Grape Gas (Smalls)

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Grape Gas (Smalls) Information

Grape Gas is a hybrid weed strain for the mind and body in the late afternoon or early evening. The initial high of this cannabis flower brings an energetic boost that elevates your mood and sharpens your focus, followed by a comforting relaxation and a sense of ease for the body.

The taste and aroma of Grape Gas are a distinct experience on their own. You get a cocktail of candy and grape-like sweetness and citrusy sourness with pungent gas and diesel notes.

The Grape Gas Weed Strain High

The potency of Grape Gas can range from moderate to high, with THC levels as low as 15% but as high as 23% with a lower CBD content of 1%.

The high of this weed strain can go from somewhat easy-going to strong energetic full-body effects. As the high hits, you will feel a surge of energy and good vibes, boosting you to be up and about, and get things done.

The uplifting euphoric boost in your mood will serve as a motivation as the head high clears your mind of distractions and stresses.

This energetic high will be followed by a calming wave. Your mind will move into a relaxed and calm state while your body’s tensions and aches are eased and relieved.

As the mental and physical high kicks in, you may find yourself feeling lazy. Take advantage of this. Kick back and relax with a good movie or a chill time with friends.

Grape Gas, A Rich and Complex Taste

The aroma and flavour of the Grape Gas weed strain are anything but boring. You get a combination of notes that fuse together in a brilliant way.

With a pungent lead, the aroma and taste of this cannabis flower are accompanied by citrusy, spicy, and grape accentuating notes.

Fluffy Green Buds

Grape Gas is packed with fluffy dense green buds that are vibrantly contrasted by bright and thick orange hairs. The plant is covered in frost-like trichomes.


3 reviews for Grape Gas (Smalls)

  1. Derrick

    WOW! The most beautiful crystaly nuggz! The strain works well, continues to creep up on you and lasts a while. I fully endorse this product

  2. Maude

    I didn’t feel quite as energetic as Leafly says, but none the less I felt uplifted. This strain assisted in helping me stay focused and on task. This strain makes me quite hungry compared to most as well so be sure to have some snacks near by.

    Really enjoyable definite indica feels. The grape and gas flavor/smell is there for sure. I picked this up from Fluent Cannabis Care in Jacksonville. It’s one of their premium strains from Freedom Town Holdings. Never disappointed with anything from freedom town. This strain gives you all the great indica traits with delayed sleepiness. Great social indica.

  3. Ricky

    This strain sure puts you too sleep and keeps you asleep. Has a strong grape and sweet flavor

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