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HTFSE Vape Sauce Carts by High Voltage Information

HTFSE Vape Sauce Carts are a premium product, one of the best on the market. The High Terpene Full Spectrum Extract (HTFSE) created by High Voltage is counted amongst the best quality cannabis extracts. It’s a highly refined concentrate that contains the pure terpene essence of the cannabis plant.

HTFSE Vape Sauce Carts by High Voltage offer the following strain options to choose from: Strawberry Fields, Strawberry Cough, Wedding Crasher, Church OG, Death Bubba, Purple Candy, Megalodon, MK Ultra, Strawberry Cough + Nuken, Super Skunk, Wifi OG, Sour Amnesia, Wedding Cake, Romulan, Fukushima, Blue Guava, Strawberry Cheesecake.

High Voltage Carts

The cannabis extract in the form of sauce placed in these carts is dedicated to delivering a high-end experience. High Voltage cartridges are a powerful and flavourful blend of pure 95% THC Distillate and terpenes derived from cannabis. They provide its users with a taste that is known to be true to the strain. Each cart is full of a rich taste and is strain specific.

The premium purity and potency of High Terpene Full Spectrum Extract is achieved by preserving all of the terpene’s availability, starting from harvest and including vaporization. This is done through the BHO extraction technique, through which they exclude using any thickening materials, such as oils, in order to provide the best of the cannabis extracts, terpenes and cannabinoids in their true, organic self. Their content set-up in the concentrate is approximately 50% cannabinoids, 20-30% terpenes and 20-30% trichome cannabis agents.

In comparison to the other cartridges on the market, High Voltage Cartridges are one of the most potent and more flavourful ones. The effects are impressively potent and last much longer.

Its quality and love of design are raved about by its users, including the long-lasting and flavourful experience they are treated with. The High Voltage Cartridges, according to its users, are the best they’ve ever had as they express their high satisfaction.

To enjoy the wonders of these carts, you can buy HTFSE Vape Sauce Carts online in Canada from our online dispensary.

You can choose them in the following strain options:

Strawberry Fields

Strawberry Fields is a tasteful hybrid, that is great for relaxing after a tiresome day. It’s an Indica-dominant cannabis strain, with an approximate ratio of 60% Indica and 40% Sativa. It contains about 20-24% THC and approximately 1% CBD. It is ideal for late afternoon and nighttime use.

The euphoric effect it can offer will start off slowly, bringing its user into an enjoyable state of happiness and calm relaxation. Strawberry Fields are known to efficiently manage and bring relief to stress, anxiety and depression.

Other ailments of this strain can offer help with physical pain, such as headaches and cramps. Its sedative effects are highly welcomed and appreciated by those suffering from the effects of insomnia.

Strawberry Cough

A cross between Strawberry Fields and classic Haze, this cannabis strain is recognized by its rich, delicious smell of strawberries. Being an Indica-dominant hybrid with an approximate ratio of 85% Sativa and 15% Indica, this strain is highly recommended for morning usage. Its THC levels typically average around 15-20%, but it has been tested as high as 22.98%.

Strawberry Cough provides a potent, productive cerebral high, which kicks in almost immediately. It enables its users to operate in a sharp focus while boosting creativity and problem-solving productivity. It can give a very energetic sensation, which makes room for a happy, uplifted state. It can efficiently tackle stress-causing situations while minimizing anxiety and even the most painful migraines.

Wedding Crasher

A crossbreed between Wedding Cake and Purple Punch, this marijuana strain showcases vanilla and a smooth berry flavour profile. Wedding Crasher is Sativa-dominant, with an approximate ratio of 70% Sativa and 30% Indica. Its THC level averages around 16-21.5%, with a CBD content of around 1%. It is ideal for morning and daytime use.

As far as the cerebral high goes, Wedding Crasher is known to bring its user into a refreshed state that offers psychoactive and creative effects. This enables a joyful, energetic, uplifted, creative and mentally productive experience. With its high level of THC, this strain can help with chronic and less intense pain, as well as with anxiety, nausea, mood swings, depression, chronic stress, inflammation and appetite loss.

