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Focus by myco labs Information

Focus by myco labs resolves a pressing issue that most of us have had to deal with many times in our lives. We’re talking about mental exhaustion and lack of focus. Regardless of the reason, sometimes you can’t focus on what matters the most. Your performance drops, and you can’t finish what you had in plan. If only there was something that enhanced your focus… But, wait, there is! Focus by myco labs is a brand-new psilocybin-based supplement that does just that.

Mixing up a total of 7 organic plants, including psilocybin, Focus fiddles with your brain in a unique way. Pound by pound, every atom of Focus is devised to increase your productivity and help you focus for longer periods of time. It works by way of microdosing, so you won’t be getting high from the psilocybin. Unless you consume more than 12 capsules at the same time, that is.

What are the effects of Focus by myco labs?


One capsule is enough to enliven your mind and drive away any sign of exhaustion. It can motivate you instantly by sending a jolt of electrifying euphoria right to your brain. It’ll light up like a lightbulb, spewing forth brand-new ideas and actively seeking new solutions to your problems. That’s what it means to be more focused and performant. Focus by myco labs acts a bit like a nootropic substance, in that it enhances your cognition to:

  • Think faster
  • Maintain your focus longer
  • Dissect problems into smaller bits
  • Work more efficiently
  • Think divergently
  • React accordingly to specific situations

Focus isn’t a miracle cure that gives you absolute control over yourself. Instead, it enhances a few cognitive capabilities, which makes you a bit better at everything. Especially in the way you focus and maintain that concentration over a certain period of time. Psilocybin has plenty of intriguing effects when microdosed, such as increasing your creativity, for instance. It’s all within your reach with Focus!

What does Focus contain?


That’s a good question! Focus by myco labs contains a total of 7 plants, including a potent psilocybin blend. Every pack comes in two variants, one worth 50mg of psilocybin, and the other worth 200mg of psilocybin. Each one has varying doses for each ingredient, as follows:

  • 50mg variant contains 50mg of psilocybin blend, 100mg of Lion’s Mane, 50mg each of Pine Bark and Bacopa, 30mg of Choline, 15mg of Huperzine, and 10mg of Vinpocetine
  • 200mg variant contains 200mg of psilocybin blend, 150mg of Lion’s Mane, 80mg each of Pine bark and Bacopa, 50mg of Choline, 15mg of Huperzine, and 10mg of Vinpocetine

Every one of these ingredients is known to offer therapeutic benefits, along the line of reduced depression and anxiety, reduced stress, improved mood, and higher energy levels. Some of them increase your creativity, make you more imaginative, and they also help you focus for longer. The end-result is a nootropic-like capsule that enhances your cognition in more ways than one. It’d be a waste not to try Focus by myco labs!

39 reviews for Focus by myco labs

  1. seeley

    i’m returning for second purchase, feel the first month of using this blend has definitely helped my mood and overall functionality. a solid supportive product, and this distributor merchant indeed shipped it cross-canada within 3 days. glad i found it!

  2. Irene

    Really love these! I include one of these with my vitamins every morning and it really helps me focus and feel up. I’ve tried microdosing with mushrooms in the past but getting a consistent dose every time was challenging. The ease and convenience of these Myco lab products have changed my life for the better. I’ve tried the original, Focus and Brain Boost — I find the original is less effective for focusing on work than the two. Microdosing done right made a big difference in my overall mood.

  3. Marnie

    I purchased these capsules for my husband who suffers from ADD. He found that by the time he finished the second order we’d ordered, he did notice that his thoughts were easier to explain in meetings and was also able to juggle his busy schedule and staying on top of tasks.

  4. Dan

    It’s the best alternative to over the counter anxiety/depression medication.

  5. Madina

    Amazing product, been taking them 3 consecutive days on, and then I take a break for 2 days, tried the 60x 50mg and it works ok but I think I’ll need to upgrade on my next order. Definitely helped with my focus at work.

