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Rest & Relax by Osmosis Information

Osmosis – Rest and Relax is a generous and powerful supplement blend of Golden Teacher Psilocybe, Reishi mushroom and CBD. The capsules are designed for micro-dosing and contain a 5:1 ratio of Psilocybin to CBD.

Rest and Relax, as the name also suggests, is here to help you unwind after a hard and tiresome day, whether it’s been a strenuous day at work or a stressful one at home. This blend by Osmosis can help you fall asleep more easily, and it can also enable you to go throughout your day with more ease and relaxation.

The Effects and Health Benefits of Osmosis – Rest and Relax

The CBD content in the capsule can effectively help reduce anxiety as it comforts and relaxes the mind, it is also highly efficient in reducing aches and inflammation in the body. It can even enhance anandamide signalling, known as the bliss molecule, that directly impacts your well-being in a way that it lifts your mood, leaving you feeling happy and euphoric.

This blend by Osmosis contains some really impressive effects. It has immune-modulating properties that can boost your immune system. Its anti-inflammatory effect can fight even the more stubborn inflammations in your body. Its analgesic benefits can alleviate mild to chronic pain, while its neuroprotective properties can recover or regenerate the nervous system. These capsules can also reduce or prevent anxiety.

Osmosis – Rest and Relax, due to its Reishi composition, can help you relax in a way that is not sedative. It can effectively support your immune system and even influence healthy cell growth. These capsules help you have a healthy stress response, which will help with your overall well-being. If you are having a hard time falling asleep because your mind won’t stop turning, then these capsules can help with that as well. This blend by Osmosis is ideal for calming the mind, alleviating anxiety and helping with insomnia. When micro-dosed on a regular basis as a supplement, you can start feeling more resilient and stronger when facing stress.

Convenient and Discreet

Because these capsules are so compact and perfect for micro-dosing, you can easily take them with you to work to help you glide through a packed day. Once the meetings or work projects start becoming overwhelming, causing anxiety as stress levels start to rise, you can simply consume one capsule to help you rise to the occasion with resilience.

A higher dose of this blend would be ideal on a day at home, when you wish to have an easy-going time, especially considering that the psilocybin compound could potentially cause some psychedelic effects. If you are new to this and are not quite sure of your personal tolerance levels, then start out by using these capsules at home with a stretched out time frame between each capsule until you find your own groove with it. It is no denying that this blend is simply amazing, so buy Osmosis – Rest and Relax online in Canada.

2 reviews for Rest & Relax by Osmosis

  1. Matthew

    This is one of my fav kinds from this brand. The reshi and the cbd mix well together for wonderful relaxing day. feel free to take one in morning and one mid afternoon. they really help with mood. make sure you research microdose and follow a plan thats right for you

  2. Laura

    The combination of mushroom and CBD is a great way to start the day. Nice and relaxed and calm throughout the whole day. Very good product.

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