Church OG

This cannabis strain is a potent crossbreed between God’s Gift and OG Kush. It is well-balanced, approximately sharing a 50-50% Sativa and Indica content, although some review it as an Indica dominant strain. It is known to have strong body sensations and a powerful cerebral high. It contains about 0.23% CBD and about 19% THC. It is ideal for nighttime use, or on a lazy day at home.

Depending on the dosage and the individual’s unique reaction to the strain, some may experience more of a sleepy, lethargic state, while for others it will improve focus and increase the need to get active. But in the end, everyone ends up in a calming, deep and peaceful sleep. Because of its sedative properties, it is used in helping with anxiety, stress, mood disorders, depression, insomnia and pain.

Death Bubba

Coming from the lineage of Bubba Kush and Death Star, this strain is known to deliver the most calming and deepest sleep. Death Bubba is an Indica dominant cannabis strain, with the approximate ratio of 70% Indica and 30% Sativa, and a THC content that reaches as high as (and in some cases even higher) 27%. It is a perfect strain for a nighttime deep-sleep ride.

The first effect of Death Bubba may be experienced as highly relaxing, in harmony with feelings of happiness and euphoria, which will help sweep the symptoms of stress, anxiety, depression and pain away. As the high goes on, a sense of sedation, sleepiness will take over, which will effectively help those suffering from insomnia.

Purple Candy

A cross between Sweet Tooth and Mendocino Purps, this Indica dominant cannabis strain is known to deliver a potent body high that has a deeply therapeutic effect. With an Indica content of about 50-60% and a THC level that averages around 15-19%, this strain is best used on a laid-back afternoon or evening.

The body high Purple Candy provides is very calming and relaxing. This can help with headaches, and it can numb chronic pain that is caused by conditions such as lupus and arthritis.

The cerebral high can help its users thrive in an analytical, problem-solving, brainstorming task. This strain has mood-improving properties, which can help to effectively manage stress, anxiety and depression.


Megalodon is a crossbreed between three cannabis strains that have impressive high amounts of resin: Snow White, White Widow and Great White Shark. This strain is ideal as an afternoon delight since it is Sativa-dominant, with an approximate ratio of 60-65% Sativa and 35-40% Indica. Its THC level averages around 20-23%.

Megalodon offers the experience of a smooth smoke. Its users experience a high level of happiness and euphoria, as they feel uplifted and energized. This enables them to thrive in a very creative and mentally productive state, as the presence of stress, depression, anxiety, fatigue and pain is washed away. It is also a great strain for a social boost.

MK Ultra

MK Ultra is categorized as one of the most potent Indica hybrids that deliver extremely powerful and hypnotic cerebral effects. It’s an Indica dominant cannabis strain, with an approximate ratio of 60% Indica and 40% Sativa. Its THC content is known to average around 18-19%, having a CBD level of about 0.1%.

Because of its high potency, MK Ultra is a favourite among those suffering from the presence and effects of depression. It delivers a deep relaxation state, that induces a calming and peaceful sleep. This makes it a must-have for those struggling with insomnia, as well as stress and physical pain.

Strawberry Cough + Nuken

The combination of Strawberry Cough and Nuken resulted in one of the most potent extracts. They provide a deeply relaxing and uplifting experience.

Nuken is an Indica dominant hybrid, containing about 80% Indica and about 20% Sativa, and this makes it a perfect fit for nighttime use. Its THC levels are known to vary, they can range anywhere between 13% to 25%, although in some cases it sky-rockets at 30%.

Nuken doesn’t deliver a highly sedating effect, and because of this, it pairs very well with a relaxing evening on the couch watching a good show or hanging out with friends. It is known to be extremely effective in dealing with stress, depression, as well as physical pain, such as headaches, cramps and muscle spasms.

Super Skunk

Super Skunk is loved for the powerful and effective body effects it delivers. It’s an Indica dominant cannabis strain that contains approximately 65% Indica and 35% Sativa. Its THC content averages around 19%, which its CBD level is typically as high as 2.4%. It carries a strong recommendation for nighttime use.

The heavy body buzz Super Skunk delivers is widely loved by medical users. It can act as a highly effective pain reliever while providing a relaxing state. Those suffering from headaches, cramps and anxiety love this strain. It can also help with alleviating insomnia.

