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Gelato #33 by Gastown Collective Information

Gelato #33 is a cross between Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies and Sunset Sherbet. It leans more towards Indica than Sativa, usually containing about 55% Indica and 45% Sativa. The THC levels of this weed strain average around 22%, with some batches reaching even higher. The focused, happy, and relaxed high of this cannabis bud usually are intense.


The high of Gelato #33 by Gastown Collective fits well for afternoon use as its initial high may boost your focus and creativity. The happy and uplifting effects of this weed flower may reduce symptoms of depression or anxiety, and it may calm the mind when stress tries to dominate. The pain-relieving qualities of Gelato #33 can be very strong, alleviating discomforts caused by headaches, or muscle and joint aches. At the end of the high, you may find yourself in a deeply sleepy state.


Uplifting And Creative Effects


Gelato #33 could be a great cannabis strain for seasoned weed users. Its cerebral high usually shows up almost instantly with an energetic and happy rush that generally leaves its users feeling happy. The euphoric and uplifting high of this cannabis bud is known to help with several mental difficulties.


Depression and anxiety. Gelato #33 can ease symptoms of anxiety and depression as it lifts one’s mood with happy and comforting feelings.


Stress. The energetic mental high of this weed strain may replace the tension caused by stress with a calmed state.


Fatigue. Gelato #33 can potentially improve your focus.


Social and creative. The stimulating and euphoric effects of this cannabis plant could potentially give you the boost you need for an enjoyable social interaction and elevate your creativity.


A Physical Relaxation


Gelato #33 by Gastown Collective is a great strain for individuals looking for both mental and physically beneficial effects. Usually, you can expect the body buzz delivered by this weed bud to be pretty intense, easing several body pains and aches.


Physical pain and nausea. The body high of this weed strain may relieve nausea or pain caused by several health struggles, such as headaches, muscle cramps or spasms, joint aches, back pain, and much more.


Insomnia. Because the high provided by Gelato #33 usually comes with a deep relaxation that calms the mind and sedates the body, you may find yourself falling into a state of sleepiness. This could potentially lead to a good sleep that lasts through the night.

4 reviews for Gelato #33 by Gastown Collective

  1. Edgar

    Good god!! The stench will bust your neighbours noses. Bury me with Gelato 33. It’s pungent, it’s sticky, it’s THICC and dense. I will be a repeat customer of this spectacular specimen as long as it is in stock.

    This is what I invision when I think of top shelf. It’s long lasting and slow burning due to its resinous nature.

    It’s very balanced. I could consume this in the morning and late evening and get exactly what I want out of it.

    It lowered my symptoms of depression, anxiety, pain and adhd. What else could you ask for?

  2. Benjamin

    Insanely purple, really earthy and gassy undertones. When you reach for the top shelf, you expect the top quality, and this strain delivered in spades!
    A very nice representation of Gelato, kudos to Gastown for delivering such a nice strain to market.
    This had the nice smooth smoke and heavy effects that I was looking for, I would say a nighttime strain for those looking for rest and relaxation. Great Work. 5 stars!

  3. Jean Roch

    This strain is the second OZ from my first order from MMJDirect and again they have it out of the park with this product from Gastown Collective. This strain was just as effective as “The One” with a very potent couch to bed lock effect to help promote a better sleep for a severe insomniac like myself. Very good fresh quality product, very good smell and taste while being very smooth on the lungs. Will definitely be back for more when I run out as I can’t put a price on quality sleep. Just like the Schneider’s commercial you can taste the quality, but in my case I mostly feel the quality.

  4. Alexandre

    Smells verry good,
    Tasre verry loud ,
    True gas !

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