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510 Pen & Charger by Voltair Information

Have you ever bought a cartridge of some high-quality cannabis extract only to realize you don’t have the tools you need to smoke it? Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. With this 510 Battery Kit by Voltair, it’s easy to attach a cartridge and start vaping.

These batteries are compatible with any 510 threaded cartridges – by far the most common type of cartridge on the market. Voltair’s 510 Threaded Batteries feature a sleek design with a simple one-button interface. Even if you’ve never used a vape pen before, Voltair’s intuitive design makes it easy. Never get caught without a battery for your vape cartridges again!

What Comes With a Voltair 510 Battery Kit?

Each Voltair 510 Battery comes with everything you need to start vaping: a battery and a charger. Vape batteries come in two colours: classy black or stylish white. Kits come with a USB charger, which accepts charge from many electronic devices like some computers or cars.

Notably, these Voltair 510 Battery Kits don’t come with a pre-filled vape cartridge. Instead, you’ll need to buy a cartridge separately. Fortunately, Voltair 510 Batteries are compatible with any 510 threaded cartridge, making them extremely versatile.

How To Use a Voltair 510 Battery Kit

Voltair’s super-simple 510 Threaded Battery Kits are a breeze to use. Just screw the battery on to the charger and insert it into any USB port to charge. To draw power from a wall outlet, you’ll need a converter to alternate charge from AC to DC (phone chargers work perfectly for this).

Once your battery is charged, you’re ready to go. Voltair’s intuitive one-button design makes it easy for vape newbies and veterans alike. Five clicks will turn the battery on or off. After that, press and hold the button while you inhale. Two clicks heats the battery up for 15 seconds, allowing for constant inhalation. A single click will cancel the heating process.

That’s not this battery’s only feature, though. Voltair’s 510 Threaded Battery boasts a suite of controls that’s surprisingly diverse for such a simple interface. Three clicks can increase the battery’s voltage and heat for a more powerful, harder-hitting effects. The battery will change colour depending on its heat level, ranging from white (lowest temperature) to red (highest temperature).

4 reviews for 510 Pen & Charger by Voltair

  1. Jena

    Purchasing another one of these as it’s perfect for use with any of the 510 vape cartridges. Battery is good, allows for discreet consumption and a cleaner high that impacts your throat less. Definitely recommend (I’m buying a second).

  2. Tyler

    Great pens and charger combo for a great price. Can’t go wrong. I’ve bought a few of these and give them to friends when they break their crappy ones. Thankfully I know where to get the good ones 😃

  3. Dilan


  4. Alexandre

    Works verry well ,
    I like the adjustable mode,
    Verry good product and price .
    I recomend

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