Wifi OG

White Fire OG, aka Wifi OG, is known to have some of the highest quality among all medical marijuana. White Fire OG contains approximately 60% Indica, with a THC level that averages around 20-21%. It causes its users to feel productive and creative. It produces a cerebral high with energizing and anxiety-reduced effect. Because of its stimulating impact, WiFi OG is definitely a daytime joy ride.

The White Fire OG is also used in treating pain, glaucoma, appetite loss, and cancer.

Many of the White Fire OG users have praise reports of it having significant effects of improvement, not only in their emotional mood and mental state but also in their bodies, dealing with immeasurable physical pain, migraines, muscle spasms, fatigue and more.

Sour Amnesia

This cannabis strain won 2nd place at High Times Cannabis Cup for Best Sativa. It’s known to provide its users with impressive and highly effective daytime effects, accompanied by enjoyable flavours and aromas. It contains approximately 85% Sativa and 15% Indica, which makes it a great champion for morning and daytime use. Its THC level can be as low as 15% and as high as 22%.

Sour Amnesia is known to provide a potent cerebral high, partnered with a deep sense of happiness and euphoria. This launches its users into a high-productive and creative busy workday.

If you find that depression, anxiety, physical pain, and loss of appetite is affecting you every day, causing your productivity levels to drop significantly, Sour Amnesia might be the solution you’ve been looking for.

Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake, also known as Pink Cookies, is a cross between Girl Scout Cookies and Cherry Pie. Famous for its well-rounded effects, this cannabis strain is known to contain about 60% Indica and 40% Sativa. Its THC level can average around 26%, but it can reach as high as 25%.

Because of its sedative effects, Wedding Cake is ideal for a late afternoon or evening use. But, besides bringing the body into deep relaxation, it also delivers a cerebral stimulation, which can enhance perceptiveness. It can be helpful when it comes to the struggles caused by stress, anxiety, depression, as well as both temporary and chronic pains and aches.


Romulan is an Indica dominant strain, containing approximately 75% Indica and 25% Sativa, which makes it perfect for nighttime use. Its THC level averages around 16%. This cannabis delivers a highly powerful narcotic-like stone.

Romulan brings great therapeutic benefits. It can provide its users with intense cerebral effects. For those suffering from nerve damage and muscle spasms, Romulan can effectively provide its users with a deep, sedative relaxation. This strain usually offers a full-body calm effect, with impressive intoxicating properties.

Most of its users report getting help from this strain in dealing with stress, pain, depression and insomnia. Users can also find themselves overcome by sleepy-like laziness. It is also known to effectively stimulate appetite.


Fukushima OG Kush comes from the lineage of powerful Sativas. It’s a Sativa dominant hybrid, containing approximately 60% Sativa and 40% Indica. Its THC levels average around 18%. This cannabis strain is ideal for daytime use due to its mood enhancement properties.

Because of its Sativa properties, Fukushima generally does a great job of bringing its users into a state that thrives on focus, energy, euphoria, followed by a sensation of relaxation and sedation.

This strain is known to be effective in dealing with the effects of glaucoma, migraines, tension headaches and mood swings.

Blue Guava

A cross between Guava Kush and Blue Dream, this hybrid offers both a body and cerebral high, with an overall experience of complete relaxation. Blue Guava is a well-balanced hybrid, containing 50% Indica and 50% Sativa, with a THC level that can range anywhere between 18% to 22%.

Blue Guava has been the perfect solution to many who have been suffering from the effects of stress, insomnia, anxiety and mild to moderate pain. With its cerebral high effect, it can provide creativity and sociability. This strain is ideal for winding down in the evening and for hanging out with friends. Without causing a couch-lock effect, it can help its users get a great night’s sleep as well.

Strawberry Cheesecake

This cannabis strain is a cross between White Widow, Chronic and Cheese. Strawberry Cheesecake is an Indica dominant hybrid, containing approximately 70% Indica and 30% Sativa. Its THC levels are known to average around 20-22%, while its CBD content can be as high as 2%.