  6. Jason

    Good Product, Work exactly like they said.
    I had depression problem, concentration and other stuff that was making my life hard.
    Psillocybin is a key to smooth thing and give me the push i need to want to make thing happen.
    Thanks for making good product!!
    I Really think this product help me work better and focus on small and bigger problems.

    My english is my second langague be kind :’)

  7. Tim

    It was recommended to me by a casual encounter who mentioned struggling with focus due to ADHD among other things. I myself have ADHD and hypersensitivity. And like her do not like regular medication.
    Nonetheless life can be a struggle at times.

    With an open mind I started taking focus after reading a lot of reviews, but more importantly scientific studies and papers on micro dosing. Although more studies and more comprehensive ones are needed I was confident to try it.
    The effects are unmistakable. I am truly more focused, less drawn to negative thinking and reaction, more in tune with my surroundings and more capable of doing and completing tasks, after long days of work.

    I have upped my dosage and currently take 50 to 100 mg daily.

    I have found no negative side effects or negative effects of any kind.
    I only wish I had tried it earlier in life

  8. Dj

    Great product.

  9. Adrien

    Absolutely the best. Seriously. Been purchasing for a number of years from these folks and the product is clean, professional and top-quality. Definitely recommend.

  10. Brent

    I was not sure if this would help at first, however, both my Girlfriend and I have ADHD and we were able to accomplish so much after taking focus. It was very impressive as to how well it helped. My girlfriend stated that it worked better than her ADHD medication.

  11. Alexandre

    Au début j’étais curieux et un ami m’a conseille ce produit,j’ai commencé par une seule capsule par jour et ensuite augmente a trois par jour ,j’étais plus concentré et.motive le rire plus facile et plus joyeux je pense bien en racheter un jour.

  12. Julie

    If you’ve never tried any of the myco labs products don’t be afraid
    You aren’t going to be tripping by just taking the micro dose
    What you will be doing is finding the relaxed cool person you’ve always wanted to be or remember being
    Pills have no taste and cause no stomach upset
    I’ve bought almost all of the versions and have not been disappointed

  13. Debra

    Absolutely a game changer for my mental health

    Just went to my doctor today and he confirmed that I do have a mild case of ADHD we discussed it and I am not inclined to go with a pharmaceutical right now due to side effects, ge agreed so I am back to restock

  14. Franklynn

    These are a nice and subtle mood boost. You don’t feel ‘high’, just lighter and truly more able to focus. My friends and I used them on a writing retreat and they were effective at helping us get into the flow of our work. It helps to relieve some of the anxiety I often have around work so I can think more openly and creatively. I’ve also taken them when I’m about to go on a hike or something in nature and it helps me connect to my surroundings.

    The first time I tried them on an empty stomach and it hit me too quickly and strongly—I was quite nauseous and had some slight visual effects (but I was also really new to shrooms so maybe I had a low tolerance). Taking them with food helped a lot and I don’t have any nausea. If you struggle with the taste of shrooms these are great because you’re just swallowing a capsule. Highly recommend!

  15. Evelyn

    We bought this to help with addiction recovery, depression and anxiety, as well as ADHD symptoms. It has been incredibly helpful to the point of life changing. We have referred friends as well because it’s so fantastic and helpful. Anti-depressants have been tried and they have terrible side effects and make me feel numb.

  16. Matthew

    I’ve experimented with this the past few weeks and have found that I am able to study longer and retain more information. I feel it may also be helping relieve some depression symptoms.

  17. Hugues

    Première expérience dans le microdosage. J’ai l’impression que ça m’aide vraiment pour la concentration et la gestion de l’anxiété. J’ai fait une recherche rapide sur les autres ingrédients et tout m’a paru sécuritaire et surtout pertinent/efficace pour le focus et la mémoire. Plusieurs des plantes utilisées seraient efficaces contre l’alzheimer, par exemple. J’utilise une capsule par jour quelques jours et je saute 1-2 jours ensuite. Je crois que l’idéal, pour moi, est d’en prendre quelques jours, suivi d’une courte pause. Je recommande, notamment pour les personnes qui ont souvent la flemme ou un semblant de TDA non médicamenté.

