Half Size Vape Carts by Drip Extracts

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Half-size 0.5 ml Premium THC Distillate 510 Threaded Cartridge


Half Size Vape Carts by Drip Extracts Information

19 reviews for Half Size Vape Carts by Drip Extracts

  1. NANCY

    An excellent cartridge that I “highly” recommend hahaha! I’ve ordered many times and it’s my favourite.

  2. Sean

    Pretty decent vape cart. Good flavor, not too harsh. I did notice that they would gunk up faster than some other carts, but upgrading my battery to one with a pre-heat cycle seems to have resolved that issue.

  3. Paul

    Excellent quality and taste

  4. Keith

    Amazing buzz and a great flavour

  5. Carol-ann

    Amazing product! Each strain is perfectly designed for a specific kind of high. I always carry 2 or 3 with me, since they are so small , I can put them anywhere. The battery always survive ‘till the end of the day, and even more.
    I love the taste of every Drip extract I’ve tried so far, and I‘ve tried quite a bunch.
    But the BEST feature of these little babies is, NO SMELL. Whenever I want a little boost in my day, or I’m feeling down because, shit happens, I can do it almost anywhere without anyone noticing.
    Definitely my new best way of smoking

  6. Darla

    Very cool and soothing

  7. Henry

    I like the half-cart size, because I am not a daily user and the full-sized cartridges tend to block up if you don’t use them for a few days or if the level of the oil drops too low. I love the Girl Scout Cookies flavour and have discovered that if you unscrew the battery from the cartridge at the end of each session, they don’t block up as easily. I’m using a Bob battery and the Drip Extracts half-cartridge because Bob was getting quite expensive, and this optimizes the longevity of the cartridge.

  8. Katherine

    I love these vapes. Great flavor and good price! It’s so convenient when you just want a few puffs on the go. Amazing product, i will buy these again.

  9. Guillaume

    Wow, I love all the flavors I’ve tried. if you are looking for discretion, do not take Pink Kush because it smell weed. I recommend.

  10. Jo-anne

    I ordered the half size to try out some of the flavours not available in full size. The Blue Zkittlez was delicious!😋❤️! I couldn’t put it down and it kept me wanting more! I couldn’t believe that I went through the first half size cart in 48 hours!

    It’s irresistible! Smooth, easy on the throat and the high is full on body hit!

    Loved it, will definitely buy the full size when available.❤️❤️🥰

  11. Cameron

    delicious and exactly as described!

  12. Alec

    Great Price and Product

  13. Zaheen

    Great selection, got wedding cake. Girlfriend loves the flavor, it’s smooth and does not hit the throat too hard.

  14. Michael

    Great product for the price. Very potent as well. I got Green Crack and Pink Kush. I preferred the Kush. The taste was not bad at all, however they are the “non-cannabis terpenes”, so you do not get a weed taste, rather a more artificial taste. Very discreet when you want to be unsmelt. Recommended.

  15. Sidney

    great selection at a great price(on sale) and even at regular price is alot cheaper than NSLC pricing.With the compact size and my pipe shape battery they fit nicely in my pocket.I like the packaging in that you can easily pick which indica or sativa % you want to vape.Buying this size is a great oppertunity to try various strains without breaking the bank.

  16. Martin

    Good flavor and draw when used with a quality vape battery. I like the streamlined design and black tips, along with how easy it is to switch. I like the small cases for easy travel.

  17. William

    Great value for the price. I ordered a number of them at once and every single one of them worked, pulled, and felt great!

  18. Jean-Francois

    This is simply one of the best carts i’ve ever bought.

    So tasty with real Pink Kush flavor that doesnt taste artificial at all.

    Super intense body high that is perfect for falling asleep quick. Can’t wait to buy again and try new flavors.

  19. Derek

    I have always benefited from usage for my ADHD. Weed tends to mellow me down an make life easier. Among other things in life! All of the ones I have tasted so far are pretty damn good! These are great for the veterans or beginners. I like the convenience of them as I am a very active person and great for on the go!

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