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THC Tropical Gummies by SPINS Information

SPINS THC Tropical Gummies are a premium gummy brand that brings together flavourful cannabis artistry with stimulating effects through precision and consistency with each micro-dosing experience.

Flavours of pineapple, blue raspberry, cherry, and orange can be enjoyed when ingesting these edibles. Fifteen gummies each carrying 20mg or 40mg THC can be found in each packaging resulting in a total of 300mg or 600mg THC per package. These THC-infused gummies carry an uplifting and mood-boosting high that may leave you feeling focused, creative, and motivated.

A Boost For The Mind And Mood


SPINS THC Tropical Gummies are a great cannabis edible, ideal for daytime micro-dosing providing a euphoric cerebral high with mood-boosting effects. The relaxing properties found in these fruity candies are not one to dim down your motivation or drive, but they can be stimulating as they may soothe away symptoms of stress, anxiety, and fatigue.

Stress and Anxiety. The harmonious combination of relaxing and mood-boosting properties of these THC gummies may alleviate symptoms of anxiety, and stress, potentially even mild cases of depression, offering its users a gentle euphoric and a positive high.

Fatigue. These cannabis edibles have the potential of addressing cases of mild fatigue due to their stimulating cerebral high that may offer elevation in focus, mental energy, and productivity.

Motivating Relaxation. THC Tropical Gummies carry relaxing properties that usually deliver a motivating and stimulating effect as they can potentially help the mind get into a state of ease while soothing some physical aches and discomforts.

Simon Says Start Small

Because of the delicious fruity flavours of these THC-infused gummies, anyone could be tempted to keep on eating them without thinking much about their effects. 20mg or 40mg THC per gummy can potentially offer milder effects for some while stronger ones for others.

If you are new to marijuana edibles and not yet familiar with your tolerance levels, we highly recommend starting with a small dose. In this case, either half a gummy or at most one gummy.

Some users may experience effects kicking in as soon as 15 minutes, but this can also take as long as two hours. Wait at least two hours to see how half a gummy or one full gummy interacts with your system. If you aren’t experiencing any effects then you may help yourself to a second dose. Then wait for another two hours. Starting small and going slow is the way to do it to maximize your experience.

133 reviews for THC Tropical Gummies by SPINS

  1. Callum

    These work super well, my only complaint is they taste so tasty it’s hard to keep myself from having a ton at once!

  2. Sarah

    Great taste, great for anxiety and falling asleep. Love the case as well!

  3. Alex

    Absolutely amazing gummies. They’re so consistent in their dose and provide a smooth high, I definitely recommend them.

  4. Karie-Anne

    Amazing product! Love them as well as everyone I know that has tried! I cut them into smaller pieces they last a while!

  5. keith

    Same as their others at the same dose but nice to have a variety of flavors.

  6. Mikaela

    best-tasting gummies i’ve ever had! me my man, my siblings, his siblings and their partners all enjoy these! the flavours are flavouring, the weed taste is barely there, but the high.. boy is it highing! these also help with my period cramps that seemed to get worse after my covids shot bro like.. anyways cant live without these, whether i just want to have a chill night, get rid of my cramps or go karaoke with my besties, shoutout to the creator these gummies, yall killed that! muah 5/5 would recommend!!!

  7. Levi

    Taste good and effects were real nice defo getting again

  8. Katherine

    This product is amazing. Gives a really nice buzz while cleaning the house or just relaxing. I will continue ordering this product. Love it!!!

  9. Gerry

    These gummies taste amazing and are ALWAYS consistent and have a fantastic mellow hit. I’m still pretty new to edibles and have tried other products, finding these to be the best for me. As mentioned, very consistent kicking in after about 45min giving me a deep relaxing mellow high. These are my go to edible for enjoying with a movie on, or a night where I need a good deep sleep. Repeat purchaser and happy customer!

