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CBD Transdermal Patches Information

Interested in an easy-to-use treatment solution for your medical condition? The CBD Transdermal Patch is one such thing. You just place it on your skin and forget about it – it’s that easy to use! For the next 24 hours, you’ll benefit from the therapeutic benefits that this patch can provide. You heard that right – these patches last for a full 24 hours!

What can you use CBD patches for?

These patches have been specifically designed to relieve inflammation and pain in localized areas, as well as provide full-body relaxation and anxiety relief. That is what they do in the end. Nothing more and nothing less but pure tranquility and relaxation for 24 hours. You should go through a state of sedation after placing one on your skin. Wait for the effects to kick in and then relish in the feeling of peak calmness!

For instance, if you suffer from anxiety or depression, one of these patches should bring your mind to a more tranquil state. It might also alleviate your social fears and anxiety, giving you the energy you need to get things done. Moreover, when it comes to everyday stress, the CBD Transdermal Patch is unmatched by anything else on the market. Most of the people who have bought this product said that it did wonders in this respect.

How do you use these patches?

The CBD Transdermal Patch is very easy to use, honestly. You simply stick it on a piece of clean and dry skin. Then, you need to press down on the patch with your hand to ensure that the patch is firmly attached. You wouldn’t want it to fly off after a few hours, right?

31 reviews for CBD Transdermal Patches

  1. Jennifer

    I truly can say enough great things about this product’ I have recommended this to many of my friends that suffer from chronic pain.
    I get the 40mg (best value) and cut into 4 pieces, then tweak the dose as needed.
    I have one friend that uses it for bad hip and joint pain, her father uses it for his lower back and leg pain.
    We have worn it in the shower, in a very hot bath and even to the lake to do some paddle boarding……it doesn’t come off, it has a great adhesion to skin, but does not leave a stickiness behind.
    I use it for melting my occasional social anxiety and sleep. I have recommended and will continue to recommend this product.

  2. Antoine

    Don’t feel like there much cbd in it, but the patch work great, stay on for 4 day on my butt

  3. Mike

    Works well

  4. Amber

    First time using any type of patch. My pain issues are 75 percent resolved. Did cause a slight headache first time I used it but subsided after the first 30 mins!!

  5. Patrizia

    I had bunions removed from both feet at the same time and bought these as I have trouble with pill painkillers.

    It seemed to start working in about 20 minutes after applying to my feet and lasted me all night long. Would recommend these to anyone who wants to have pain relief without worry about side effects from THC or narcotic pills.

  6. Elizabeth

    ok. these things are the real deal. never in my life have I used anything so effective on my period cramps, my overall muscle

  7. Darren

    Fantastic product. Well worth purchasing. It really takes the edge off for the entire day. I am very pleased with adhesive they use as it doesn’t irritate the skin.

  8. Omair

    I purchased 20mg CBD patch. I have been trying different strength of CBD oils for my anxiety. While 15mg/ml oil was insufficient, 30mg/ml works best for my anxiety.

    The 20mg patch didn’t really work for my anxiety. I would like a higher dose when it’s not this expensive. I’m gonna go back to my 30mg/ml for 300mL oil which costs me $37 including taxes and lasts 3-4 days.

    I would consider purchasing the patches if they can be bought for a discount in packs. Like a discount for 10 patches or something like that.

  9. Lisa

    I have a lot of medical issues, Fibromyalga, severe chronic pain and much more. I currently use high dose morphine pain patches that barley touch my pain. I decided to try these CBD patches and see how they do. I was very happily surprised because they work MUCH better then my morphine patches so I will definitely be buying these and getting off the morphine patches.

    Thank you for selling these, they are a life saver.

  10. Tyler

    I bought these for my back pain. The effects last long and really help ease the pain throughout a work day. I find them also to help me relax at night.

  11. Debra

    grandma loved it as did I, the ease in comfort was wonderful, the price point however to use on a regular basis for relief is not really sustainable 🙁

  12. John

    These work very well

  13. Loren

    I bought these patches for my 90 year old father who is currently suffering the after effects of shingles. These patches seem to give him some relief from the postherpetic neuralgia. I would recommend these for pain relief.

  14. Thomas

    Was very sceptical about these! But WOW! Did not disappoint! Actually helps my back pain where nothing else did! Wish they had 100mg patches… will be a constant purchase for me! Thank you!

  15. Darren

    Fantastic product. The CBD transdermal patches have help my father-in-law deal with the pain produced from cancer. One patch helps him deal with his pain for a whole day.

  16. Rob

    These are great for getting rid of end of the day aches and helps with sleep. Recommend

  17. Paightan

    Love these. Bought a couple to try them out a little while ago for work and I’m buying 10 more to make sure I have enough for my whole run. Does a great job at getting rid of sore muscles and in a labour job that’s exactly what I need.

  18. Ryan

    Great for pain, was kind of skeptical but purchased anyway and I wasnt disappointed these are great.

  19. Ricky

    Great for curing minor back pains. I tried both 20 MG and the 40 MG. I felt that the 20MG was stronger then 40 MG.

  20. Tyler

    Great product for overall body inflammation takes pain away nicely 👌 if you work long days or suffer back or knee problems one of these should do the trick.

  21. Cherie

    I ordered these last week, received them right away. Today, they’re on sale so I’m ordering more. I have extremely complicated back pain (consistently 8-9/10 pain) so any relief I get is welcome!

  22. Laura

    I have found these to be really helpful when I need long term pain control from endometriosis. Also, they are very relaxing, and I use them if I am up in the middle of the night with insomnia as they kick in quickly. They are calming, so if I am feeling anxious or really stressed I will also use one or two. I find they stay on well. And usually put them on the veins on the inside of my wrists. Really great product I wouldn’t want to be without.

  23. Cole

    I had never seen transdermal cbd patches before visiting this website so i had to try them out. Patches are similar to a very sticky bandaid, they will stay on all day. I put one on my back in a spot that is constantly getting tight and the tightness went away in about an hour and i completely forgot i even had the patch on. Going to try the stronger 40mg patch next. These things really do the trick

  24. Alanna

    love this product works very well

  25. Julie

    Love the product, 40 mg is the best. Helps alot with the chronic pain.

  26. Amber

    Great for period cramps/soreness/pain.

  27. Leia

    Love this, used for intense period cramps.
    I applied on my upper arm and fell asleep.. pain was greatly diminished! :)))

  28. Leah

    I love these
    They really do calm me down
    I able to use these for depression instead of pharmaceutical drugs

  29. Keith

    Great for pain that usually nothing else works

  30. Marc-Olivier


  31. Margarita

    Very relaxing for sore muscles after hard workouts

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