Milk Chocolate Mushrooms by Alice

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Milk Chocolate Mushrooms by Alice Information

Here’s a one-way ticket to Wonderland. These Magic Mushroom Milk Chocolates by Alice are a delicious way to take shrooms. Each bar of chocolates is infused with psilocybin from Psilocybe Cubensis shrooms. Loaded with that psychedelic power, there’s no better guide to launch you into the stratospheric heights of a shroom trip.

Why Use Alice Milk Chocolate Mushrooms?

Ever wish you could depart on a shroom trip without having to eat raw or dried mushrooms? Eating shrooms tastes like chewing on twigs. They’re simultaneously moist and dry, and leave a powdery residue coating the teeth and tongue.

Now, there’s a way to avoid that. Shroom chocolates aren’t a new phenomenon – in fact, they’re decades old. But in today’s ongoing psychedelic renaissance, they’re becoming mainstream.


These Magic Mushroom Milk Chocolates by Alice export psilocybin in a delicious package. Now, you can thrust your mind into the wonky world of psychedelics with a few pieces of delicious chocolate. Rich milk chocolate dissolves decadently across the tongue, setting the mind at ease for the trip to come.

Effects of Alice Milk Chocolate Mushrooms

Infused with the psychedelic power of psilocybin, these chocolates have the same effects as dried shrooms. You’ll begin to feel their effects after about an hour. The trip will begin with a rush of euphoria that bubbles up uncontrollably. This may manifest as contagious giggles that ripple through a group of psychonauts.

After that, the effects will peak for another hour. This is likely when you’ll begin to experience hallucinations. Magic mushroom hallucinations are generally mild. They include fractals, shapes, and more.

Next, the psychedelic peak subsides. Trips continue at lower intensity for 4-6 hours. You’ll still experience hallucinations and euphoria, but these effects will come in waves. Secondary sensations, like increased wakefulness and low appetite, are common.

Think you’re ready to punch that ticket to Wonderland? Find out with Alice’s Magic Mushroom Milk Chocolates!


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