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Buford OG Information

Buford OG, an equally balanced hybrid strain, features a 50:50 Indica to Sativa ratio. This strain is a beautiful blend of its parent strains, Rare Dankness #1, Sour Kush, and OG New York Diesel. With a THC potency ranging from 16 to 18%, it offers a balanced experience without being overpowering.


The strain’s buds typically take on a distinctive shape, nestled with intriguing colours, aromas, and flavours. From the first sight to the final puff, Buford OG captures the heart of every cannabis enthusiast, making it a truly remarkable strain.


Palette Pleasures: Flavour and Aroma


Buford OG offers a sensory journey that commences the moment you take the first whiff. This strain emits a pungent aroma, a bold blend of earthy and diesel tones with a hint of sweetness that teases the nostrils.


This smell gives a preview to its flavour; on the inhale, one can expect a robust, earthy flavour underscored by notes of pine. The sweetness becomes more pronounced upon exhalation, providing a pleasant aftertaste.


Day or Night Delight: Effects, Potency, and Ideal Users


Buford OG shines in its ability to provide a balanced and consistent experience due to its perfect Indica to Sativa ratio. It offers an uplifting cerebral high paired with a calming body relaxation, making it a strain that can be enjoyed during either daytime or nighttime. The effects are pleasant and moderate due to the strain’s THC levels, which sit comfortably between 16% and 18%.


The balanced nature of Buford OG makes it an ideal choice for both novice and seasoned users alike. For those newer to cannabis, it provides an introduction to both the energising Sativa effects and the relaxing Indica properties without being too overwhelming. Experienced users, on the other hand, will appreciate the strain’s consistency and well-rounded experience.


An Ode to Aesthetics: Bud Structure, Colour, and Trichomes


In the world of cannabis, Buford OG is a strain that commands attention with its captivating aesthetics. The buds are medium to large in size, boasting a dense structure typical of many Indica strains. A mix of olive green and deep purple hues paint the surface of the buds, offering a visual treat that pairs wonderfully with the strain’s sensory delights.


A frosty layer of trichomes coats the colourful buds, a testament to the strain’s potency. These glittering trichomes not only enhance the strain’s visual appeal but also offer a hint of the potent experience that awaits upon consumption.


In the end, it’s this harmonious blend of visual and sensory attributes that elevates Buford OG, making it a strain that’s truly in a class of its own.

2 reviews for Buford OG

  1. Andrew

    It’d say it was an ‘OK’ strain. I gave 4 starts since the price was right. I wasn’t a fan of the smell/flavour. It was described as pungent and earthy and I agree, but a little too on the earthy side for my taste. If this was a more expensive purchase I’d rate it a 3/5, but I think its priced just right. I ended up giving it away to my brother in law and he enjoyed it (who doesn’t like free cannabis).

  2. Roger

    I had purchased this strain one time, from another vendor and it stuck with me. I found MMJ in a search for this strain. I was intrigued…

    After it arrived, I was not disappointed 😁! My arthritis pain all but disappeared! The anxiety from my PTSD was much more easily controlled. Just as rich a taste as I remembered.

    As pot for medical purposes go, I give it

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