  10. James

    These are the best all around uplifting, mind clearing, heady and happy gummies I can find from any online dispensaries I have tried. They carefully explain on the amazingly detailed website that the Tropical Mix SPINS are for daytime use and Sativa is my favourite since I use it a lot during the day especially. Being an experienced medical user these far outweigh whatever is available at my medical provider in price, power and convenience. These gummies are especially full of wow, zest and incredible mood enhancing capabilities and very affordable. It works out to be $1.50 for a potent 40mg gummy from MMJD instead of about $10 for an 8mg package of gummies from my medical provider, and hardly feel anything. I bought both the 20 and 40 mg Tropical Mix gummies for different occasions though 80mg is not out of the question if I am someplace or event for a long period of time and potentially could get a little boring lol. Also still able to function through the day and evening full of energy and then do some indica at nighttime to get a quality sleep and extra buzz. Unbelievable gummies and I can carry one or two in a little pill case also and they don’t stick to the container. Thank MMJDirect, you are clearly the best! Jimmy

  11. Amalia

    Especially love these for the yummy tropical flavours! We keep on coming back for more. I have given atleast 2 containers as gifts to friends for their birthdays. I personally find my feels aren’t too heavy and they actually give me clarity after a long stressful day. They’ve also been super medicinal in regards to helping me process my grief as my mother died only 6 months ago. Perhaps too much information but important to say… thanks guys! Keep the goodness coming!

  12. Patrick

    They are the best tasting and work so well. Just try them and you won’t be disappointed. Not my first time ordering them.

  13. Joseph

    These are unbelievable for getting some great sleep. You have to be careful as they can be quite addictive but considering the quality and value that you are getting there’s plenty of worse things you could be doing. Great taste and best packaging ever 🤘❤️😉

  14. Kari

    Once again The Spins don’t fail to be enjoyable.
    Upbeat but relaxed i like to use these ones when im social or need a relax pick me up
    Super tasty with zero hint of weed.
    Try a tin you will not be disappinted

  15. Julien

    Love these gummies so much! Love the tropical flavours. They pack a punch but never overwhelming. Perfectly dosed!

  16. Daryl

    Great product!

  17. Dean

    These bad boys are perfect for nighty night drifting easy on the stomach and are dose consistent…I go for the 40mg’s

  18. Barbara

    Love 💗 these gummies! Pain goes away, sleep 💤 comes fast lol

  19. Chris

    I absolutely love the Spins gummies. They’re perfect for someone who’s looking for smaller doses as they go. The taste is also phenomenal. Highly recommended

  20. Christine

    This is my favourite of all of the edible options. Best flavors! highly recommend.

  21. Haseeb

    Great flavour and very effective product. It does what it says it will do and provides incredible value. Highly recommended

  22. Janell

    Great flavors. Really nice smooth product.

  23. Ivy

    This product is great quality for a good price. I use them to get a good uninterrupted night’s sleep. I also use them to relieve anxiety, and to relieve joint and muscle pain. This is an excellent product that I will continue to use, and I always recommend them to my friends and family.

  24. Michael

    We order these all the times. Spins have always been good. Price wise they are pretty decent. Have not tried the higher strength ones yet.

  25. Melanie

    I really enjoy these gummies. They taste great too, they do not have that weed taste to them.
    I can eat one or two and have a great evening at home and really enjoy myself. I find I can really relax and my anxiety can take the evening off which I really like. Whether I am doing laundry or watching TV I still find myself laughing and having a good time. I really recommend these.

  26. Danielle

    Great taste, great candy. I need 3 to get a good buzz

  27. Steve

    Spins edibles are definitely up there as my favourite edibles. The flavours are excellent and the dosing is spot on. There’s nothing worse than buying crappy edibles and having them do nothing when you take them. Spins are perfect for not having to worry about that. I would definitely buy these again!

  28. Jake

    My wife swears by these gummies. First of all there is no real aftertaste, which can be a factor for some, especially if that grosses you out. The other factor is that they are very well made, with a high enough in THC that you can easily be sure that you are getting a consistent dose. It often takes about 30 minutes to an hour for it to kick in, but the effects are much smoother and last longer than if you were smoking cannabis. It’s also nice that they come in a variety of cool flavours and in a handy tin. For anyone who has fibromyalgia, arthritis, chronic migraines, muscle pain, back pain, etc…these gummies are a great investment, and are probably better for you body in the long run than relying on a daily dose of Naproxen or other types of pain meds.

