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Albino Penis Envy Information

Albino Penis Envy is a form of the popular Penis Envy. This hallucinogenic mushroom is one-of-a-kind in the way it looks. Its short and dense stature is “capped” with blue-greyish caps. The caps don’t showcase their gills and pores very openly, making the harvesting process a difficult one.


But the appearance of this magic shroom is not what steals the show. Albino Penis Envy is widely popular for its strong potency and fun, vivid, introspective hallucinogenic high it delivers.


Powerful Potency


Albino Penis Envy is reported to be the most potent variant of Penis Envy, so you can imagine the powerful effects it can provide. Well, no need to imagine because you can experience it for yourself.


When you consume this magic mushroom, expect to be taken to a different world filled with happiness, warmth, excitement, and joy that reaches deep and goes wide. Your perception of your surrounding can transform into a vivid, lively, and stimulating visual experience.


With Albino Penis Envy you can experience feelings of euphoria and happiness on a level you have not experienced before. Your soul and mind become worry-free and stress-free releasing all tension as waves of laughter take over you. Besides intense feelings of happiness, the hallucinogenic high of this shroom can lead you on a journey where introspective and philosophical thoughts start floating in your mind bearing meaning and revelations.


Tips for a Great Trip


To experience the vivid, stimulating, uplifting, and joyful trip Albino Penis Envy can offer, the dosage you consume is the key to a great trip. If you are new, then consider starting with 0.5-1g and you may gradually increase this dosage when you wish to increase the strength and intensity of the effects.


Experienced users generally start their dosing at 2.5+g, but these numbers are not set in stone as a variety of factors, such as weight or food intake, also influence the high you will experience. The one definite rule when it comes to hallucinogenic mushrooms is to not mix their consumption with alcohol or any other psychoactive products. All that is left to do is to fully dive into the stimulating hallucinogenic trip of Albino Penis Envy.

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  1. Anna

    These are awesome mushrooms for micro dosing. I found the regular penis envy mushrooms to be better. I would probably buy more of these in the future.

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