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80mg THC.

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Apple THC Sativa Gummies Information

The Apple THC Gummies with Sativa are one of the most popular cannabis edibles on the market. They come from Twisted Extracts, a very famous manufacturer of cannabis edibles. You might know other variations of their jelly gummies – they have many flavours and aromas available. These particular gummies come in the classic Jelly bomb Lego block shape and are approximately 80mg each.

Buy Apple THC Gummies – Sativa online right now using a simple ordering process! Just place the product in the shopping bin, complete your shipping details, and check out. You’ll receive payment instructions on your email – complete the payment and we’ll send the order via Canada Post.

What do these gummies contain?

To prove they only contain organic and natural ingredients, Twisted Extracts has given us their list of ingredients used in the producing of these gummies:

  • Corn syrup
  • Sugar
  • Cannabis extract
  • Coconut oil
  • Citric acid
  • Corn starch
  • Sorbitol
  • Gelatin

There are 8 gummies in each pack, with 10mg of THC for each gummy you eat. This enables you to get an equivalent quantity of THC all the time, so micro-dosing is entirely possible. Just make sure you start with a low dose if you’re not sure what fits you better. After seeing how you react, you can increase the dose and eat more gummies in one sitting!

If you’re inexperienced with cannabis and its psychoactive effects, you should start with a 10mg dose, which is equal to one gummy! Allow 40 to 60 minutes for full effect. The dose may be adjusted as needed for subsequent use.

How will they help?

In essence, these Apple THC Gummies – Sativa may provide excellent therapeutic benefits, the likes of which you only get from high-quality cannabis plants. Being Sativa-dominant, these gummies naturally inherit traits from Sativa cannabis plants, including the psychoactive and therapeutic benefits specific to these plants.

You should buy Apple THC Gummies – Sativa online in Canada if you suffer from the following medical conditions:

  • Anxiety
  • Depressive episodes
  • Stress
  • Chronic pains
  • Cancer
  • Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Parkinson’s Disease
  • Crohn’s Disease
  • Insomnia
  • Eating disorders

Besides the great taste and unmistakable aroma, these gummies have much more to offer in the form of therapeutic benefits. Many clients have reported going through deep states of relaxation and tranquility after eating these gummies!

56 reviews for Apple THC Sativa Gummies

  1. Danielle

    Oh this little candy is so delicious.
    And if you eat it all you will feel so relaxed and uplifted.
    For the price and the taste this is a no brainer.

  2. Jason

    I ordered these for a friend. He loved them he said the effect was very aphrodisiac the taste was on point and the price was very reasonable .
    Definitely worth it .

  3. Tina

    Twisted Extracts is one of my top three go-to brands. The gummies have superior texture and flavour. They ARE sticky, but they are marked into squares so it’s easy to portion them out with a little knife. I find two squares (20mg) is a sweet spot for me, but your mileage may vary. These result in a great, consistent high. I like that I always know what I’m getting when I have a Twisted Extracts gummy.

  4. Cassie

    this is my fav edible to buy. I buy them for gifts for friends and to put as stocking stuffers since the cost is SO great. edibles bought in stores where i live are way more expensive and less effective. i love the taste of every type of edible this brand makes. The packaging makes taking these around with you super convenient,.

  5. Ashley

    Perfect dose and easy to cut! Favourite edibles by a long shot.

  6. James

    Awesome gummies. I took 10mgs and it was a very pleasant sativa high. Just enough to put me in an uplifting good mood. Took another 10mgs a couple of hours later to keep up the pleasant feel of the evening. I usually take more but it was just enough with some vaping to keep the energy and happiness going all the time and still very functional. MMJDirect has unreal prices especially with their sales they advertise quite frequently and the quality is there. That’s what keeps me coming back knowing that medicine shouldn’t have to break the bank. Finding good quality and well priced gummies can be not so easy. Even though there is time and effort put into the THC gummies I still laugh at the prices of a simple bag of candy! (I used to grow and make oils and edibles) Twisted Extracts is one of the best tasting and great priced product there is with MMJD. Nice and compact and you have the option to have up to 80mgs in the bag if you prefer a higher dose all at once. I never realized until I tried a 100 mg gummy one time that it actually agreed with me very well. With these apple gummies, if you did decide to eat the whole amount it cost about the price of one beer at the bar. Some folks need a lot!

  7. Alex

    I’ve bought this kind over and OVER again. They never fail to give me a nice, long-lasting buzz. Truly an essential, I have a jar full and always stock up.

