Olive Oil – 128mg THC

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35ml – 128mg THC

Indica Dominant Strain – Pink Bubba


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Olive Oil – 128mg THC Information

The Olive Oil we commercialize at our online dispensary contains all-organic and natural ingredients like high-quality cannabis and extra-virgin olive oil. Moreover, the manufacturer also includes supreme quality Pink Bubba which they infuse into the premium organic virgin olive oil.

The result is a topical that tastes of nuts, with very potent effects that will make you believe an alternative therapy is a definite possibility. To order Olive Oil online, all you have to do is checkout on MMJDirect, and follow the payment instructions we send via email. In about 2-5 business days, you’ll have the package arriving at your door.

Effects and therapeutic benefits

The 128mg THC Olive Oil you’re about to purchase has a series of psychoactive effects and therapeutic benefits that you should know of. Generally, patients buy this product when they suffer from:

  • Pain, chronic or acute
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Muscle tension
  • Insomnia

That’s because if you buy Olive Oil online in Canada, you may expect the following effects: strong euphoria, relaxation, and a feeling of uplifting mentality that possesses you instantly. You may feel instantly relaxed, your mind sedated and your body in a state of utmost tranquility.

One 1ml dropper contains 4mg of THC so you should pay great attention when building your dosage schedule. You can certainly combine the Olive Oil with food – use it as an ingredient in a salad dressing to add a mildly nutty flavor to it. Otherwise, just consume it sublingually to absorb it that much faster and get the therapeutic benefits faster.

Where to buy Olive Oil online? The best online dispensary Canada – MMJDirect. We provide great-quality cannabis products at accessible prices!

How to buy Olive Oil online in Canada

There is no better place to buy THC Olive Oil online than MMJDirect. We offer free shipping for any order that goes over $150 in value, and our packages offer complete discretion to our clients. Moreover, the payment procedure is entirely safe and secure. If you want to mail order Olive Oil online, here’s the best place to do it.

13 reviews for Olive Oil – 128mg THC

  1. Samuel

    Maybe it is that I didn’t know how to correctly use the olive oil..but it didn’t really work for me :/

    I looked up how to use it and I just couldn’t figure it out.

  2. Tom

    Good stuff to use where you normally use oil .. put it on salad for better greens

  3. Stephanie

    This oil is a great way to relax and experiment with different food. A little goes a long way, use it in salad for a “healthy” way to dose! Not super concentrated, but does not leave a bitter taste like stronger oils.

  4. Jesse

    This is super effective – I have some body aches and cooking with this helped greatly. The taste is great in cooking as well as bit itself. I have let my friend try it as well and he agreed it was a great product. This product is extremely versatile and tastes great. I would recommend it to just about anyone!

  5. Guillaume

    good work!

  6. Jason

    Didn’t know what to expect but delightful, I’ve been experimenting with it in a spicy mayo recipe & the results so far have been pretty good

  7. Debra

    Bought for my grandma, she has Parkinson’s and she found it helpful with her shakes

  8. Karl

    Good value price is on point , if you need light effect .

  9. Carol

    Stocking stuffer, hostess gift or a personal salad. Yummy!! A fun treat. 🙂

  10. Andy

    add a little garlic and red pepper flakes and its super nice for dipping some fresh crusty bread in. Careful not to overindulge as its so yummy.

  11. Maïka

    Really enjoyed this with my roomies, we had an amazing night with friends!

  12. Tracy

    This oil is great, I cook with it but have also just put a few drops right under my tounge and it’s the best! I would order this again, it seems to last forever because I’ve used a lot and still have a full jar!

  13. Anonymous

    Good for when you have guests over and you want to step up your hosting game.

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