Daily Caps 1:1 5mg

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Daily Caps 1:1 5mg Information

Daily Caps 1:1 offers a premium THC:CBD blend to help relieve mild and persistent symptoms of stress, physical aches, and anxiety. The formula for each of these capsules offers 5mg THC and CBD mix with low potency for individuals who are just beginning their journey with cannabis capsules.

These THC:CBD daily caps are a great choice for daily micro-dosing needs. The gelatine coating containing the 5mg THC:CBD blend is brilliantly designed and created for easy ingestion and quick absorption. The onset time of the effects can take any time from 45 minutes to 90 minutes and these can last for a longer period of time.

The Gentle Entourage Effect

Daily Caps 1:1 offers each novice user the great entourage effect, which maximizes the health properties of CBD while easing THC’s psychoactive effects. With 5mg CBD:THC mix infused into one capsule, the overall mental and physical effects offer low strength for an enjoyable first-time experience. The cerebral effects of these capsules are usually uplifting and euphoric, while its physical high may offer relief from pain and relaxation.

Anxiety. We learn more and more about the commonality of anxiety that occurs on a daily basis. These gelatin caps may alleviate symptoms of mild anxiety to potentially offer a boost in one’s confidence and comfort while increasing focus.

Stress. The relaxing properties of Daily Caps 1:1 can potentially soothe the tension caused by stressful situations both mentally and physically.

Mild physical aches. THC:CBD 5mg blend carries pain-relieving effects that may soothe mild physical discomforts, such as headaches or muscle cramps.

Euphoria. These cannabis-infused caps may offer you euphoric and uplifting effects that can give your mood and mental state the gentle push it needs for relaxation, motivation, and productivity.

Best Tips For Our Beginners

Because Daily Caps 1:1 offers 5mg of THC:CBD blend in one capsule, you might think to ingest more than one capsule right off the bat. We do not encourage nor recommend any novice user to do this. It takes time for you to find the right dosage based on your tolerance levels. You can experiment with these caps as they offer precise and consistent dosing, but you ought to do so safely and patiently.

Take one capsule and wait for at least 90 minutes to see how this small dose will affect you, and pay attention to the effects and potency of the effects. If nothing much is happening after 90 minutes, you may consider increasing your dose by no more than 5mg per day. Store these capsules out of reach from children and pets, and in a cold and dry area.

3 reviews for Daily Caps 1:1 5mg

  1. Marc

    These are perfect especially if you are a newbie and you want to experiment to find your ideal dose. 5:5 is a small dose and the capsules are balanced (5mg THC, 5mg CBD) lowering the risk of having unpleasant results. They are excellent to test yourself over several weeks or even months, especially if you also drink alcohol as well when you ingest cannabis – coming up with the best “procedure” for you may be a bit tricky ! 🙂 These capsules usually take about 90 to 120 min. to kick in so don’t rush to take another one too fast especially if you are not used to it. I would recommend having a couple of beers or wine glasses first then take one of those capsules, wait 2 hours and see what happens … Next time, you can increase the cannabis/alcohol doses if you want to but be reasonable so the experience is still pleasurable, take baby steps so there’s no problems. The high should last for a couple of hours or more. That’s why I prefer using capsules instead of smoking too, a longer more intense high. It feels like I have more control compared to smoking. With caps you know exactly the dose you are taking too so it’s very precise, you can easily make the necessary changes next time (a few days later) to have an even better experience, hitting the sweet spot, the perfect mix … I only use cannabis once or twice a week so tolerance is really not a problem for me. The “perfect dose” of weed and alcohol gives me about the same effect each time (hopefully a 10/10 high for several hours) Plus, capsules are more discreet, no smell, no smoke, that’s more convenient if like me you don’t want your place to smell like weed (!) I will definitely order from MMJ Direct again in the future, thanks for all your excellent BC cannabis products.

  2. Cynthia

    Initially bought these for my fiance. He had misplaced is anxiety meds and they became dissolved and unable to be used. And where. I live in Canada and probably elsewhere. You cannot get a script filled until your time designated by doctor. So we purchased these to help him manage his anxiety until he can receive his script from the pharmacy and has been working great with him. He takes it about every four hours

  3. Jake

    Great option for lower tolerance and those new to edibles. Bought for my wife to help with rest and sleeping. Of course I tried myself – was surprised by uplifting impact despite low dosage. Strength and influence likely impacted if you haven’t eaten etc. Otherwise these are quite subtle and may not have an impact on those with experience or higher tolerance from edibles. Easy to transport and discrete. small pill.

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