  29. Becky

    These are my favourite. I love the tin they come in, keeps them fresh for longer!

    I usually take these before bed, but, they’re a good buzz for an evening in watching movies or tv. Take a couple and you’ll be good for a few hours if you’re socializing.

  30. Ryan

    These are the best gummies I have ever had. You cannot taste any weed in them at all, they just taste like regular candies. The high is great, and I re-stock monthly. Highly recommend. Love the fact that they now offer a double dose!

  31. Carl

    Good tasting and inexspensive way to take a medium and measured dose.

  32. Edward

    Very pleasant and an easy way to enjoy your life.

  33. SCOTTY

    These are literally perfect for me…a buzz that doesn’t take over allows me to be productive while enjoying a nice high. These delicious little nuggets come in a small tin, which travels well, and the gummies never get squished in my go bag (which used to happen pretty frequently). Yummy tropical flavours too! Highly recommend these little guys!! MMJDirect shipping was blisteringly fast last time I with confidence!

  34. John David

    These gummies are fantastic. My senior father takes a half gummy before bed and he’s able to sleep through the night, some nights he takes a full one to help on days when his legs are feeling cramped up.

    Personally, as a heavy user, I can pound back and handful of these on a movie night for a good buzz – to top it off, they taste great and they’re always fresh with a little bounce to them.

    Excellent product and well priced. 5 stars.

  35. Ricky

    These candy taste great. But I take 3 pieces at a time as very weak.

  36. Alaina

    Absolutely loved the flavour of these! Nice mellow high and was great for my first timer friends!

  37. Lisa

    Spins is great for a consistent dosage – no guessing on where you’ll end up. Excited to see the double dose in stock – my next purchase!
    Good taste, nice to have a variety of flavours. Mellow relaxing high.

  38. Nick

    These gummies are great! I bought it because I needed a more discreet way to ingest my THC, and this did the trick!
    It does not take too long to kick in, and the initial feeling is one of euphoria and contentedness.
    It also helps a lot with my bad knee which got injured in a near fatal rock climbing accident. The pain noticeably melts away while I get high.
    The actual taste of the gummies is pretty good, probably better even than most normal gummies.
    I have not noticed a huge difference in taking these on an empty stomach or a full stomach.

  39. Valerie

    I have buy this for my dad because he’s sick, he can’t take pills to help him to sleep. With this gummy’s he can find a great night and hade no bad effect like with some pills to sleep.

    Also, when he wake up in the morning, he’s more in shape! My dad and me we are very happy, I’M happy to have find this product! Thanks you!!

  40. Treena

    Excellent, consistent gummies! We use them every evening to relieve the aches and pains from our jobs as letter carriers. They taste amazing and make us very mellow, relaxed and pain-free. I can’t imagine running out of these gummies because they are good for your physical and mental well-being. These are the beat gummies I’ve ever had!

  41. Dean

    Very nice taste, dosing is accurate

  42. Shelli

    I love these gummies. If I want to be clear headed while working, I just take 5mg and I feel lighter, focused. For outdoor adventures–big hiker, walker. I’ll do half then other have an hour or more after. My girlfriend and I love the visuals where everything outside is more colorful and intense 😍 ❤️The taste of these gummies are almost too good lol The sale price is soo good, and the tins are so great, I give them as gifts..just because ❤️❤️❤️

  43. Amber

    I’m shocked when anyone says that they can take a couple of these and still be productive. I take one and it knocks me out for a good 12 hours. The Spins are the strongest that I have tried so far. Such an amazing value for what you get. It’s hard to even get out of bed to go to the bathroom.

    Takes about a half hour to 45 mins kick in and I start to feel great, almost as if i’m a different person with different perspectives. Really an interesting feeling. The taste is fine, but you can taste the cannabis for sure. Texture is really nice. They do get hard after a while if you wait too long to eat them.

