CBD/THC Mango Gummies – Sativa

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1 Mango gummy per package

40mg THC + 40mg CBD

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CBD/THC Mango Gummies – Sativa Information

The CBD/ THC Mango Gummies – Sativa by Twisted Extracts, containing 40 mg THC plus 40 mg CBD, is known to provide a consistently reliable delivery system for the ingestion of cannabis. They come in the classic Lego block shape. Each gummy is generally 80 mg each. One resealable package includes eight doses.

Recommendations and Ingredients

The 10 mg each are divided into eight equal doses. For first time users, a single 10 mg dosage is recommended. You can expect the full effects to kick in, it usually takes 40 to 60 minutes. For subsequent use, the dose may be adjusted.

The ingredients used in CBD/ THC Mango Gummies-Sativa are corn syrup, sugar, gelatin, cannabis extract, coconut oil, citric acid, corn starch, artificial colouring, and flavouring.

6 reviews for CBD/THC Mango Gummies – Sativa

  1. Saeed

    I have tried better ones.

  2. Amélie

    A good starting point for edible, mango flavor was ok!

  3. Jesse

    These are my favorite of the gummies – good mix of CBD/THC and a great taste.

  4. Tyler

    For an edible, the effects were mild. Nonetheless, good product, 10mg dose is a fair starting point. Mild/euphoric high. Would try again

  5. Tyler

    Overall good product. Dosages are not large, 10mg per dose. Taste good and high is good. Would buy again

  6. Dustin

    Amazing flavour with a very nice stone that kicks in fairly quickly…the buzz lasted around 4 – 5 hours

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