  18. Paige

    Prior to using Myco Lab focus caps, I always had a hard time checking items off my to-do list. I also suffered from anxiety and high stress levels. After taking Myco Lab Focus caps I was left feeling focused and energized and able to accomplish whatever my day threw at me with a clear mind. They have helped me become less reactive to stressful situations.

  19. Ben

    I buy these simply for a micro dose to stay on track. When things become behind and I need to spend time catching back up the focus on my core, these really do keep the focus. I find when I am going about my tasks I’m more engaged and committed and looking forward.

  20. Tina

    Love taking these caps. Big trips are great, but these are great for everyday. I’m a grad student and they’re great for focus. Also super helpful with dealing with PTSD. I started with daily but now take one 50mg every 1-3 days and mix in a 200mg depending on my mood. Everyone should put these in their mouth.

  21. Tess

    Ive only had this product for a while now, but already really notice a difference on how my day to day function is. I have adhd and this definatly helps with remaining focused on one task. My energy seems to not dip so much throughout the day as well. I did notice that I got a little bit high off of them one day, so would suggest the lower dose ones if you are inexperienced or nervous, it was nothing massive, just could feel a bit of a body stone more than other days. I love the access of this microdosing option, with added mushie benefits, where I dont have to mess around with multiple mushroom powders to get what I am looking for. A great brand.

  22. Amjad

    A wonderful purchase. Really helps me with get me through my toughest work days and on my days off. They always power my thoughts to have a great workout and an eventful day.
    A consistent buyer and will be back for more. If you’re looking to get rid of negative thinking this is the product to get.

  23. Kari

    I bought Focus to use in place of anti depressants. After approx 3 months of micro dosing, I am finally off of them. It has been 2 full weeks, I am happy to report that I feel amazing. No more brain fog, depression is none existent

  24. Jamie

    I’ve been taking these weekly. 4 times a week and it’s been my go product for mental health and productivity 👍🏼 100% recommended for first time users

  25. Dan

    Keeps brain fog away

  26. Guy antoine

    Been looking for some thing for energy, mental clarity, mood elevator and just overall life booster. All the products ive tried from mmj have made a positive impact in my routine.

    I love the self care ritual it induces. Wake up, brew som tea, micro, good stretch seance. And im ready for my day.

    Highly recommend getting into micro dosing for anyone who’re looking for some new inner powers to harness. It can make you create new habits that are good for you.

  27. Monique

    Love this product 🙂 I take it daily and get so much done ✔️

  28. Ryan

    These are my favourite microdoses, its similar to microdosing LSD besides the fact they dont really last the whole day. They provide a nice clean source of energy, and all of the ingredients work very nicely together. highly recommend

  29. Samuel

    Excellent produit, j’ai toujours été un peu lâche de faire mes tâches quotidiennes.. ménage, vaisselle et la lessive

    Sincèrement j’étais sceptique du produit mais lui ai donner une chance

    J’ai tester la première fois 1x 50mg je pèse 220 lbs 6’1″ la première journée je n’ai pas observer grand changement

    Avec des espacements de 3j pour limiter la croissance d’une tolérance trop rapidement j’ai tout de suite trouvé dès la 2eme fois que j’avais plus de concentration, beaucoup plus, je suis également plus patient avec mon entourage, je suis beaucoup plus réfléchis… je suis super content de cet achat et je m’apprête à acheter PASSION… bien curieux de voir les résultats

    Je conseillerais simplement de le prendre en matiné, je l’ai essayer une journée il était 13h00 et j’ai eu de la difficulté à m’endormir vers 22h00 on aurait dit que j’avais le cerveau qui bouillonnait de créativité

    Le produit est bien emballé, scellé de façon impeccable, le contenant en plastique est d’un format optimal, pas de gaspillage et je dirais même plutôt stylé 😁

  30. Chris

    It’s not something I ever thought I would take. Micro dosing was something I researched and it all points to a positive direction.

