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Bob Cartridges Information

The Bob Cartridges are some of the newest and most efficient carts in Canada. Bob carts contains no additives, only pure-quality distillate that’ll make your mind spring with joy and relaxation. Depending on the actual flavour of the Bob Cartridges, you’ll enjoy delicious whiffs and aromas. There’s about 600mg of distillate in every one of the Bob Cartridges, which should be enough for a long time.

If you have a 510 threaded vape kit, then these Bob Cartridges will fit right in. You’ll have a wonderful cannabis experience with these cartridges! There are top-notch distillates and terpenes included in these carts, as well. Do you want to finally relax and learn how peak comfort feels like? Bob Cartridges are perfect for that!

What effects do the Bob Cartridges provide?

Trying one of these Bob Cartridges out means you’ve decided to try out the finer things in life. The resulting smoke from such a cartridge is smoother than anything you’ve tried before. The distillate inside will rock your senses wildly, placing you in a state of euphoric sedation that you haven’t experienced before. This smoke will alleviate your anxiety and depression symptoms initially.

If you have chronic pains like arthritis, the Bob Cartridges will relieve most of your aches and pains. Any bodily discomfort quickly vanishes after combining one of these carts with your vaper. There are few other vape pens as efficient, high-quality, and smooth as the Bob Cartridges. Most importantly, this product doesn’t contain any PEG, PG, VG, or MCT oil. It’s all natural and organic for any cannabis enthusiast out there!

What should you know about the Bob Cartridges?

These cartridges are of a much higher quality than other basic vape carts. For one, these carts contain no additives at all. There’s only the pure cannabis distillate and loads of tasty terpenes to enhance the flavour!

28 reviews for Bob Cartridges

  1. Chris

    I’m typically a joint guy, this is The only brand of vape my body finds smooth. Clean and great tasting

  2. Ash

    Purchased blue dream- and have purchased it multiple times since. The flavour is great and it makes me relaxed but not tired, eases my anxiety and just makes me an overall more enjoyable person to be around 🙃

  3. Michael

    One of my favourite cartridges by Bob. If you’re looking for an uplifting sativa, this might be the one for you. Flavour is very similar to actual flower so if you’re looking for something more fruity, other flavours may be a better option.

    One of the drawbacks of these cartridges is that they do not seem to last quite as long as the previous versions that were made by Flyte and Keyy.

    Overall, would definitely purchase again!

  4. Shannon

    This is so smooth, not harsh at all and tastes amazing. Love the way this makes me feel and I have no problem functioning. I’d say this is a great day time cartridge to use! I have reordered multiple cartridges of the blue dream!!

  5. Katia

    We love the Blu Berri. you can actually taste blueberry in this vape. Nice mellow high

  6. Denise

    Awesome product. Love the feeling, only wish it would last a little longer

  7. Philippe

    Their Blue Dream is the best vape cart of that strain that I’d try. It does the job real great. Perfect just before bedtime !

  8. Jessica

    Blue Dream is by far one of my favourite strains! This cartridge is great for my vape on the go whether I am walking or biking and just not home. My only complaint: I vape these too quickly haha! But very nice flavour, hits hard. thumbs up. Will purchases again for sure because they are a great price too.

  9. Jessica

    Really Great! Will purchase again. pure taste

  10. Philippe

    I tried the Blue Dream one, the effect is strong but the taste was rather harsh and it was very short lived.

  11. Matthew

    Blue dream is nice for the day time to uplift the mind and spirits.
    i found this was chill and fit onto any of my 510 threads.
    thank you MMJ for the good price
    very clean smoke. not like the store stuff that is harsh.

