Daily Drops CBD 5000mg

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Daily Drops CBD 5000mg Information

Ingredients: Hemp Oil, MCT Oil, Full Spectrum CBD.

5 reviews for Daily Drops CBD 5000mg

  1. JACEK

    Great reaction. It makes you feel calm, relaxed.

  2. Quentin

    Great product for the cost. My father has been taking this for muscle aches and it seems to be helping.

  3. Tess

    Def worth it for folks who are taking CBD daily and use higher doses. This bottle will last much longer, and use way less drops for the same mg as double or tripple the oil used in the lower dose bottles. Good for body pain, arthritis, chronic inflamation, migraines or any kind of chronic pain condition. I also give it to my dog who is a senior with arthritis and it makes a massive difference in her mobility on a daily basis. Would never go back to the lower dose bottles. You can take one drop, or 1/3 of a dropper for 56 mg dose of CBD. Good for people who are dealing with pain!!!! Tastes a bit like flower.

  4. Frederic

    This 5000mg bottle is my key to good sleep. I used to take some sleeping pills but since I discovered Daily Drops, I’ve never took another pill.

    It also helps a lot with muscle stiffness. After some hiking, this CBD oil works better than Advil. You can start to feel the effects after 40 minutes and within 1h15, your legs are feeling better!

    The 5000mg is the best deal I found for high doses of CBD.

  5. Jordan

    I work long hours in construction and I was excited to use this the second I got it in the mail. I noticed a huge difference with how my muscles relaxed the first time I took it. Now I’m trying to see what the perfect daily dose is for me. I added my own MCT oil to these drops to dilute the drops into more MCT oil hoping that will help it absorb a little better.
    So far so good, thanks so much for having these on sale!

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