    I’ve been taking these for 2 months now, cycling 5 days on 2 days off each week.

    I’ve noticed that I’m more calm, less anxious, more focused for sure.

    I am a return costumer and will continue to purchase this product.

  31. Eleanor

    Ouh baby ! Love the precision focus this gives you.

  32. Benoit


    Je suis quelqu’un de très paresseux et j’ai de la difficulté a trouver un sens à ma vie, pourquoi travaillé et pourquoi l’argent ?.. je suis relativement pauvre, mais je ”sur” vie très bien.

    Au début je ne croyait vraiment pas que ce petit comprimé allait changé ma vie, mais a ma grande surprise je me suis senti soudainement motivé par tout ce que j’avais a faire, j’ai arrêtée de regarder ma montre à tout moment et je trouve même que les journées passe plus vite. On n’est pas sur un nuage, juste conscient et intéressé par tout ce qu’on fait.

    Je prend 1 fois 50 mg par jour en me levant, et des fois 2, quand j’ai de grosse journée devant moi. Je n’est ressenti aucun effet négatif sur le système digestif. Le seul effet que j’ai ressenti , c’est la première fois que j’en ai pris, cela m’a un peu ”buzzé” , vraiment faible et pas longtemps, ensuite ça n’a plus jamais fait.

    Pour moi c’est rendu un indispensable a ma vie, je ne m’imagine pas commencer une journée, sans prendre une FOCUS, c’est comme un café mental. J’ai réellement ressenti une motivation dans tout mon corps, je suis plus vivant que j’ai jamais été. C’est même pour ça que j’écrit cette critique, je suis super motivé a faire découvrir a tout le monde ce produit.

    Je donne 5 Étoiles et avec mmj en plus la livraison super rapide et tout le kit… je dit juste ”WOW”

    et merci

  33. Jared

    I have now tried 3 versions of this one. Brain Boost which was my first, Immune support which is my Second and Focus.

    I am a huge fan of focus and brain boost before work. I have a very stressful job as well as I suffer from ADHD, Anxiety

  34. Jessica

    I suffer from mood disorders which I am medicated for as well as ADHD. I started with the 50mg and these are great! I can focus naturally without feeling the drugs. It’s like the episode of the Simpsons where Homer removes the crayon from his brain.

  35. Ben

    I bought this along with the other myco labs (immunity, relax, and brain boost). This is one of my favourites out of all of them. I am able to take it before work with a noticeable boost to my productivity. I also take caffeine and they are different effects. Caffeine is more of an energy, this is more of a mental kick. 200 mg is better IMO because the lower dose for me I was take 2 at a time. I will have this product as part of my regular health routine.

  36. Cedrick

    Ouais c’est une belle découverte, sa goute pas ou pratiquement pas,la premiere journée ajun le matin leffet dune capsule était suffisante! Mais la deuxième sa ses vraiment placé et la 3e la le processus microdosing était enclancher et du coup asser plaisant pour etre honnête, je me sentais effectivement plus créatif et plus concentré,les couleur plus vive et surtout dans une belle jumeur plaisante !je recommande le produit cetais bon pour moi!

  37. Jason

    Fantastic product that helps me in the mornings start my day off right!

    I started at a time when my brother passed, I have a hard time with pharmaceuticals so this was an avenue I thought might help and it did!

    I took one 200mg capsule in the morning first thing when I woke up and it felt like having a coffee. I felt more “in tune” with my day and more positive with its outcome.

    All it takes is 1 capsule and some water!

  38. John

    Always have these on hand! Excellent for when I’m feeling a dark day coming on. Highly recommend.

  39. Devin

    Wow love these things. So much better than Caffeine pills. No stomach pain no digestive issues at all. No maybe side affects rendering you intoxicated. Buying more and spreading the word to my friends and family

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