OG Cookie (Smalls)

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OG Cookie (Smalls) Information

OG Cookie (smalls) is a cross between Girl Scout Cookies and OG Kush. This cannabis strain contains 50/50 Sativa and Indica with moderate THC levels that usually average around 20%. The taste and aroma of this weed bud is a pleasant blend of mint, lemon, and earthy notes.


The high of this weed bud offers well-balanced benefits for both the mind and body. OG Cookie delivers an uplifting and euphoric cerebral high that may relieve symptoms of depression and stress. The relaxing and sedative qualities of this weed flower may soothe chronic pain, such as migraines. The overall high of this hybrid might boost your mood into a positive and elevated state.


Uplifting Cerebral And Pain-Numbing Physical Effects


OG Cookie is a strain for afternoon use when you need a happy lift in your mood coupled with pain-numbing care for your physical aches. The high of this cannabis strain may ease depression while providing a euphoric boost for your mood. As the calming effects settle more into your mind, you may feel more at ease when you find yourself in the thick of stress. With the soothing qualities of this marijuana bud, you may find it easier to relax with a state of ease even after work hours.


Chronic pain. The pain-relieving properties of OG Cookie could be what you need to help you feel better as physical pain is keeping you demotivated and making body movement hard.


Depression. The euphoric and happy mood-boosting effects of this weed bud may alleviate symptoms of depression and mood swings.


Stress. With the numbing and relaxing high of OG Cookie, facing stress could become less of a challenge or burden.


Relaxation. The pain-alleviating physical high of this marijuana flower carries sedative and muscle-relaxing effects that could ease chronic pain, such as migraines or arthritis, allowing you to better relax.


A Pleasant Aroma


OG Cookie delivers its users a pleasant scent of lemon and earthy notes. Depending on the batch and cut of this cannabis strain, as you smoke this bud, you may also detect a skunky twist in its aroma.


The flavour profile of OG Cookie offers enjoyable notes of mint and lemon with hints of earthiness. This cannabis flower can be smoked in the afternoon for a euphoric boost and a calming relaxation.

6 reviews for OG Cookie (Smalls)

  1. Spencer

    Liked it! OG stuff isn’t usually my favourite but it got me where I wanted to go haha. Buds looked nice, nice smell, well grown. Well priced as well, so that’s always great. Would definitely recommend. More of an evening or later weed for me, but was able to smoke it earlier in the day as well without it ruining me.

  2. Maude

    Smells good, perfect for the price, would buy again!

  3. Lauren

    Great high, relaxed and happy.

  4. Emily

    The smell: pure happiness! I took a deep inhale from the bag and went back to memories of cookies and lemonade.
    The buds are nice and orange frosted, and upon exhaling I felt a smooth relaxation down my spine. I have super tense shoulders and neck, so I find I’m turning to this strain a lot, though if I use it throughout the day I tend to get cloudy. Totally great for an afternoon/evening of writing where fuzzy/creative works great and I can just go straight to bed.

  5. Cassie

    loved this strain! not too heavy and was a good one to smoke while being productive. 🙂

  6. Pierre-Luc

    NIce smoke, satisfied by the thc level made me feel real good!
    Would totally order again, especially for the price!

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