    Highly recommend for anyone that has trouble sleeping, or would just like to have a neat time.

  44. Keith

    They’re very tasty. One can last all day. The marked-down price is a steal.

  45. Robyn

    These are very tasty treats that provide a nice period of relaxation or light to moderate pain relief, if that’s what’s needed.

    I’ve also found that the thc levels are consistent from piece to piece and container to container. It’s nice to find a reliable producer for edibles.

  46. Melinda

    Excellent product, has helped with sleep issues, will order again 😁

  47. Peter

    I cannot stress enough how delicious these are. They taste better than actual candy! This not only makes it a pleasant experience for yourself, but what I love most about spins is how easy they are to share with friends or family that are hesitant about getting high. The low dose makes these gummies beginner friendly, especially since they can be cut in half, and have a nice taste and texture. These gummies are also super reliable and always give you a really nice high. They’re great for some long-lasting vibes on days when you can’t take smoke breaks.

    This tin is my go-to and I never order off this website without adding at least one of these to my cart!

  48. Hyo-Eun

    The Tropical THC Gummies are the bomb! I have troubles falling asleep and staying asleep so taking one gummy a half hour before going to bed has really helped with my sleep troubles and I don’t wake up groggy. I also enjoy taking the gummies on the weekend to chill and enjoy a good buzz!

  49. Brian

    Great product and consistent quality

  50. Keith

    Love spin edibles. 20mg is the perfect amount for a nighttime buzz. They help alot to calm my racing mind from Anxiety and ADHD.

    I highly recommend checking these out, before moving up to the atomic wheelchair 🙂

  51. Mandy

    I have a high stress job and ordered these to help me relax after work. I don’t like smoking in the house and I’m not always interested in sitting outside when the weather is bad, so I decided to try the gummies. It was my first real experience with edibles and I enjoyed it immensely. I definitely had to wait a while for them to kick in but, once they did, I was absolutely relaxed, with no thoughts of work in my head. The flavours were good and the gummies were soft. Will definitely order more. Word to the wise, though – don’t leave them in your car in the middle of a heat wave. They will definitely melt into a solid mass of goo. 🤦‍♀️

  52. Linda

    Fantastic flavour and light buzz!!!!

  53. Madeleine

    I bought these spins because my lungs have been acting up recently and I wanted to give them a break! They are by far one of the best tasting weed gummies I have ever tried!
    They gave a nice solid high that I noticed about 45mins-1 hour in, and that lasted for a few hours. They have a soft but perfectly chewy texture, and I think I enjoy the flavours in this mix more than in the party mix. Will definitely continue to buy! Thanks MMJ!!

  54. Cam

    I originally wanted to try some new gummies so I tried these. Now I order them all of the time!!! Great concentration of thc, great effect and amazing taste!!! I highly recommend them (pun intended). If you want a great deal on some great gummies, try these, you’ll be glad that you did.

  55. Anthony

    These are delicious and very relaxing. the high comes on slowly and peaks evenly. I have a TBI from my military service and i find i have “clarity” when i use these. My spouse finds i’m like my old self before the injury and she says THC/CBD had saved our relationship.

  56. Jagdeep

    These gummies are amazing!

  57. Will

    These taste pretty good and give a great high! I will be ordering them again for sure!

  58. Maxime

    Awesome product! Does exactly what it needs. Not too strong. Just perfect! Fast shipping too.

  59. Victor

    These are so great! 🙌🏽😃
    These are one of the first THC edibles I tried. I started with half, and progressed up to taking a full gummy. I noticed strong effects within an hour or so, my eyes felt dry and heavy, I felt relaxed and drowsy, and had very very strong munchies. 😮😶‍🌫️😌 These have quite the kick tbh! 🤩 And taste sooo good too. Delicious tropical flavours! 🤤🥝🍓🍋🍊🍌
    These are a great addition to my pain relief remedies, I take one almost every evening. The only thing is that sometimes, I find I start to get very paranoid thoughts in the shower after taking this… 😱🛁 so I’ve tried lowering the dose when that happens. The munchies are so intense with these!!!! But they’re still one of my fav products out there. 👍🏽👍🏽🔥🔥

  60. Allan

    I’ve had three shoulder surgeries and have ongoing pain and trouble sleeping. I use these to relax on a Saturday or Sunday. Definitely my favourite. Be sure to have some snacks handy in case the munchies take over.