  12. Wendy

    I have purchased Bob’s Widow and Pin Diesel a few times. They are both very good sativa’s. They give good energy. Widow I find is a bit stronger/heavier then Pin Diesel. Pin Diesel gives a light happy high feeling where Widow is a deeper stone. Both are excellent. My only complaint is that I go through them too quickly but maybe that’s just me! 😉

  13. Lynette

    Awesome product!! Smooth and satisfying

  14. Michael

    Great cartridge! Got the Jill Ahto one the flavour is quite good and I would make a comparison that it is one of the better tasting cartridges I have had lately (comparing high voltage, pax pod). I wish it was slightly cheaper overall as I got it during MMJ’s sales so the cost versus how much you get seems a little off. Anyways, I’m looking forward to trying out the other flavours like Blue dream next time I resupply. I should note I’m using a buttonless single temp battery so I cannot comment on temperature/flavour.

  15. Heather

    smooth and tastes amazing. first time trying bob cartridges and i will definitely be buying them again.

  16. James


    We love the Bob vape cartridges. They are very smooth and easy to use. We won’t go back to rolling joints anymore.

    We used to have to have to go outside our apt to avoid the no smoking rules in our building.

    Now with the Bob vape units we can puff secretly in our living room without any nasty skunk odours…

    Gotta love it and the buzz too !!

  17. Georgia

    Really enjoy the Bob set up, love the pen itself, but how the cartridge works is very smooth. I never have any issues with clogging, which is present with almost every other type of cartridge I’ve had. I personally love the fruity flavors (watermelon tastes the best), but strains like death bubba can help for sleeping at the end of the day.

  18. Denis

    Love this product.

  19. Matthew

    This cartridge is one of the best ive tried perfect airflow and great hit and buzz!

  20. Kailey

    I ordered the watermelon cartridge and I LOVE IT. It doesn’t make me super tired so I’m still productive when smoking it, but falling asleep is so easy on it. I don’t know how it does it, but this is one of the first strains that I have smoked that doesn’t just knock me out.

  21. Asha

    I recently purchased both blue dream and watermelon. Blue dream I find is an easy day use cart. It wakes me up but puts me in a super chilled/mellow state at the same time. The watermelon however I will only be using at bedtime. This strain takes a bit to kick in but when it does it’s almost a sedative state. I’ve never slept so good! Both times I crashed hard and had the best uninterrupted sleep. -This is now my go to for bedtime. Highly recommended!

  22. Angelo

    This used to be a product called Keyy that used to be called Flynn(or flynt) and my favourite was GCG(green crack god) but I can’t seem to find it anymore. My hope is that if MMJ personnel read this, they can help direct me to a vape version of GCG

    Not a expert on these things but I can at least share my experiences as I have suffered a good deal of mental health problems throughout my journey in life along with some muscle pains from being a construction worker for 25 years. Also note that I use these pens only 2-3 times a day and only 5-7 times a week. These pens have lasted me a while which has been very convenient cost wise. (My way of gauging my use has been in comparison to close friends/family who use it, in my opinion, far more than I do as they’re replenishing their stock much frequently than I do.)

    Tried the following and here’s how I reacted:

    Blue dream: great for sleeping or getting ready for bed. Suffered insomnia for many years, just unable to shut my brain off (ruminating of the past) and this has been remarkably consistent in getting me to fall asleep.

    Pin Diesel: this one kinda makes me feel like what the gcg did. I am in more control of my thoughts and emotions. It has allowed me to predominantly stay on tasks either work or at home. Muscle pain decreased significantly but not completely gone.

    Jil Ahto: Helps me stay focused but it does make me feel a little too relaxed. Tasks get completed but I find it usually is a little slower. Also helps with muscle pain and gives me a better sense of awareness of the exact location of muscle pains. Undecided if that’s a good thing as focusing on a particular pain has, at times, been exhausting. (Could be related to the relaxation reaction)

    Skittles: I find that, emotionally, I’m more receptive of my children and wife and has helped me become more empathetic. Can make things appear funnier than they actually are( to me at least). There have been instances, however few that they were, where when experiencing a negative mood, it would make it worse. So use caution if your like me, or maybe worse than I am, mentally.

  23. Imran

    Loved it. Got Blue Beri and watermelon. Tastes great. Buying it again as we speak.

  24. Jillian

    best cartridge I have found.

  25. Henry

    Love Bob cartridges, great flavor and a great buzz. Each one has a very unique taste, I’ve tried a lot of them. They work great with any of my 510 batteries and seem to last a while.

