Grape Kush

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60% Indica dominant hybrid strain

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Grape Kush Information

When it comes to the lineage of Grape Kush, a little bit of conversation is stirred up, which causes a little bit of mystery. Generally, it is said that this cannabis strain comes from cross-breeding Pre-98 Bubba Kush with Romulan Grapefruit, but some sources argue that it would come from the Blueberry lineage.

Even though the lineage of Grape Kush presents some unclarities, the beauty and the potency of it does not. Cannabis testing laboratories have found samples of this cannabis strain to have between 15% and a mind-blowing 30% THC content. Its CBD content is fairly minimal and typically only goes as high as 0.65%.

Grape Kush is a well-balanced collaboration between a cerebral high and body relaxation. Its hybrid profile is approximately 60% Indica and 40% Sativa. It is ideal for evening and night time, for both medical and recreational use due to its potent sedative properties.

Taste and Looks

As you may well know, many restaurants and bars are known to pride themselves with their own signature drinks. Well, Grape Kush also prides itself with a signature look, which is the purple colouring granted by anthocyanin and cold climate during the vegetative growth stage. Anthocyanins are the group of naturally occurring pigments that are responsible for the red-blue and purple colour of many fruits, grains, vegetables and other plants.

This purple appearance looks majestic, especially when in contrast with the red-orange pistils and the thick, white, crystal-like trichomes covering. Its structure is pretty typical of the Indica dominant phenotypes, that produce small to medium rounded buds, with dense nugs that contain sticky resin.

The smell of this cannabis strain is one of the grapes with a sour and tangy tone. Undertones of sweet berry can be experienced, which may suggest the Blueberry lineage, with some pine and earthy flavours. The best part when it comes to the taste profile of this hybrid is that its smoke tends to be light and sweet that doesn’t leave its user with a harsh afterburn.

The Effects and The Health Benefits of Grape Kush

What may appeal to most users about Grape Kush is its balanced high. It has a fairly potent cerebral high that can boost mental creativity. There might also be a boost in mental images that might not translate into a highly productive focus. The effect of the headrush is typically not conducive to accomplishing tasks that require sustained concentration.

Due to its extremely high levels of THC and its potential for inducing a couch-lock effect, this cannabis strain is recommended for medium and advanced users. Even though Grape Kush is not a popular participant on dispensary shelves, it does offer some formidable effects and benefits that many users are more than thankful for.

Amongst its medical benefits depression and anxiety can be counted in. To those suffering from any of these states, this cannabis strain can offer an effective state of relaxation and euphoria. It is also known to have some good analgesic properties. Its physical numbing properties can soothe deep, nerve-related aches and pains, headaches and nausea. It can be a highly effective treatment for difficult cases of insomnia.

The first stage of its high is generally focused on inducing a mood-boost that can also energize the mind. This is followed by a stronger body relaxation, ending with a state of sleepiness. Due to the potency of this cannabis strain, consuming it in smaller doses is highly recommended.

4 reviews for Grape Kush

  1. Ricky

    This strain helped with me my back issues. The smoke is very heavy in the lungs. Was not a big fan on this strain. Taste three out of five. Smell four out of five effects four out of five. This have to be my least favorite strain

  2. Victor

    This is one of the best things I’ve smoked, flavour and the high.

  3. James

    sticky yet crumbly

  4. Victor

    Very tasty, and very good looking bud. Smokes smoothly, does a good job of giving that body high and relaxation without the burnout. Will buy again for sure!

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