  61. Isabelle

    I bought these gummies to help with going to sleep. They taste great and being relatively new to edibles I started by cutting them in half.
    You just need to figure out the correct dose for you, based on your usage.
    They taste great! Excellent product, great flavour ! Nice smooth high. Going to buy again !

  62. cody

    best bang for you buck. this site is 10 to 15 dollars cheaper then every other site. and it is a quality product. so its win win

  63. Jessica

    Like the other varieties of Spins, these little gummies are great! Each flavoured gummy is a consistent, 20mg dose of thc, making these very easy to adjust according to your tolerance levels. I find personally that one gummy produces a nice, mellow buzz and two is great for a more intense but pleasant high. Definitely recommended!

  64. Nolan

    My go to gummies for sure!
    Each flavour is different and delicious. I find them all equally potent. One does nice but two for that extra kick. Found it takes about 45-60 mins for full effect. Probably the best gummies I have tried from this site. This mix is my favourite for sure!

  65. Justin

    Seriously delicious, just like everyone says. 20 mg is pretty high for one dose usually, so I only bite off a corner at a time… Which is difficult, since they’re yummy.
    That’ll get me 2 hours of a nice relaxing buzz that helps me enjoy time by myself or with others without losing focus.

  66. Andrew

    These things taste great, no weediness to them. Dosage seems to be correct, but I guess my tolerance is through the roof these days so it’s tough to say. I prefer these to other brands though.

  67. Loïc

    Genuinely my favourite edibles ever, Spins are now my go-to and I haven’t looked back. The containers are sleek and they taste amazing–they have none of that weed-y taste that many other edibles have. Initially, I found the 20mg dosage bearable but quite strong, but am now very happy with this convenient dosage. Even then, taking half, one, or even two can be a great time! Love these <3

  68. Jayne

    These are great! They’re Great tasting and they relieve pain!

  69. Stacey

    I love these! Great flavour, kicks in quickly….good stuff all around!

  70. Kassidy

    I love these gummies me and the wife use them every-night for sleep! The taste is amazing I could eat the whole tin 🙂 I suggest trying them if you haven’t !

  71. Chris

    1. The flavor = amazing, probably one of the best tasting edibles I’ve had.
    2. Consistent strength, I take 2 of these candies and I know exactly where it is going to take me every time.
    3. I order them every time.

  72. Kirsten

    I absolutely love these gummies. Great taste. The tin is awesome and fits nicely in my bag! Great high, perfect for making the day a happy place to be 🙂

  73. Colin

    I am currently waiting for joint replacement surgery. These gummies held me relax and do exercises during the day and let me get a good night sleep. No more relying an Advil!!

  74. Jo-anne

    Haven’t bought gummies in a long time..usually not strong enough for me, and take too long too kick in. Now these little guys surprised me.
    They were tasty and faster acting than others I have tried. Flavours are good too 🙂.
    I have to eat at least 3 to get the effect I want. Nice, floaty, smiley, smooth and calming.
    Would recommend for newbies wanting the slow drift into pleasant sleep, or at a lower dose a giggle fest with friends with snacks!🤗🥳😊!

  75. Ken

    Maybe my tolerance was just insanely high but I didn’t feel more than a mild buzz from these. It did alleviate some pain and put me in a better mood, though. Plus, they tasted great. There were four different flavors, with three of each, in a solid container. Definitely one of the better gummies I’ve tasted.

  76. Josh

    Spins is a great product and great value!

  77. Tekarra

    Doesn’t have a strong weed taste but definitely a great high!

  78. Caroline

    A very good product. We loved thé feeling sève got with thaïs gummies.