    These were recommended to me by a friend and I have to say it was great advice, definitely one of my go to cartridges. Give the blueberry a try, excellent flavor, great hits and plenty of them.

  26. Mark

    I’ve been using the BOB products for a few months now and I can easily say they have been a huge help with my anxiety. I also suffer from depression and got these pods for daily relief. The fact that they require next to no real instructions is a huge bonus. Just screw on the cartridges and take a deep breath. I find when you’re in the middle of having a rough day, which I feel a lot of us experience; its a huge relief to be able to take a step outside and just have a puff. The flavors I have tried so far include:

    Clementine: This one has a very deep mellow citrus taste. I found it was very comforting when I was looking for a nice deep relaxation state. Not my fave but that was mostly due to the slight after rain smell. 7/10

    Blue Berry: Total must have for people who want a very sleepy high. I found it allowed me to fall asleep easier and the taste was soo good. Not really good for day time use as it kind of makes you feel a little out of it. 9/10

    Overall I would state that these products have been very beneficial for my conditions and I would totally recommend any of the flavors as you can never go wrong!

  27. Patrick

    I recently ordered my first ‘Bob’-branded 510 cart. Clementine. My girlfriend and I were thoroughly impressed by the sweet, sugary flavor. It was smooth and bang-on.

    0.6g for $40? That’s key. Good cost-to-weight ratio combined with smooth silky tones of flavor. I would have to recommend it to anyone that vapes. Next try for me is going to be ‘watermelon’.

    This is the way.

  28. William

    I bought this because I really don’t like smoking inside the house but I also like to get a nice buzz from the comfort of my own bed. Cartridges are perfect for that because they are potent but leave no smell. Bob’s cartridges have very good flavor and are very potent. Great bang for your buck. My go-to flavor is watermelon but they are all very good.

  29. Dennis

    Worth the buy.

  30. Jamie

    In the past I have used the Keyy and Flyte pens which were no longer available so I switched to Bob. The cartridges are a little cheaper but the liquid is thinner so you go through the cartridge a little faster. I deal with chronic pain and migraines which prevents me from working some days, this pen helps me get through many days and instead of taking pain medications I take a puff of this and I can push through the day. I am not saying it gets rid of pain nor suggesting to not listen to doctors instructions, just that I prefer a little THC/CBD over pain meds that have undesirable side effects.
    The Blu Berri flavor is my absolute favourite, I have tried others amd always come back to Blu Berri.

  31. Esme

    the bobs carts are great for subtle use and a subtle high. They dont give me a heavy burnt out feeling like other carts too but I have bought them several times now and every now and then the carts leak quite a lot. They’re also really fragile and break easily so you have to be careful if you’re putting it in your pocket.

  32. Emmanuelle

    The taste is so Yummy! Great buzz

  33. Scott

    Bob cartridges are the go to for me. Long lasting. Nice and smooth.

  34. Olivia

    Perfect for consuming on the go or for having your own stash for a party! I love that they do not unthread but themselves! The flavours are quality and the pull is great, doesn’t heat too much and isn’t too aromatic for discrete use.

    Only wish they came larger!

  35. Drew

    These are awesome. Smooth and don’t get plugged up. Big fan!

  36. Terry

    Love the idea of cartridges. Their great for on the go, or at home, or anywhere really. Bob has great quality ones, only downside is the size being smaller than some of the larger cartridges. Love the taste of bobs cartridges the best though

  37. Benjamin

    My wife absolutely loves the Blueberry. Helps her relax and get a good night sleep. Nice Flavor and smooth on the lungs.

  38. Jad

    Love the widow flavour, kinda light, helps me focus and elevate my vibration

  39. Daniel

    Amazing product..delivers as promised..
    Watermelon is my go 2!! Highly recommend

  40. Rawaz

    Amazing quality! my initial bob order made me interested in these line of carts. I have tried jill ahto, bob’s widow and they’re fantastic and taste good!

