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  1. Ireland

    I loved this strain. I bought these because I was looking to try a new mushroom strain and my coworker recommended them to me (I work at a government dispo). I have tried lots of different mushrooms over the years and these ones had a very nice mellow trip. A bit milder in my opinion than penis envy. I liked that they were big fat mushrooms so that when you crack them open you can see the spores. Would definitely recommend! MMJ direct always has the best products.

  2. Jason

    Wow 😮 if ya wanna trip hard I would rate these mushrooms 🍄 top class ( right up there with penis envy strain), at about 3 to 4 grams its rocket 🚀 time.

    Colors are bright as shit and sounds get distorted really cool if ya like that shit, at 1 or 2 grams it’s a softer but still interesting trip.

    Tried eating 6 grams…. was cool and all but vomited 🤮 while smoking some hash, not recommended at that dose!

    Anyway if ya like strong mushrooms these are worth it.

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