    Gotta admit the brick is pretty sticky, and individual gummies would be easier to use, but I just have a neat little knife I keep as my ‘edible cutter’ LOL.

  8. Mike

    In the world of online dispensaries it’s hard to know who and which products to trust. I’ve ordered Twisted Extracts before multiple times and they provide consistence, quality, taste great and as described. Also used MMJ for a while now and orders always arrive within 2 days, had to contact their support once because i screwed up an order and they quickly responded and fixed th issue. -Thank you MMJ y’all rule!

  9. Sidney

    Found these to have a great flavor and easy to cut as I microdose alot.I like the idea of selecting sativa or indica strains.I use in the morning to get me focused on tasks at hand.

  10. matthew

    Taste and consistency is good, Mellow effect and well portioned. Well worth the price

  11. Georgia

    I like having the option for sativa vs. indica depending on my mood. Super tasty, hides the marijuana taste completely. Easy to change dose depending on how much you want to take. Recommend!

  12. Oliver

    Ce produit est un peu long avant de faire effet, mais est quand même très fort.

  13. Josh

    Awesome taste and great high in about 45-60 mins. great purchase.

  14. Tabitha

    I love the gummies, consistent quality, flavor is nice, effects are fabulous

  15. Mike

    Bought these to enjoy out on a hike and they did not disappoint! Nice energetic high, little burn out and even my none stoner friends enjoyed them and ordered some themselves! The concentration is consistent with each you get exactly what it says in mgs. Green apple flavour had a nice sharp taste and not too weedy tasting either which my friends were happy about. Recommend taking on a walk or when you have a few things to do!

  16. Jhonatan

    sweet and strong

  17. Pat

    I liked these gummies, and the effect was nice, but I prefer the individual ones. These are a bit hard to divide, especially if you don’t have a knife. They tasted fine, and the buzz was good..

  18. Dan

    The green apple tastes fantastic. It give you a nice uplifting feeling with no drowsiness. Helps increase creativity and energy. I’ve ordered this multiple times and would recommend to anyone needing a little boost.

  19. Michelle

    These gummies never disappoint. They put me in mind of Lego blocks 😂 They are very flavourful, easy to cut and give a wonderful high.

    I love the fact I can either have just plain CBD, and or Sativa or Indica. The twisted extracts never fail me….😀😀

  20. Lisa

    These are always a must in my cart when I do an order. The flavour is great! The high is even better. Never failing me every time. I feel so energized

  21. Frederic

    Excellent flavor, very nice effect. Kind of hard to split, the easiest way is to leave them 30 minutes in the freezer and then use a sharp knife. Something to consider: these edibles melt very easily. Don

  22. Michael

    Nice tasting, easy to eat, buzz come on at the exact moment desired, nice and relaxing

  23. Liora

    i don’t usually find many edibles that work for me, let alone work at all. it’s really frustrating to buy edibles claiming massive thx contents and after consumption to be left waiting without any effects. these gummies are not too strong, but they are very consistent and the effects set in slowly— rather than hitting you like a bus.

    the flavour is also very pleasant, i actually tried every flavour, and the apple and mango are two of my favourites. Some gummies taste like you popped a nug in your mouth , so i appreciate the mild cannabis flavour.

    If you’re new to edibles i would probably not recommend more than one square to start, after 35/50 mins take another if it’s not enough. But even as someone who smokes cannabis daily, it did not take much of these gummies to get me a very nice moderate edible high.

    giving 4 stars because it comes in a ‘gummy brick’ like a bar a chocolate, which is kinda annoying to either bite from (gross/to put it back after) or to cut it all, which i did with a cutting board and all that (seems like unnecessary work).

  24. Stephone

    A delicious way to get into the edible zone and chill out

  25. Zaheen

    Tasty but the sour apples are a bit artificial, great nevertheless in potency.

  26. Carrie

    These are one of my favourites, taste great, texture is a little gooey soft but not terrible. No terrible after taste. These are very easy to portion out for your needs. Perfect high about 30-45 min after eating. If you time it correctly you just melt nicely into your couch without a care in the world…… Enjoy 😊

  27. Andres

    Great flavour!
    Effects kick in about the 20-30 min mark.
    The high lasts about 4-5 hours.
    Definitely great for portion control

  28. Tyler

    These are our go-to edibles. 20mg dose seems to hit the spot just right

  29. Meghan

    I love the Twisted Extracts THC gummies, and these Apple Sativa ones are excellent. They taste amazing, almost no weed flavour (although I don’t mind tasting it). I take these 5mg at a time, usually after work. I can feel a dose in about 15 minutes, and if I want to keep my stone going I’ll take 5mg/hour up to 20mg. These are far stronger than any other weed gummy I’ve tried. I’ve been using them for 4 years without building up a tolerance to them, so microdosing daily works for me as well now as it did 4 years ago. Miraculous!