  79. Kevin

    Excellent service

  80. Guillaume

    very good tasting candy.. perfect for any moment, I tried 2 in the morning before starting to clean my house and it was very pleasant.. I will buy again for sure!

  81. Simon

    Ce produit me relaxe et m’aide dans mon sommeil

  82. Zane

    The first edible gummy I’ve ever considered genuinely tasty which is a pretty sweet bonus. I really enjoyed the high I got off of these and the doses are a perfect size for an experienced user!

  83. Sybil

    Great tasting product. I like bliss effects better, but these are good.

  84. Nicole

    LOVE these!!! They are soft and so delicious. They have a lovely natural taste and I don’t personally taste any cannabis although I don’t mind that at all. I can definitely tell when they kick in as my mood is elevated and anxiety takes a backseat. Customer for life!!

  85. Thomas

    Amazing product, very cheap way of getting a great high, I cut it in four, I am not a regular user so for me high is perfect.

  86. Jennafer

    These are my absolute favorite in both taste and high. I actually cut them in half as I have a pretty low tolerance and they are still very strong. I wish this company made just normal candy because these are so delicious you just want to keep on eating them. There is no cannabis taste at all and the tin keeps them pretty fresh.

  87. Frederic

    Excellent taste, excellent texture (fresh and soft !), 20mg is a good amount to fine tune your desired level. The metal tin is great for pocket carry.

  88. Tess

    I love these delicious fruity gummies! The texture is a bit tough but they taste great and have a really uplifting high. I find them very potent. Only 20mg and my mood is if significantly better. I get the giggles almost every time

  89. Ian

    delicious and effective

  90. Joe

    These gummies are a nice size and taste great. They work to start out with one,takes affect 45-60 mins. Last 3-4 hrs works good to learn your level then you can do more . I find on a good nite you do 2or 3 makes for some good laughs

  91. Seyedeh

    Love these gummies! Super potent. Sometimes they are a bit sticky but not a big deal. They are consistently good quality. I use them to help me sleep and they work better than some of the tastier gummies

  92. Kelly

    I purchased Sativa, Indica, and CBD gummies, and they are all amazing! I eat the Sativa gummies before I do a workout, clean, or study because it gives me energy and focus. I eat the Indica gummies when I’m ready to wind down for the day, and the CBD gummies work great for getting rid of a headache or if I need help falling asleep. The gummies that I order from here are all delicious!! I will continue to order from this site, as it’s easy to use and the service is fantastic!!

  93. Kevin

    I’ve enjoyed these for years and can only say, WOW! Love them! The perfect mix! Well done ! 😊

  94. Jim

    These seem to be just right for my wife. She takes one each night and maybe on weekends two.
    It helps her sleep and does not leave her groggy in the morning which is a concern for her.
    Another big plus is that you don’t taste any earthiness from the M at all, just the fruity flavours.
    She really likes these.

  95. Dianne

    I have used this product to help me get through a huge bout of depression anxiety insomnia and poor appetite.
    It has helped me 1000%.
    I enjoy every flavour and no weed taste.
    You will sleep like a baby !

  96. Pat

    These gummies are great for any time, delicious and give a nice relaxing feeling

  97. Brandon

    Love this product. Find it safe, reliable and consistent. Always been weary of edibles, and been more confident trying drops, sprays etc, that seem more controllable. However, the buzz from these is amazing and not over the top. That being said, they still are strong! Just seem to handle / process better. Also have to say, not usually a “sweets”‘guy – but texture and flavour are awesome. Buying again for sure – especially for the price. I. WAS sceptical , but now sold.
    Still strong, but manageable. No “spins” as the name alludes too – but that is a good thing to me 🙂

  98. shea

    Best edibles available on the market imo. Super great value for how much the there is, and legitimately tasty. No weed taste at all. Stores well for months in the tin can, even if you bite off a portion of a single gummy for a more moderate dose (as i often do).

