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BC Rockstar Information

BC Rockstar is a 75/25 Indica-dominant cannabis strain originating from the popularly beautiful British Columbia. With moderate THC levels ranging between 15 and 18%, the soothingly calming and relaxing effects of this strain can be enjoyed by both beginners and experienced users.


The flavour of this 2nd place Cannabis Cup award winner features a clear earthy note with pleasant hints of pine. The CBD levels of BC Rockstar are as low as 0.27 to 0.46%.


The BC Rockstar High: What To Expect


BC Rockstar, also known as Rockstar Kush, warms up the experiences with a euphoric sensation that calms the mind and body. This moderately strong weed flower is the result of crossing the powerful and well-known Bubba Kush and Rockstar cannabis strains.


If your day has left you feeling weary, stressed, and overwhelmed, the euphoric and calming high of this marijuana flower will ease your mind and relax the tensed muscles in your body.


You should reserve BC Rockstar for after-work hours, as the calming high of this strain could lock in some sedative effects as well, especially with a higher dose.


You may also experience relief from physical aches, and an increase in appetite. You may be able to fall asleep quicker and with more ease as the high starts to wear off.


BC Rockstar, The Skunky Strain


BC Rockstar has a strong skunky taste. As you inhale it, you will also notice pretty strong pungent and diesel notes but they won’t be as strong as the skunk highlight.


The aroma delivered by this cannabis strain is a little bit more refined in comparison to its taste. Besides a strong earthy presence, you can also enjoy subtle flowery and fruity undertones which bring a nice contrasting aromatic experience.


BC Rockstar, A Bright Appearance


BC Rockstar is an elegant-looking cannabis strain with a splash of bright green buds. The appearance of this weed flower is brightened even more so by the beautiful amber hairs and crystal-like trichomes.



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