CO2 Carts by Onli Flowers

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0.5ml of CO2 Oil in a 510 threaded cartridge.

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CO2 Carts by Onli Flowers Information

The Onli Flowers CO2 Carts have no additives and all pure, organic cannabis! By using a cutting-edge CO2 extraction technique, Onli Flowers manages to preserve the most amount of cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes in a cannabis plant. By doing this, the end user gets to benefit from the intense therapeutic effects of the CO2 carts. Moreover, these carts use a ceramic core technology, which leads to a smooth smoke and quicker absorption of the cannabinoids.


Not only do the Onli Flowers CO2 Carts look professional and taste wonderfully but the high-quality weed inside will heal your body and mind greatly! These carts can help you with the following medical conditions:


  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Headaches
  • Arthritis
  • Appetite loss


What are Onli Flowers CO2 Carts’ effects like?


Vape carts produce similar effects to the regular cannabis plants, if you were to smoke them directly. One of the differences between low-quality and high-quality carts is the presence of additives like MCT oil, vegetable glycerin, and propylene glycol in low-class carts. The Onli Flowers CO2 Carts contain no additives that may harm your health. What you receive is euphoria and relaxation in equal doses.


As you smoke these CO2 Carts, your mind will drift constantly between happiness and tranquility. These states will take over your mind and then spread throughout your body. The relaxation doesn’t feel foreign or external, though. Your muscles relax as the pains disappear and any bodily discomfort vanishes. If you suffer from any medical condition, they’ll be alleviated after taking a smoke from these carts.


What do the CO2 Carts look and smell like?


Onli Flowers CO 2 Carts look sleek and professional. They’re definitely not your average vape carts, either in terms of looks or weed content. Onli Flowers Carts use superior CO2 extraction methods when extracting the cannabis plants. The process ensures the highest retention rate of terpenes, flavonoids, and cannabinoids. With these compounds present in large quantities, the CO2 Carts rise to a superior level.

19 reviews for CO2 Carts by Onli Flowers

  1. Alexander

    Not bad….until Drip Carts were introduced to me. The indicia here tastes great, does not last long at all!

  2. Kevin


  3. Terry

    While I enjoy the taste of these cartridges, I don’t feel as though they are the best out there. Taste is good, but I’m not much of a fan of the tip of these cartridges and they last a very short amount of time due to the small quantity of oil. For the price, I personally prefer other brands of cartridges.

  4. Christina

    By far the best carts I’ve ever had! Love the fact that you can change the air flow. The quality of the cart itself is so good! And such a smooth smoke. Highly recommend!

  5. Patrick

    Great vape cart

  6. Sinead

    These carts are better tasting than competitive brands and they are a very nice high. The mouthpiece is also pleasantly shaped.

  7. Jason

    Ordered the Strawberry Banana Kush, Girl Scout Cookies and Super Lemon Haze. All have been very potent and full of amazing flavour. Will definitely order again to try different strains

  8. Benjamin

    I tried the Strawberry Banana Kush. Very nice flavor profile. I also enjoyed the adjustable airflow on the cartridge, it helps adjust the strength of the toke.

  9. Clay

    The best in flavour – clean quality with great results. Have a hit, you won’t regret it!

  10. Rawaz

    great taste! good quality cart build. not as much liquid compared to its competitors but you get quality product for a bit more money than its rivals. I say splurge for your health!

  11. Lindsay

    Good vape cart !

  12. Amanda

    Spot on product

  13. Pilar

    It’s me again, couldn’t help myself and ordered the “Girl Scout Cookies” ? – really nice sweet flavour. I also love that these cartridges have an adjustable ring at the bottom that works really well for pens without heat controls (works just as well with them) but thought it was a really unique feature too. ✌️

  14. Pilar

    Ordered Black-Lime thinking it would have a bit of a fruity/lime taste to it, it doesn’t but the taste isn’t awful either, just not what I expected really great head-high, great for sitting back and relax. (will try again this brand again, but perhaps with different flavours)

  15. Jennifer

    Nice taste, hits hard..very nice feeling

  16. Robert

    ordered this product fri and got it mon extremely fast. Great job! the product was black lime…is excellent forsure packs a punch. love it!! and would order again. amazing company to deal with. Thanks again Brian

  17. Jean-Francois

    I got the strawberry banana, was not disappointed, such a high quality product!

  18. Meillyn

    Very smooth cartridge and oil. The flavour I got said it was lemon but it tasted more like pine. The result was a nice hit either way. Much better than key in my opinion.

  19. Amanda

    Top notch stuff

  20. Catherine

    Probably one of my favourite carts! Smooth pull and good flavour. Cartridge is really nice, never clogs for me. More on the expensive side but worth it imo. Extremely fast shipping too, thanks Brian!

  21. Amanda

    Good product with a good high, price is a little steep but I’d buy it again.

  22. Manuela

    My top favourite vape – tastes great and I love the fact they fill their cartridges to the fullest. So glad I gave it a try!

  23. Karl

    This one is my new fav , potent effect and the taste is the smoothest i have tried , love the adjust ring for air flow

  24. Andrew

    Great product, taste great. Love it

  25. Leanne

    Girl Scout cookies never tasted so good. Relaxing, and rejuvenating.
    Tastes great! Smooth and easy on the lungs.great balance.
    Thanks again

  26. Pascal

    Truly an amazing product! I wonder where I can buy empty ONLI Flowers CO2 cartridges? Again, amazing product (oil) but the cartridge is…wowww!

  27. Justin

    The oil in these carts is fantastic. It maintains a great natural flavor and it packs a punch. They are smaller, which makes them more expensive per gram, but it is worth it.

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