Ideal for the evening, Strawberry Cheesecake can help its user de-stress after a strenuous day. With its deep relaxing properties, it also offers a sense of euphoria and happiness. Some users also experience a wave of motivation and energy.

This strain is widely used by those dealing with higher amounts of stress, depression and anxiety. It can also reduce the symptoms caused by chronic pain, nausea, arthritis and fatigue.

34 reviews for HTFSE Vape Sauce Carts by High Voltage

  1. Mo

    Never buy anything but these

  2. Alicia

    I use WiFi OG daily while working at a beer store, and it’s perfect for hauling stuff and talking to customers!

  3. Michael Ray

    Honestly the best vapes I’ve tried

  4. Ryan

    Got the super lemon haze, lasted me a while really good for headaches. Honestly didn’t get me that high but it’s perfect to bring to work

  5. Mo


  6. Alicia

    Great vapes! Romulan and Wifi OG are my faves, and would definitely recommend!

  7. Mo

    Some fire

  8. Luke

    Best vape carts on the market rn and amazing price compared to competitors. Super lemon haze works great for the day and orange valley og works well for evening – night 🙂

  9. Devin

    Greatest vape cartridge I’ve smoked if forever. Buying 2 more right now. One for before bed and one for during the day. Great to see the strains and the reviews from people.

  10. Lauren

    My #1 choice for carts on this site, I have made repeat orders multiple times and so far they have all been amazing, great terpene profiles. Highly recommend.

  11. Brennan

    Smooth with a nice flavour. Sturdy too.

  12. Lindsay

    This brand is so good ! Love it

  13. Marc

    Good vape pen for this price , cant go wrong ! Is my top 3 on the pen !

  14. Andrea

    I’ve tried the lemon haze and the Girl Scout cookies and found them both to be productive strains. The cartridges seem to be made well (no issues with plugging or poor burning)
    Highly recommend?

  15. Andrea

    These carts are wonderful! The flavours are delightful and they’re really helpful when suddenly homeschooling in a pandemic?

  16. Patrick

    Such an awesome taste out of a vape pen ! 5 stars !

  17. Danielle

    Awesome carts! I always have a few on hand.

  18. Kassia

    Romulan is an awesome indica, and perfect if you suffer from insomnia

  19. Kassia

    Megladon is the perfect daytime high, and great for social occasions and creative endeavours!

  20. Michael Ray

    High quality. A repeat buy for me

  21. Victor

    Excellent cartridge, hits smooth and great flavour. Will definitely buy again.

  22. Bruno

    A perfect product for the one who love perfection !! Awsome taste and effect !

  23. Lukas

    The best tasting cart on the market. Period. I love this company. The black Afghan is super relaxing.

  24. Philippe

    The Super Lemon Haze is amazing, I found the taste way more disctinctive than Romulan or Space Queen, it’s like their sauce reminding me of old scool green lolly that I received when trick-or-treating. Great value for that legendary sativa in cart! Thank you so much for the great service and gift!

  25. stephen

    Just got this, but had to review already! Best cart I’ve tried. taste is great

  26. Todd

    I recently got blue gelato and it is awesome ..After buying several different brand of vape cartridges …I found a winner! Best Vape Cartidge

  27. Jennifer

    Love these jumbo caps, they hit strong and last for days

  28. Jason

    Weird name but definitely stands out, very relaxing

  29. Jason

    Quite possibly the smoothest cartridge I’ve had, nice clean high, definitely recommended for those new to vaping

  30. Kassia

    Love the Megalodon, but not giving a 5-star review because the cartridge is nearly empty after 2 weeks of moderate use.

  31. Catherine

    New favourite cartridge! Had the wedding cake hybrid and now buying another one. Potent in my opinion, a little more expensive than Bob cartridges but it’s worth it

  32. Marc

    Best bang for the buck out there. Flavours are decent, but more importantly, the hits are strong and last.. GREAT DEAL for the price. Nice find here MMJDirect!

  33. Justin

    The Fukushima has a nice flavor and provides a very nice buzz. If you don’t want to spend the extra cash in a CO2 extract, these carts are good. I keep one of these and a CO2 cart on hand.

  34. James

    Definitely smooth, and flavourful, packs a punch, but not as much flavour as I thought.

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