definitely provides enough THC to get a buzz, but if trying to wean from smoking habit this method rocks. I can taper off THC in a month using a vape.

  3. James

    This was my first vape adventure and this little battery didnt dissapoint. Took me a few tries to figure out how long to hold the button down while drawing but got it now.

    works great and the price was right..

    Thank you

  4. Daniel

    Great little vape, but I find they “break/stop working” pretty easily and quickly. They are pretty cheap, so maybe grabbing a backup pen/vape is a good call. Great product when its working though!!

  5. Dave

    Very good product

  6. Justin

    One of the better vape batteries I’ve used (and I’ve gone through multiple). The pre-heat function and multiple heat settings make it really easy to control your consumption and depth of effect you’re looking for. I would definitely recommend.

  7. Melanie

    Vraiment discret et ça m’évite de rouler.
    J’adore ce produit 😍
    L’effet est parfait.
    Je recommande et j’en recommande un deuxième pour la route 😁🥳
    En plus on a beaucoup de choix pour les arômes et saveurs 🥂

  8. Jasmine

    I love these vape pens! They’re so quick to charge and the charge lasts forever. I got multiple because I like options. Discreet, durable, and easy to use! It has different levels and settings. 😍 Thank you MMJ! 😙

  9. Ghislain

    je recommande

  10. Deryk

    I’ve been using vape pens for a long time now. I appreciate how the charger and cartridges are very discreet. Very easy to use. It holds a charge for about 1/3 – 1/2 a cartridge (for quite some time). Comes with a USB cord for easy charging method. Also gotta love the adjustable heat settings with a setting to preheat. When preheat setting is on, there’s a ring light around the button that changes colors which also helps if passing it around in the dark!!
    All in all, a great product that I have and will continue to recommend to family and friends
    Ended up buying another for a spare at the price it was!! Thanks MMJ for the awesome service 💯

  11. Victor

    Got this for my gf to use with cartridges. It’s nice, it has pretty colours and different wattage settings. 💖 There’s a preheat function which is super helpful to warm up a cold clogged cartridge. It also makes pretty colours when preheating 🤗🌈✨
    It was confusing to plug in the charger but it works. The lack of instructions was a bit confusing and I couldn’t find instructions online. There are minimal instructions on the box. Now that I have figured it out, I am fully satisfied. 4.5/5⭐️

  12. Georgia

    Good price for what you get, charge quickly and I like that they come with instructions for optimal use. Have not had any issues so far and will buy others so I always have one charged.

  13. ziviot75

    Charges last a long time and hits are clean, doesn’t burn the cart and works excellently.
    Charges very quickly.
    worked perfectly and preheat was amazing, blinker time wasnt too long or short. Overall Good Quality Highly recommend 👍

  14. Rachel

    comes in handy. very nice, love it

  15. Josh

    Great reliable battery, lasts long between charges and is very durable highly recommend.

  16. Elizabeth

    Really great pen! Buying a replacement because I take it in my purse to converse so much that the finish is coming off. But, buying again as it charges fast, lasts long and haven’t had any issues at all! Buying one for a friend too!

  17. Pat

    This vape pen works really well. It holds a charge longer than I expected. I would say that a puff isn’t as strong as smoking herb, and I really like to use it before an afternoon nap. It is easy to use

  18. Heather

    I ordered this as a more discreet method. It is not only that it is small and portable, and it doesn’t smell like weed when you vape it.
    it has multiple different intensity levels and is rechargeable. The cartridges are super easy to use and clean rather than messing with rolling a joint. highly recommend.

  19. Peter

    Why buy anything else? It’s easy to use, easy to charge with a good battery life, the button allows you to easily unclog carts, and there’s adjustable voltage to control how much vapor you want. I use this on the go all the time, it’s discreet and great to get through the day.

  20. Lisa

    I like this pen, but have to work hard to remember how many clicks does what function! Luckily the box has an easy-to-save guide so I don’t actually have to remember, and I’m sure eventually it will become habit. Nice black finish.

  21. Samuel

    This was awesome. Sadly I forgot it was reuseable and threw it out hahaha. I wish I still had it!

  22. Kelsey

    I bought this as my very first vape. It works like a charm. Mine came with a cord instead of the usb screw-in charger but this seems even more convenient l. That said, the other one also fit my phone charger! Stays charged for a long time, hits nice, adjustable settings depending on how big of a hit you want, and 1 simple button does it all! Highly recommend. Discreet and effective.

  23. Jonelle

    My first vape pen and completely satisfied. Easy to use (clear instructions on the box), holds
    charge well, easy to charge via USB. I like the option of pre-heating to different levels as I find the top level too hot so I use the middle one. Im totally pleased with my purchase and would recommend to anyone who is new to vaping.

  24. Sarah

    This was a the perfect pen! Light, discreet and charges quickly. The choices of heat setting is easy to use and effective. Fits any 5/10 thread oil. I défit unité recommend, as it works just as well as the $50 pen I lost last month!

    Had one vape not work on arrival, and MMJ refunded the difference to my account immediately. Trustworthy company.

  25. Nawrasaldin

    This does the job. I don’t have much else to say. There were no issues with this product and it charges nicely. Good purchase in the long run. it slim and easy to hide. recommend!!!!!!

  26. Jesse

    It is very discrete and easy to take on the go. Variable settings allow for controlled dosing, including micro-dosing. Battery lasts, easily rechargeable, and control settings make it easy to operate.

    It’s quite smooth on most the temperature settings. Almost no smell when vaping, and no odours while not being used.

    C’est bon.

  27. Marty

    Been great for on the go use!!

  28. Cedrick

    Parfait pour le consommateur gêner, très discret et 0 entretien super convivial 👌

  29. Roberta

    I prefer using this vape pen as it is easy to choose levels as well it lasts in between charges.Best bang for your buck as well.

  30. Emilie

    I like this pen, it looks good and keeps the charge for a long time. I like that it can be adjusted. It works with all the cartridges I bought from various brands. I recommand.

  31. Tina

    I have been vaping for quite a while and I find these carts excellent. They charge quickly, hold their charge and seem to hold up to heavy use….and dropping (sometimes I am laying down and forget the charger is on me). For some reason they do not work well with every type of cart that I have. I am going to try the Bob carts next.

  32. Beth

    This does the job. I don’t have much else to say. There were no issues with this product and it charges nicely. Good purchase in the long run

  33. Michael Ray

    Does what it’s supposed to do. Good beginner vape pen.

  34. Zaheen

    Nice and easy to use pen. I like the preheat setting and the charge stays good for very long.

  35. Jena

    Purchasing another one of these as it’s perfect for use with any of the 510 vape cartridges. Battery is good, allows for discreet consumption and a cleaner high that impacts your throat less. Definitely recommend (I’m buying a second).

  36. Tyler

    Great pens and charger combo for a great price. Can’t go wrong. I’ve bought a few of these and give them to friends when they break their crappy ones. Thankfully I know where to get the good ones 😃

  37. Dilan


  38. Alexandre

    Works verry well ,
    I like the adjustable mode,
    Verry good product and price .
    I recomend

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