  30. Antoine

    Great taste! Moderate high and good pick me up on rainy day

  31. Bernice

    Twisted extracts are my favourite I like all the flavours one square gets me high enough

  32. Victor

    I bought this for my partner, as a beginner edible. My partner took one tiny bite of it and then left the package for months until it was dry and stale. Would not purchase again unfortunately. 🙁

  33. Patrick

    Great flavour, excellent consistent effect. Needs to be cut for proper dosing

  34. Dan

    hands down the best dose in an edible.

  35. Peter

    These are little pieces of ambrosia; an antidote to monotony.

  36. samantha

    Perfect size and flavor. Definitely recommend!

  37. Armando

    Great flavor! Moderate high. My absolute go too, if I need to get some energy.

  38. Jonathan


  39. Rob

    I always end up ordering a jelly bomb or 5 with my orders. These are so good. Great uplifting high! The only problem is deciding the flavour. Recommend!!

  40. Lisa

    3rd time buying this product! This is we’re I buy all my edibles since I love the high and the mental calmness ! I also love the super fast shipping and packaging! I love mmj!

  41. Thomas

    Consistency is the hallmark of these guys… I know exactly how high I’m going to get and the duration. One dose (a cube or 1/8 of the block) gets me to a happy place, good for during the week relaxing. Two cubes and I’m raring to party… I’ve never had a bad experience, either too high or not high enough… like I said consistent… Oh yeah, and the flavor is great too…

  42. Patrick

    The green apple gummies taste great! They allow you to dose by your tolerance by breaking it into little pieces which is great for anyone who does not have a high tolerance. The effects are definitely those of a sativa strain.

  43. Amélie

    tasty and they work!

  44. Nicolette

    Got this gummy to relax in the evening before bed, or just to get silly to watch fun movies. It takes some time to hit but gives a really nice high, the apple taste is nice as well without tasting too much like weed. I like that the jelly bomb brick has lines to indicate the portion size, can be sticky to divide it but pretty easy to do so.

  45. Nils

    They offer the perfect size and are easily divided. The high on these is great. Love the flavour. Definitely a product I would recommend that you try.

  46. Michael Ray

    These edibles tastes really good. Absolutely no weed taste to it. Definitely a repeat buy for me but my only complaint (very minimal) is that even though the gummy has lines to separate the servings you have to cut it up yourself but other than that these are great!

  47. Elizabeth

    These gummies are amazing! Perfectly sectioned off cubes and taste great! I didn’t feel anything after 1 cube and took a second piece after an hour and then it hit me. Foods were tasting better (I’d never had such delicious tasting cherry tomatoes) and music just buzzed thru my mind.

  48. Daniel

    I enjoyed these as much as the orange ones I also got. Decent potency for smaller gummies, and a really nice flavor. Having all the good flavor options is pretty awesome too, not having to have the same thing each time. Definitely recommend for a not super strong gummy.

  49. Cadotte

    I love those gummies … with all the mix they have, you are able to choose between sativa, indica, cbd !! My favourite is the sativa, perfect in daytime. The taste is very good, with a little hint of weed, good balance … 10/10 .. I recommend them to anyone, for a light or a heavy trip, you pick what you need

  50. Stephanie

    The Twisted Extracts are my favorite for edibles. All their flavors are delicious and give the same high. I usually have half a dose (5mg) and it’s enough to give me a good buzz while still being sociable. The sativa is great for daytime activities 😎

  51. Alex

    great size a very tasty snack!

  52. Jamey

    I love these! Great taste and easy to cut in half if I don’t want a full one.

  53. Jennifer

    Perfect size and flavor. Definitely recommend!

  54. Jesse

    These are perfect serving sizes- I prefer the mango flavor but the feeling is great.

  55. Linda

    Love these gummies and they never disappoint! Good quality product. Love that Twisted Extracts gives the option of Sativa vs Indica.

  56. Michael

    A nice little pick me up. Product looks like one large lego brick, so you have to cut it up according to your needs.

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