  99. NICOLE

    Love these gummies they help me sleep i have chronic insomnia. They are so good to eat. Nicole

  100. Michael Ray

    One of my new go-to’s especially when on sale. Just a great deal all around. 15 pieces of 20mg edibles which are a perfect serving whether you’re new to edibles or not, it gets the job done. Tastes good without any of the weed flavour. Must buy!!!

  101. raymond

    great product

  102. Tyrone

    I have purchased these on several occasions , these are the best balanced product I can find the dose is small enough to manage if you need more have more , these have been instrumental in my pain management and my ability to manage my sleep patterns with out a long list of expensive prescription meds , I highly recommend these for anyone with chronic pain

  103. gerald

    For taste and value these are my go to edible.Will order more whenever there’s sales on.Easy to divide for microdose and consistent potency.

  104. Mark

    I’ve used this product many times to just sit at the piano and chill and enjoy playing, as well as for just relaxing at end of day and listening to tunes. I have arthritis and use this as a natural supplement to manage pain while I sleep at night. It helps me a lot and has kept me off of stronger arthritis medication. I find that I have a much better sleep and awake refreshed, alert and ready to go.

  105. Ashley

    These edibles are exactly what you’d want. They come in 20mg pieces, easy to cut in half or even quarter. They taste so good! Basically candy haha the high is great too. It hits decently quick depending how much you take. We really enjoyed these and plan on buying them again! They’re sooo good!

  106. Jordan

    Great flavour, accurate dosage (I think!)

  107. Christine

    Excellent quality and taste. Consistent dozing which is great. I have a high tolerance and one is great for relaxing and/or chores and two is enough to help with my chronic insomnia.
    Can’t beat the price. Highly recommend this as my new favourite.

  108. Donald

    Purchased to help me sleep. Works very well for me. I would recommend to anyone for this purpose.

  109. Tony

    I bought these to alleviate anxiety and to help with insomnia. If taken a couple hours before bed paired with an interesting podcast the elevated focus often sets the stage for a good nights sleep.

  110. Alexandre

    Great taste and good high. Very good flavours

  111. Zaheen

    Very tasty, girlfriend loves it. I would suggest to people who dont like the taste of marijuana

  112. Carrie

    These are my favourite tasting gummy. The texture and everything is perfect! I eat 2 of these to get a nice comfortable productive high. They make the most awful chores at least tolerable (laundry shovelling!!) Since they come in 20mg pieces they are easy to mange your high. I recommend these to everyone. Affordable, Taste Great, and a great high to either be productive or chill on the couch.

  113. Christin

    I love these! My girlfriend bought these and gave me a couple to try. The taste is incredible.
    I like that I can control my dose by how many I take depending on what I’m taking them for. I have a pretty high tolerance but these work really well for me when I just need a little extra help relaxing.

  114. Patrick

    Excellent product, great flavour, easy to dose portions, predictable and consistent experience. Nice smooth high, little bit of energy, enjoyable buzz. Going to buy again right now

  115. Stacy

    I bought these gummies to help with going to sleep. They taste great and being relatively new to edibles I started by cutting them in half. After 60-90 it started to kick in and made me very relaxed. I have a hard time staying asleep and with these I made it through the night without stirring. Since I quit smoking I find it hard to smoke so these gummies are a great alternative. I would and have already recommended these to people I know who need a good nights sleep or just want to be totally relaxed and wind down at the end of the day.

  116. ADAM

    Purchased on sale so I was very pleased with the price to amount of thc. Taste is great, some other breeds look and taste bush league, but not these! Quite enjoyable on the taste buds, a good one for hangin with the kids at the campground or beach or something of that nature. I do believe I will purchase these again when on sale!!


  117. Christa

    I didn’t eat much during the day when I took one of these. I figured I’ll take a full one.. they are chewy with a sugar coating. They aren’t over powering with flavor.. you cannot taste any weed.
    By only taking one…I was so high, I almost felt drunk, I was close to hallucinating high. These are quite intense. Peaked at around 3 hr mark and kept getting stronger by the 4 hr mark. I went to bed around the 5 hour mark and I was still flying pretty good. Body felt numb at times and I was pretty happy. I will definitely be buying these again and I’ve told my friends to order them as well. I highly (no pun intended) recommend these.

