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Malabar Information

Malabar is considered a rare mushroom that originates from the southwestern Malabar Coast of India. This magic shroom grows to very big sizes. The onset of this mushroom can be quick as it may take around 45-60 minutes in some cases for the hallucinogenic effects to take place. Its duration generally can last for about 4-5 hours.

If you are new to magic shrooms or are the carrier of low tolerance levels, we strongly recommend starting with no more than 1g dose followed by a 3-hour wait period. Even though for some individuals the onset may happen as fast as 45 minutes, it is safer to wait at least a few hours to allow these shrooms to fully work their hallucinogenic effects.

Medium Strength Potency

Malabar magic mushroom offers medium potency and fairly quick onset. The potential effects you may experience when ingesting this psilocybin shroom could be a comforting feeling of relaxation, introspective experiences, vivid hallucinations, and perhaps some yawning as well.

Some users report that within 20 minutes of consuming Malabar, their reality is already taking on a new dimension of vivid colours and visual effects. The hallucinogenic high of this mushroom could be paired with a relaxing activity, such as listening to music, watching a movie, or laying back on the couch with friends.

Many Ways To Consume

Malabar magic mushrooms can be consumed in a myriad of ways based on your preferences. Depending on what you ate, this may influence the onset time and the effects of this mushroom. The less you eat before for at least a few hours, the better and more intense the effects may be. Here are some easy and fun ways for you to enjoy ingesting this shroom.

Chew and Swallow. This is not a secret code or anything like that, just a simple method of consumption. You can chew and swallow this magic shroom raw as it is. Chew thoroughly to make sure you get most of the juice from this psilocybin.

Shroom in a cup of tea. Not everyone enjoys the raw taste of Malabar. In this case, you may chop the shroom and place it into your teapot. Pour boiled water over it and let it sit for about 15 minutes while stirring occasionally. Strain and serve.

Shroomy edibles. You may incorporate this mushroom into food, but to maximize its effects, don’t do so during the cooking stage. For a great tripping experience, we recommend adding it into toppings or sauces but only after they are done cooking.

10 reviews for Malabar

  1. Jacob

    Loved the Malabar Shrooms. Very nice visuals and a good trip all around. Would highly reccommend trying these out.

  2. Harden

    This is a nice introduction to mushrooms! Mild and relaxed throughout. Great for a first timer.

  3. Amanda

    I decided to make chocolates with these mushrooms! They make a great mellow high.

  4. Aden

    Watching the sunset out in nature on these was one of the most beautiful moments of my life. Definitely gonna have to experiment with these more!

  5. Vincent

    I use shrooms for my chronic pain and anxiety. This strain was slow to hit but once it did about 45-60 min later I was flying getting things done around the house…activated me to get moving. The taste is not as pungent as other strains I’ve tried….duration of about 5 hours I strongly recommend this for anxiety and ptsd.
    for pain it does cover the pain well…

  6. Justinian

    I noticed a relatively mild affect compared to other strains ive tried here. Was able to do housework and complete a bunch of stuff, so I guess that a plus for me. Probably good for beginners. Price was low so cant really argue with it. Definetely helps my mood and attitude for a while so thats also good, despite not having any over the top experience.

  7. James

    Great product. Arrived fast.

  8. Robin

    I didn’t really notice a huge effect as I do other strains of mushrooms but they are great to eat and chow on while doing house hold chores or just to chill. I was fully able to be in conversation without distortion of visual stimuli. A mellow high and great for beginners. Great price and so happy to receive by this company directly to my home. Helps so much with anxiety and depression naturally.

  9. mathieu

    One of the weakest shrooms I ever tried.I ordered this while it was on sale thank god.Im a experienced shroom triper and found thoses very mild in strenght.The taste was very bitter also,more than other varieties I tried.

  10. Cyrus

    Had a good trip, very good price for what you get!

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