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The popularity of LA Confidential comes from its adoption by Snoop Dogg and Cypress Hill. With this renown comes an increasing interest in this 90% Indica strain with 20-25% THC concentration and a skunky-pine flavour. Its effects should go along every consumer’s need for soothing tranquility and elevating cerebral stoning. A happy output of euphoria may fill your mind in the very beginning, uplifting your mood and preparing you for the body buzz toward the end.

What does LA Confidential look and taste like?


Resin is LA Confidential’s second name, since this strain is very resinous and sticky. With its dark-green leaves covered in deep-red pistils (quite rare in our experience), this strain has very dense buds covered in white-crystalized trichomes. It looks psychedelically-inviting, so to speak, though its appearance is not its most impressive quality. Besides its appearance and effects, LA Confidential is quite tasty in more than one way, as well.

Flavour-wise, this strain brings a smooth and vapoury aroma that smells of skunk and sweet pine. One hit from LA Confidential should fill your mouth with a delicious flavour of skunky spiciness and pungent pine flavours. It’s a taste made especially for those with an exclusive taste for great cannabis flavours. You either love it hate it, either way. LA Confidential does have a potent earthy flavour coming on the exhale, as well.

How does LA Confidential affect you?


You can imagine what a 90% Indica strain should be capable of. Most consumers who’ve tried LA Confidential claim it felt incredibly good when the high reached its natural peak. With the euphoric surge settling down, the physical sedation is free to take over your body and mind. LA Confidential offers an intense body high that complete sedates your body, according to users. Apparently, it may even reach a state of complete couch-lock if your tolerance level is low enough.

Veterans may not be couch-locked, in other words. It depends on your metabolism and tolerance level. Though, LA Confidential is pretty powerful on its own, with a THC concentration of 20-25%. It’s more likely to couch-lock you that anything else, in fact. Other than this, if you suffer from headaches or insomnia, then LA Confidential should be able to help you almost immediately. This strain may even help you out with more severe medical conditions like PTSD, stress, chronic pains, depression, ADD and ADHD, inflammation, and migraines.


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