  118. Fraser

    My partner and I love these gummy’s. You just need to figure out the correct dose for you, based on your usage. They taste great!

  119. Charles

    I love these gummies for party settings and to introduce friends to edibles.

    I always suggest to my friends to eat well, eat 1/2 to 1/4 gummy (depending weight/experience), wait ~1h30 and decide to take another dose as needed. My friends have all love them. It is also easy to dose up for more experienced users.

    Leaves little to no aftertaste. Texture is fine, a little on the drier side but still very fine.

  120. Rob

    I bought these for my wife who just had an operation and we were looking to replace her morphine with something else. We were worried about the possible addiction and side effects of the morphine. Not only were these able to take her pain away but they helped her sleep like the morphine couldn’t.

    I tried some last weekend and they were some of the freshest and strongest edibles I’ve tried, and I’ve made a point of trying them all. They almost melt in your mouth.

    The tins are convenient and the gummies are small. Tin fits right in your pocket. As always delivery was super quick (2 days)

  121. Brenda

    These are great. They are very taste little morsels that pack a good punch. I use them for headaches, OA, insomnia and they work well. For the price point you can’t beat SPINS. I have used their different flavoured gummies and their CBD gummies. All are great, work well, good price and incredible taste.

  122. Maxime

    Very good. My gf dont smoke and she eat those lovely candy. Only one and she get high. Nice day time 🙂

  123. Chris

    To be honest I really liked the tin and enjoy trying new products. Very happy with these gummies. One 20mg gummy is stronger than the 40mg ones that I am used to. Great tin, great taste, great effects

  124. Tom

    Being a long-time smoker, I needed to try alternative methods to save my lungs. These convenient tins of gummies have taken over my intake. They are tasty and tempting treats. Just try 1 or less to start as these can surprise lightweights. Two or there have a fantastic effect for hours. I would always recommend these.

  125. Pam

    Smooth and easy

  126. Steve

    Comes in a nice screw top tin container Taste is fine, i mean is is not a meal right. I don’t sleep well after taking these gummies. Better for earlier in the evening. I will purchase again.

  127. Jared

    I mainly use edibles for sleep, or when I want to save my lungs. These taste great and work super well for sleep. They actually surprised me with the taste, they don’t taste medicated at all which my wife will like. 10/10 will buy again!

  128. Amanda

    My wife and I really enjoy these gummies, taste good and work well.
    Not a heavy or overpowering which was great, we’ll be ordering these again.

  129. Georgia

    Grreat gummies, a new favorite for sure! Love the taste, love the texture, they don’t melt together, and easy to split if you want to change dosage. Will definitely be buying again.

  130. Giovanni

    Very good, recommended for someone that doesn’t like the taste of weed. My gf loves them and so do I.

  131. Rob

    Stuck indoors today so I decided to try these out. Review time!!
    Packaging: The tin with the screw cap is my favorite. The sugar coating keeps them from all sticking together and makes grabbing each piece much easier Open, grab a piece (or 4), close it. Simple.
    Taste: I didn’t taste any green at all, which is nice.
    Effect: Great! 20mg a piece is a perfect dose!! Take 1 to perk up your day, help you sleep, calm the nerves, etc. Or take a few on a day off and enjoy yourself!! Recommend!!

  132. Tee

    I prefer edibles to save my lungs – I really liked the flavour and texture of these gummies, good for the end of day and just before bed. It helps with my insomnia, and pain…and tastes great. I would recommend this to anyone who is seeking an alternative to vaping or smoking, or needs a little help sleeping. Also works for watching weird movies and enjoying couch lock.

  133. John

    Happy with my purchase – Good bang for your buck. Comes with 15 pieces, nicely packed in a tin that’s easy to open. Sugar coated so they aren’t all stuck together like some others I’ve tried. Flavour and texture are nice, not to green tasting.

    I mainly use edibles in the evening for pain relief and as a sleep aid – one of these does the trick!

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