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Cherry Punch is the one cannabis strain that excels both in terms of flavour and effects. This plant boasts an incredible level of THC, up at 23-24%, which means your mind and body will go through incredible changes during this experience. As soon as you take a smoke, euphoria will seep in, leaving you much happier and relaxed than before. Joy brings relaxation with it, as a form of sedation settles in. This sedation will leave you wholly relaxed and comfortable with yourself!

Your body will go through similar changes, in that your pains and aches vanish almost immediately. The cherry flavour should have already reached your lungs. It’ll stay there until the experience ends, which is a few hours away. Many medical patients enjoy smoking Cherry Punch because of the unique aroma it offers, as well as the unmatched medicinal potency. This is a bona-fide treatment for anxiety, depression, insomnia, and more!

What does Cherry Punch look and taste like?


We bet you’ve seen strains like Cherry Punch before – dense, green nugs, covered in bright-orange hairs, with a thin layer of frosty trichomes covering them. There’s a bit of resin here and there, just to spike things up. The appearance is rather normal for such a sweet strain, though it’s still impressive when you first lay eyes on it. The deep-purple undertones provide somewhat of a hint of potency for Cherry Punch.

As for the taste and aroma, it’s rare for a strain to be so intense and aromatic. On your first smoke, you’ll experience an explosion of flavourful berry and cherry taste. Upon exhalation, a bit of earthiness and skunky sweetness will seep through, leaving you a bit hypnotized and wanting for more. The super fruity taste is a genetic inheritance from its parents, Chery AK-47 and Purple Punch. Naturally, the offspring is just as delicious and fruity!

How will Cherry Punch affect you?


First off, we should mention that Cherry Punch is a perfectly balanced hybrid, with 50% Sativa and 50% Indica. This means the psychoactive experience will go both ways – euphoria and sedation, in equal ways. If you’re seeking a succulent and mystical experience with cannabis, then the Sativa part will meet your desires perfectly. The joyful surge should leave you satisfied and rejuvenated.

Similarly, if you want to treat your medical condition, Cherry Punch can help you out effectively! It’s not fun at all to live with pains and aches, as your quality of life decreases constantly. Traditional medical may not be effective at treating your symptoms, yet cannabis may be. Cherry Punch is a powerful strain, with 23-24% THC concentration, and it should deliver just the right sedation to calm your pains down. Whether you suffer from neuropathic pains, sciatica, or multiple sclerosis, Cherry Punch will help you out!


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