Daily Blend – 800mg CBD:200mg THC

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30ml bottle

800mg CBD + 200mg THC

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Daily Blend – 800mg CBD:200mg THC Information

When it comes to the Daily Blend tincture, there are some things to be said – it is high-quality, and it’s an all-natural product made from organic ingredients. This is a full-spectrum cannabis oil extracted from the whole plant using solvent-free CO2 extraction methods. Moreover, the oil is nano-sized for a more efficient absorption rate.

To buy Daily Blend online, all you have to do is trust in MMJDirect. We provide a very efficient and secure shipping method. Moreover, the payment method we employ is entirely safe, which means we ensure your privacy and security all the time. Through Canada Post, the package should reach your door in about 2-5 business days. If it doesn’t, just let us know so we can deal with it.

The 800mg: 200mg CBD-THC Daily Blend is a true cannabis marvel that’s just waiting to make your day better!

How does it affect you?

This cannabis-based product affects you in the only way possible – by providing a foundation for overall wellness through targeting inflammation and other sources of discomfort in the body. If you use the sublingual method to absorb each drop, you’ll be feeling the effects in a few minutes. The high will last for a few hours at best, so make the most of it.

One of the better benefits of this tincture is the analgesic property. In simpler words, you should feel greatly relieved of pains, chronic or acute. Depending on your physical state and the particular medical condition that’s giving you pains, the alleviating effects will vary. In general, though, you should expect relaxation, comfort, and one of the best feelings of euphoric tranquility that you’ve felt in years.

Any therapeutic benefits?

More specifically, does the Daily Blend provide any therapeutic benefits for precise medical conditions? The answer is – yes. We can only rely on what other patients have said and the quality manufacturing techniques of the creators. Most users have said that the product is good for:

  • Inflammations
  • Localized pains
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Insomnia
  • Lack of appetite

That’s right – according to many consumers, using the Daily Blend 800mg CBD:200mgTHC may rid you of insomnia and the lack of appetite. If you want to buy Daily Blend online in Canada, there’s only one place suitable enough for that. MMJDirect gives you the assurances you need to conduct efficient and safe cannabis purchases. All our products are high-quality!

2 reviews for Daily Blend – 800mg CBD:200mg THC

  1. Laura

    This product is fantastic. Really helps with my stress levels. My neck and shoulder pain seem to be disappearing. Highly recommended.

  2. Steve

    Definitely a great option for CBD!

    This stuff really helped my mom with her chronic pain, anxiety and sleeping issues as she suffers from fibro.

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