Caramel Asteroid Crush Bar by Astro Edibles

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Caramel Asteroid Crush Bar by Astro Edibles Information

The wonderful cannabis edible from Astro Edibles – Caramel Asteroid Crush Bar. This one contains quite a few organic ingredients meant to produce beneficial health changes in the body. Naturally, this choco bar also contains THC distillate extract in its purest form, leading to an excellent psychoactive experience.

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After all, we use smell-proof bags and protective boxes when shipping our products.

What are the ingredients?

That’s a good question, one we expect from an educated buyer. After all, many cannabis products on the market contain countless chemicals and unhealthy compounds.

Our cannabis edibles contain organic ingredients mostly, as reflected by these caramel edibles: Sugar Cocoa butter Whole milk powder Chocolate baking gems (shellac, sunflower lecithin, citric acid, carnuba wax, beeswax, glucose syrup, cocoa mass, colour, whey powder, salt) Soy lecithin Vanilla THC distillate extract.

Moreover, the product might also contain light traces of nuts, so you should keep this in mind if you have a nuts allergy. However, the quantity is so low that it won’t affect you in any substantial ways. As for the taste, our clients have said that they’re in danger of over-consumption because of the delicious taste.

In fact, we’d bet anyone grabbing a bite of these goodies would be hard-pressed not to eat the whole thing.

What psychoactive effects are there?

Each bar contains 150mg of THC, equaling to 15 portions of 10mg, which makes this edible incredibly easy to dose out.

Many consumers have said that one-two pieces were just perfect for getting them into a state of high. However, this is entirely dependent on the person, as two pieces might not be enough for you.

The Caramel Asteroid Crush Bar produces body-balancing and mentally uplifting effects, which is exactly what consumers are looking for. You should feel optimistic and very euphoric after consuming the right number of pieces. With 10mg of THC per piece, you should get ready to go on a joyful ride filled with plenty of therapeutic benefits. Your anxiety and depression should vanish first.

23 reviews for Caramel Asteroid Crush Bar by Astro Edibles

  1. Min

    What is left to say about this? It’s absolutely delicious to the point where you just can’t stop at one piece. You don’t taste a lot of the thc and cbd so if that is one of your concerns, fear not and try this. I loved it. I keep them in the fridge for that extra nice crunch. It doesn’t kick in as fast as the gummies but still a great time.

  2. Kelly

    Its like chocolate heaven, if you like chocolate you will love this stuff. Great flavour and is so good you want more, but be careful it is very effective. Easy to portion out for you and some friends.

  3. Keith

    I enjoy the spacebar. Also great with a hot coffee in the morning. The pieces came a little broken up though.

  4. Verda

    one of our favourite edibles to get.

    a square or two is great for me and my husband when we just want to chill out and have a good day.
    little to no weed taste; so watch out, you’ll be wanting to eat more than just a square at a time. haha 🙂
    This label never disappoints and we always look out for it. I like chocolate or gummies as the best way to consume and this one definitely one of the favourites!!

  5. Jesse

    I absolutely love this product, it’s incredibly tasty and potent. There is no aftertaste and it tastes just like a store-bought chocolate bar. The price is also pretty good for the number of doses you get out of it. The size of each square is also great, I never feel too high or uncomfortable. It’s just right and I would highly recommend this product to just about anyone.

  6. Deryk

    Astro Edibles has some kick-ass products and this Caramel Asteroid Crush Bar packs just a little punch in potency. I would recommend this THC bar to any amateur newbie that wants to still function while relieving Chronic back pain. The wife said it helped sooth her fibromyalgia also.
    Will def reorder in the future, and will keep recommending to all friends and family alike.
    Overall I’d give this product 4 out of 5 ⭐’s !! (Goes well with CBD products)

  7. Trevor

    Really good, these keep well in the freezer and still break up nice when frozen. Flavour is top notch!
    I order them in the winter and keep them frozen through the summer. They are just potent enough and really consistent, esp when comparing to other bars.
    Would deffo order again, actually am ordering now lol

  8. Craig

    So delicious, I take one square at the end of my work day and slip into a wonderful relaxed mood. High doses are just too much for me I find anywhere from 10 to 15mg is perfect for me

  9. Natalie

    Some of my favourite chocolates. Super tasty and very chill high. The small dosage per square is really convenient. I like all of this brand’s bars but this one is my favourite taste-wise.

  10. Alastair


  11. John David

    This was my first time ordering the asteroid bar. I must say, the flavor was incredible and the potency was right inline with what I was looking for – this was my treat for movie night, it was smooth come on with very little after burn (didn’t fall asleep during the flick).

    As an experienced user, I ate this like any other chocolate bar, down the hatch in a few minutes – I was comfortable taking the entire dose in one shot because I respond well to edibles. That said, even if I wanted to pace myself, this is a dang good chocolate bar in itself, tough to pace yourself when your taste buds are firing in full-swing!

    HIGHly recommended.

  12. Alkistis

    This chocolate bar is the perfect size and potency. GREAT value for money and very, very yummy if you like caramel.

  13. Patrick

    Chocolate bar tastes great, I ate the whole bar to go into space while playing video games, and it did just that

  14. Nils

    This is a great tasting chocolate. The high is really enjoyable, have always had a great time on the high of this brand. Overall, would definitely recommend this chocolate.

  15. Samira

    Not only did it taste great but it also has a kick for the buzz loved it will buy again

  16. T.J.

    So tasty!!!

  17. Justin

    Purchased in a sampling of all the different bars that were available. This was an excellent bar. I had to take bites off of the main bar rather than cutting the squares.

    Potency is as advertised. One square is not the biggest but definitely enough to make its presence known.

    Over all good in quality. Excellent as an entry point for new comers. The taste was fantastic and definitely a purchase I will make again and again.

  18. Jazmin

    Great taste. me and my boyfriend each took two squares and had the greatest sleep ever. highly recommend!!

  19. Colin

    Good high, takes some time to kick in, can taste the weed with this one. Well worth trying out.

  20. Jamey

    Very good taste. I found it takes a little bit longer to kick in compared to gummies, but still enjoyable.

  21. Tyler

    Delicious like the other reviews state. No taste of marijuana or anything like that. Again very happy with this bar and can’t wait to try the other 2 I got

  22. Megan

    This is so good! Dangerous because it tastes like a regular chocolate bar, and its delicious, so you want to eat a lot!
    I generally had two little pieces and felt it was the perfect amount for me, although even one piece gives you a good feeling. I’ve bought this product twice now, and will continue to buy it.
    Highly recommend

  23. Stacey

    This is delicious. The main issue is the possibility of overconsumption, in part because it tastes so good. However, the pieces were also basically crushed into crumbs an all bars of this brand (I’ve tried 3 flavours) so it’s hard to dose since you can’t really tell what is a full piece.

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