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CBD Variety Pack by Boost Information

If there’s anything tastier and more flavourful than a single variety of CBD gummies, it has to be the Boost CBD Variety Pack. There’s a total of 15 gummies contained within a Variety Pack. The CBD concentration depends on the product type, though. Either way, these gummies are incredibly tasty and therapeutic in scope.


Once you taste one, you won’t want to go back to any other treat! What’s more, once you notice the sedation taking over your body, it’ll dawn on you that this CBD Variety Pack is simply legendary. Medical patients use these gummies to alleviate arthritis symptoms, chronic pain, anxiety, insomnia, and more.


What are Boost CBD Variety Pack’s effects like?


Have you eaten any CBD edibles before? Then use that point of reference and you’ll know how the CBD Variety Pack from Boost will feel. Of course, the intense and organic flavour of these gummies is like nothing else you’ve tasted before. Once the effects set in, your mind will be more energetic and focused than ever before. You’ll also feel more motivated.


As for the physical effects, expect intense therapeutic effects. What’s great about these gummies is that you can micro-dose the entire pack. Each gummy contains a specific concentration of CBD, which means you can increase or decrease the dose however you see fit. Your body becomes a bit sedated and fully relaxed after gulping down one or two of these gummies. Any pains will vanish, your headaches will decrease in intensity, and you’ll even become sleepy.


Most people look for the Boost CBD Variety Pack for one good reason – great therapeutic effects combined with extreme fruity flavour. Each gummy hides a world of intense aroma and flavour within. There’s an aroma for everyone in this package! The wide variety of flavours makes this CBD Variety Pack so enjoyable to taste.

2 reviews for CBD Variety Pack by Boost

  1. Cole

    Gummys taste great, nice packaging, good dosage. I eat a couple before bed and i calmly fade into a good nights sleep. I also take them at work to help manage my stress and they do the trick perfectly. Will buys these again, i love mmj direct cbd products!!

  2. Karen

    Great way to get your CBD. Great flavour and would I would recommend.

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