  41. Leanne

    Bob carts are, in my opinion, the best bang for your buck. No leftover oil, it’s empty. And it still gives a pull it two. Most other cartridges have a remainder.
    Thanks bob

  42. Darcy

    Smaller in size, but they do the trick. Have a tendency to become clogged when they are nearing the end of the cart — but outside of that, little to no functional issues. Worked fairly universally with my Pura Vida battery.

  43. Lindsay

    It’s good

  44. Tyrone

    Awesome vape. Liquid is thinner than others but flavour is the best I’ve had

  45. Ikram

    I got the Pin Diesel, very smooth. Will be buying more

  46. Kathleen

    I really like the flavours and smoothness of these carts, however I find them to be quite small in comparison to some other brands. I believe they should be cheaper considering how fast you can go through them.

  47. Jason

    No fuss, no muss. Worked well, tasted great.

  48. Riley

    good product, potent and good flavour

  49. Emily

    Love love love! Every one I’ve tried, I’ve loved! Fruit flavours are always a go to for me. If you’re having clogging issues, try storing it with the plastic cover, helped me with my cloggiest strains.

  50. Darcy

    The Blu Berri is good

  51. Holly

    Love the new vapes! Blue beri is delicious. I really like t draw on this vape.

  52. Tyrone

    Great airflow compared to other. Flavour is awesome!

  53. Carter

    I got the blu berri and watermelon cartridges. Both were relaxing highs. Really good flavour!

  54. Joshua

    These are the best vape pens going!!

  55. Todd

    I got blu berri which taste absolutely like blue berries. Has a great effect to it. Also bought clementine for my wife and it also has a beautiful orange flavour to it as well as some great effects. I highly recommend these Cartridges.

  56. Jad

    Tried the blue dream one, always puts me in a chill mood, day time or night time

  57. Milena

    i tried blu berri and blue dream. blue dream is nice right before you go to sleep. and they both taste nice. the only this is they get used really quick, i used to have flyte/keyy pens and one would last me around a month, but i went through 2 of these in about 3-4 weeks. i know you get less, but it seems like it gets used quicker still. either way, love these vapes theyre super convenient 🙂

  58. Megan

    Ive tried the widow and the blu berri
    Honestly I liked them both. This was my first time using the bobs cartridges as the other ones got discontinued.
    The blu berri is more of a cozy night inside kind of high and the window you can go out and not feel like you are falling asleep. More of an upper.
    The only downside to these cartridges is that it seems like they get clogged. So when you go to inhale nothing is coming out and then you really inhale and you hear a pop and then it goes.
    We started inhaling or blowing into it before we pressed the button.

    And when we looked inside the mouthpiece is looked like there was a build of black resin or something. So I’m not sure if thats why. We ended up ordering different ones this time around, but I will be ordering the blu berri again..I like the taste and the high you get from it.

    Overall a good product.

  59. Justin

    Blue Dream is an amazing daytime high. Lasted well over a month for me with almost daily use. Would buy again!

  60. Justin

    Love the Bob cartridges. Watermelon is the perfect nighttime remedy. Very chill and nice flavour. Recommend!

  61. Justin

    I’ve tried several of these carts and they are pretty good. Because they are smaller, they do finish quicker, but they have a nice flavor and a nice buzz. Blu Berri is my favorite.

  62. Matthew

    Pin Diesel is awesome. The oil goes quickly but only take a couple pulls to start kicking in. Definitely gunna try other strains

  63. Leanne

    Bob is great. I have to agree with others. It is an enjoyable evening home.
    The oil seems thinner. A teeny tiny bit harsh, depending on the pull. Very nice flavor.
    Yay Bob and yay wonderful people who bring great products to us.

  64. Carol

    When they were first offered at the sale price, Bob”s Widow was the second one I got. I do find they are thinner and go a bit quicker but are nice. Like any good sale, sorry I didn’t try others. I will be.

  65. Carol

    Blu Berri is definitely a cozy-night-in high, right into a great night’s sleep. It is thinner in consistency and seemed to go quickly… but it is cheaper and nice and smooth.

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