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Green Crack Information

Green Crack is one of the more renowned cannabis strains in the industry, mainly due to its connection to worldwide phenomenon Snoop Dogg. His preference for this bud is not a secret anymore. In fact, Green Crack was originally called Green Cush or Cush, but the rapper famously renamed it to match his preferences. Either way, this bud is a Sativa-dominant strain with crazy amounts of THC. It can inspire you to reach to the deepest layers of creativity hidden inside your mind, while also improving your focus and mood.

What does Green Crack look and taste like?

 Green Crack looks very appealing when you first take a look at it. Its buds are very dense and tight, with clustered nugs that look very appetising. The forest-green nugs are surrounded on all sides by bright-orange hairs that appear very thin. Though, they become thicker through the crystalized layer of trichomes that grows in the entire plant, especially on the nugs. Green Crack is the type of strain you’re impressed with from a first glance. And then, you smoke it!

When you do decide to take smoke, you’ll be welcomed by a combination of citrus, mango, and sweet earthiness. These aromas combine perfectly opening the way for even more deliciousness. Once you taste it, the fruity flavour will explode forth, bringing lots of sweetness and fresh hints of pine with it. The citrus flavour is overwhelming, almost, leaving you with a crispy taste in your mouth.

What are the effects of Green Crack?

 Massively potent and incredibly creative, Green Crack is quite addictive, positively speaking. Its effects are mainly cerebral, with large ounces of electrifying euphoria crowing in your brain after you take that first smoke. A jolt of energy will hit your brain and wake your mind up from its stupefaction and boredom. If you were stressed or sleepy before, this strain will smack you in the heavens with its mind-soaring effects. You can’t stay depressed or bored while under the effects of Green Crack, that much is clear.

When its physical effects start punching your body into submission, it bodes well for your medical problems and symptoms. This bud is extremely effective at dealing with anxiety and depression, let alone chronic and neuropathic pains. Its creative and euphoric effects will help with lack of inspiration and migraines. Though, that’s not all. Green Crack can also treat:

  • PTSD
  • Stress
  • Fatigue
  • Loss of appetite
  • Autism
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Anxiety
  • Depression

34 reviews for Green Crack

  1. ADAM

    What to say about green crack, A very reliable strain for effect as well as presentation. The sale price was good, the taste was a little to chemically but still quite acceptable again for the price point . A really good bag to take on a day of fishing or an activity like that in my opinion. Only purchased a small amount, I will be going bigger next time I go this direction. I would imagine this purchase will happen again. Much appreciated. Thanks!!

  2. Aidan

    All time favorite right here, high quality bud, smokes great, tastes great, effects are just what the doctor ordered. Not a strain that’s gonna lock you into the couch but its perfect for taking a hike or spending time outdoors. Wake and bake with green crack is also a much safer bet than other strains to not derail your day! But really, this energizes me, helps me focus and get things done, great stuff!

  3. Jennifer

    Love the taste and price of this one. Good for a regular daytime smoker.

  4. Judy

    This is my go-to strain. Great to come home from work, chill out and play guitar. No couch lock here. Helps me with my hip pain and relaxing enough to get a good night sleep. The price is well worth it, never disappoints.

  5. mathieu

    The look and feel is great.Seems well cured.Smooth toke.Like Snoop Lion said one day”If the ride is more fly, then you must buy”.Thx MMJ!

  6. mathieu

    The look and feel is great.Seems well cured.Smooth toke.Like Snoop Lion said one day”If the ride is more fly, then you must buy”.Thx MMJ!

  7. Ken

    This weed is amazing both price and effect. Cost wise I was able to get several ounces for what most crappy types sell a ounce for. The bugs are Huge, I did get a few small bugs but most of it were nice. I will say my order was a bit on the dryer side, but this didn’t affect the potency which this strain has. This has been my go to wake and bake, nice way to start the day.

    Also, for anyone threat has issue with nausea, depression fatigue this one is for you. I suffer from all of those and if I start my day with Green Crack I can keep these all at bay! Awesome product killer price, what are you waiting for but a couple ounces!! Definitely won’t be sorry you did 👌👍

  8. Michael

    I’m a huge fan of green crack from mmjdirect. The effects will leave you clear headed and ready to tackle your day. This is a great strain if you’re looking to socialize or get out, as it will keep you energized and motivated. This would also be a great strain for depression and anxiety. Novice users would likely be able to tolerate GC as it doesn’t induce much anxiety.

    Overall Id highly recommend this strain.

  9. Michael

    Really good strain, medium strength. Very relaxing. Great in a king palm or vaporizer.

  10. Deryk

    The taste of an angels dropkick to the throat is Extra bold! With a smell that packs a punch to the face in the most positively promising way, and the enhanced focus as well as an abundance of energy… its one of the better strains to indulge in before snowboarding, martial arts, and other active sports/hobbies. I catch a 2nd wind faster. I spar a couple extra rounds. Maybe push another set or two of 10 reps…
    Gods Crack is weed for soldiers and ninjas! #StayLethal

  11. Katrice

    Love this strain. Gets me up and moving. Super clear head and my day flows effortlessly.

  12. Andrew

    I’ve been vaping this in a dry herb vaporizer for a couple months, and it still gives a nice mellow. Good bang for the buck.

  13. Trevor

    Very good day time bud, Citrique is the best sativa out there but GC is close second.

