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Cherry Punch is the one cannabis strain that excels both in terms of flavour and effects. This plant boasts an incredible level of THC, up at 23-24%, which means your mind and body will go through incredible changes during this experience. As soon as you take a smoke, euphoria will seep in, leaving you much happier and relaxed than before. Joy brings relaxation with it, as a form of sedation settles in. This sedation will leave you wholly relaxed and comfortable with yourself!

Your body will go through similar changes, in that your pains and aches vanish almost immediately. The cherry flavour should have already reached your lungs. It’ll stay there until the experience ends, which is a few hours away. Many medical patients enjoy smoking Cherry Punch because of the unique aroma it offers, as well as the unmatched medicinal potency. This is a bona-fide treatment for anxiety, depression, insomnia, and more!

What does Cherry Punch look and taste like?


We bet you’ve seen strains like Cherry Punch before – dense, green nugs, covered in bright-orange hairs, with a thin layer of frosty trichomes covering them. There’s a bit of resin here and there, just to spike things up. The appearance is rather normal for such a sweet strain, though it’s still impressive when you first lay eyes on it. The deep-purple undertones provide somewhat of a hint of potency for Cherry Punch.

As for the taste and aroma, it’s rare for a strain to be so intense and aromatic. On your first smoke, you’ll experience an explosion of flavourful berry and cherry taste. Upon exhalation, a bit of earthiness and skunky sweetness will seep through, leaving you a bit hypnotized and wanting for more. The super fruity taste is a genetic inheritance from its parents, Chery AK-47 and Purple Punch. Naturally, the offspring is just as delicious and fruity!

How will Cherry Punch affect you?


First off, we should mention that Cherry Punch is a perfectly balanced hybrid, with 50% Sativa and 50% Indica. This means the psychoactive experience will go both ways – euphoria and sedation, in equal ways. If you’re seeking a succulent and mystical experience with cannabis, then the Sativa part will meet your desires perfectly. The joyful surge should leave you satisfied and rejuvenated.

Similarly, if you want to treat your medical condition, Cherry Punch can help you out effectively! It’s not fun at all to live with pains and aches, as your quality of life decreases constantly. Traditional medical may not be effective at treating your symptoms, yet cannabis may be. Cherry Punch is a powerful strain, with 23-24% THC concentration, and it should deliver just the right sedation to calm your pains down. Whether you suffer from neuropathic pains, sciatica, or multiple sclerosis, Cherry Punch will help you out!

22 reviews for Cherry Punch

  1. Judy

    This strain is so chill!

  2. Elias

    tasty and will buy agaimn

  3. Romain

    Between the complex terpene profile and the high THC content, this Cherry Punch definitely packs a…punch. I instantly felt it between the eyes, this isn’t the type of weed I would give to someone that never smoked before. The effects were mostly cerebral to start with but the body loosened up quite a bit as well mid-high. The main effects lasted for about 60 minutes and I felt awesome once they wore off.

  4. Meg

    This was a great strain! Dense buds, great smoke, nice flavour, and a really great focused and energized buzz. Definitely has a good punch!! 😉

  5. Dusan

    This is one of the best quality strains I have experienced recently. The flower arrived quickly and was not dry at all. Very easy to grind and it rolled very nicely. In terms of the smoke, overall very smooth. The taste is where this strain truly shines. If you have a dry herb vape, I would HIGHLY recommend trying this strain out, you can thank me later. Fantastic for normal smoking as well.

  6. Kathleen

    Love a flower that packs a punch and Cherry Punch will do just that. Sweet and sour and everything nice. I alternate my orders with my faves. Looking forward to getting this one again.

  7. Ryan

    They say you get what you pay for. This is true in this case, you pay abit more but boy oh boy is it ever worth it. Great aroma and great taste and an awesome stone the perfect chillax smoke. I’m a fan.

  8. Ryan

    Simply one of the best! The aroma of these buds is top drawer and the cherry scent is unmistakable. It burns really well and the bud tastes as wonderful as it smells. Very smooth and ultimately satisfying. This is a strain that will impress even the most experienced smoker and though pricey, is worth every penny.
    This is some potent bud as the high comes on strong leaving you feeling relaxed and utterly content. Props to the master grower who developed and maintained this strain as it is truly impressive. Cherry Punch is one of the best varieties you’ll find anywhere both in terms of appeal and potency and won’t disappoint.

  9. Alexandre

    The weed is juste fckn crazy this is my very favorite woww

  10. Sarah

    This is super tasty both in my vape and in joints. I really like this for smoking in the early evenings.

  11. Dhruv

    Absolutely love this strain! It gives the euphoric experience on the first few tokes and then the body just relaxes. The flavour is amazing and after the first 30 minutes, you feel the munchies with a big smile on your face. The product I received was fresh and it smelled amazing.

  12. Tony

    A bit on the expensive but hands down one of the best strains I’ve ever tasted in 10 years of smoking.

  13. Patrick

    This product was amazing. I opened it up and took a look, gorgeous. I took a sniff, astonishing. I ground some up, stinky. I rolled it up with ease and precision. I lit it up, delicious. My girlfriend and I were both super happy with the effects. The aromatic nose made this product a must have. What a great flower. I recommend this to all chronic smokers.

  14. Alexandre

    Fruity, very strong high and the taste is wow,

  15. Tina

    Cherry Punch is on my list for repeat purchasing. It has good thick sticky bud with a smooth burn and can really fill my lings without coughing!! and I love the flavour. I don’t go crazy with the snacks (which I appreciate). A strong weed so a little goes a long way and if smoking alone I have found half way through a dube I am all good.

  16. Denis

    Nice and tasty love it

  17. Benjamin

    Very Frosty, left the grinder coated in trichomes. Sweet, smooth smoke with top notch effects and good expansion. Would likely purchase again. Nice, dense buds with good size and density.

  18. Kerry

    Absolutely one of the best strains out there! The aroma and flavor are delicious 😛. Great for taking your mind off everything, very potent and awesome smooth smoke 🚀🚀. When it is available, a must try for those who appreciate next level bud

  19. Shayne

    Very good product . 🙂 One of the best strain i tasted.

  20. Brandon

    Wow! At $294/ounce I had very high expectations which were instantly satisfied upon smelling this flower. Recent purchases from the OCS found me this immaculate strain the only catch is it was more than double the price (yes over $650 if you wanted an ounce) So when I saw Cherry Punch at above average pricing here I had to check it out. If you have ever tried a good representation of Strawberry Jerry (a Sativa strain) you would remark the similar fruity overkill on that first whiff and the taste carries through on the inhale while it exhales into that classic “it’s definitely weed I’m smoking” taste – dank yet smooth. A third of the way through the joint and my eyes already feel redder than the Chinese flag, this is the real deal I wish every strain could be grown to perfection with such loud terps. Like a cherry soda the joint was good until the last lip smacking drop, the high was intense but it was a bedtime joint which performed perfectly allowing me sleep well.

    100% recommend this strain, you get what you pay for.

  21. Randall

    This is very tasty. The after taste is great its like I took a drink of powder cherry drink.
    It’s worth the price

  22. Patrick

    Most amazing flower I’ve bought from mmh yet!, super frosty, potent and couch locking !
    5 stars across the board!

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