  14. Victoria

    Great buzz. Great price

  15. Dannick

    Good stuff like everything i take on this site i recommand all the stuff here 👌👌👌😉

  16. Brandon

    Green crack rarely lets you down. It’s fruity, cheery high makes it the perfect conversation starter the only thing I didn’t like was I did not buy enough! Pretty sure I missed out on the $89 ounce deal but I still picked up some of this treat to break up the indica daze I keep myself in. It doesn’t taste like crack (a friend told me) but it does taste good and that what keeps you coming back.

  17. Anna

    This stuff was definitely worth the price I paid for it. It does smell skunk pretty good flavour. Do not miss out on a fat sack of this chronic.

  18. Nihal

    Thank god ITS BACK IN STOCK!!! 😀 I’ve bought a lot of strains over time from mmj and nothing beat this strain. As an avid smoker, morning, afternoon, and night, I find this to be the perfect strain. You get the balanced effects of both being buzzed AND still ‘awake’. I can’t really describe it, but it allows me to get through the day with no problems, and at night it works just as well to put me to bed. Not sure if everyone will have the same effects, but if you’re looking for something you can use at any time for any task, this is the strain for you.

  19. Jennifer

    So excited to see Green Crack in stock. This is one of my favourite strains that I will always purchase again and again. It is hard to find strains that can really pump me up and beat back the agoraphobia but this one does the job. It wasn’t as strong as some GC I have had in the past but still really good. It was trimmed and cured nicely. It ground up well for a really nice joint. The taste is light and fruity. I hope to see this one around all the time.

  20. Eric

    can’t wait for this to be back in stock!

  21. Martin

    I love this strain! It lives up to its namesake, starting with stimulating sensations that jolts you our of a mood and into a more energetic mindframe. It transitions into an even and long-lasting momentum throughout your day. There is a euphoric effect paired with the energy that is perfect for creative endeavors, crafts, art, reading.

    Smoke is smooth, with a touch of chocolate and old wood. Will definitely buy again!

  22. Heidi

    Green crack what can be said. It is a motivational saliva with a strong pungent earthy taste. Love it

  23. Brian

    This is amazing! The proper C cut Green Crack Strain! Not the gods green crack. The nugs are small but very well manicured and trimmed. Potent too!

  24. Seyedeh

    Bought a couple bags on sale and they were great! Gives you a nice uplifting day time high. I find it doesn’t give me the munchies too bad which is nice. Would definitely buy again!

  25. Alec

    Great stuff for the price, does not disappoint! Super creative effects with no urge for the munchies!

  26. Alexandra

    Was looking for a good day time smoke and now I’m hooked on the Green Crack. The buds are nice, good size. The high is an energetic one that doesn’t leave you glued to the couch all day but still stronger than your typical day time sativa. An impressive weed at an impressive price when on sale. Definitely recommend!

  27. Madeleine

    I have been searching for a good daytime smoke that won’t knock me out and will let me do some work, and I will definitely be ordering again! The bud was fresh and sticky, and for the price, it was a great buy! One thing I noticed was that my anxiety was slightly heightened, but not so much that it was a negative experience overall, so I would just watch out for that. Otherwise a great daytime smoke, thanks!

  28. Morgan

    Got a email saying this strain was on sale and I have tried it before from different places. Was kinda worried about the price and maybe it wouldn’t be as strong but I was wrong. Tried a j of this as a first smoke of the day to get the full effect and it did not disappoint. You get a high straight away and it’s not the kind to make you couch locked. Love it! it’s hard to find a sativa at such a good price! Will for sure order again

  29. Chtistian

    Nice stuff for the cheap price, smells nice and buds looks good!

  30. Jonathan

    Does not disappoint. You can start feeling the buzz before the joint is half done. Strong long lasting high, won’t couch lock you or make you have the munchies too bad. Highly recommend this product as it has become our new favourite !

  31. Tammy

    Love love the green crack strain end find it’s harder to find lately, just the GODs GC. I have been smoking this strain before it was legal as it’s a great day time smoke. I have A spinal cord injury which means I’m in pain constantly. I am bipolar, have ADHD and anxiety. I smoke a lot but also don’t want to be burned out all day!! This strain has always been perfect for day time smoking, without taking away the energy I need to get threw my day. I am able to still go to work and not be sluggish. Doesn’t give me the munchies either which is a bonus. The buds, where decent size and trimmed nice. This is a great score for the price!! So happy with this purchase. Thanks again for being awesome!

  32. Rob

    This strain is awesome!! Buds were perfectly cured and had a sticky feel. Busted up nicely and burned really well. The buzz is strong and great for daytime due to the uplifting feeling. I recommend to any smoker who prefers activity after a smoke rather than a couch lock.

  33. Patrick

    So, I get an email and it tells me that 3 AAA strains are on sale for $89 an oz. I’m interested. I’m looking for a nice sativa, this is what I found. An oz of the Green Crack arrives. I look at it. It’s got mostly medium-to-small sized buds. I’d say it has a 80% job on cleaning and curing. They are a darker green color and they have minimal trichomes visible. The nose isn’t overpowering, but sweet smelling. It grinds up really nicely. The smoke is light and tasty. I found the buzz quite energetic and uplifting, exactly what I was looking for. No sedation issues with this sativa. Thanks guys. Great buy.

  34. Tyler

    I hope everyone gives this a 5 star review to bring back the old with the new still revelant if not better then most of the over hyped strains best strain I ever had for chronic fatigue and depression true cut of the crack give your bong rip a smack there must be a reason snoop Dogg favorited this one for his sativa go to

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