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People always wonder what it’s like to be the first person to try something new. It’s human nature to want to be ahead of the game and hear about the next big thing before it blows up. If you’ve never been a trendsetter, now’s your chance to turn that around. Penis Envy PE6, a new subtype of the notorious Penis Envy magic mushrooms, are on the cusp of massive popularity – get in before the hype does!

Supposedly a mix between original Penis Envy and Texas Cubensis, Penis Envy PE6 is a proud member of the Cubensis strain of psychedelic mushrooms. Cubensis mushrooms are found on five different continents, and grow in nearly every climate. They’re some of the most common and most powerful types of psychedelic mushrooms available.

Uses and Effects

Penis Envy PE6 are highly-potent magic mushrooms. The active ingredient in magic mushrooms, known as psilocybin, is a member of a chemical family called tryptamines – the same family as LSD and DMT. As a result, Penis Envy PE6 shrooms and these other psychedelics have fairly similar effects.

When you take Penis Envy PE6, it’ll probably take 30-60 minutes before you feel anything. At first, you may not notice the possible effects of these fungi. Often, you’ll start by experiencing fits of uncontrollable yawning. Next, many users report unending torrents of giggles that spew forth. Everything is funny, and the laughs seem to cleanse you with happiness.

Next, effects can be somewhat subjective. Magic mushrooms are well-known for their ability to make users hallucinate. However, the nature of these hallucinations can chance from user to user. Some users report seeing geometric patterns across their vision. Others may see fractals. The peak effects of magic mushrooms usually last up to 4 hours, but may persist as long as 6 hours.

There are rare cases where someone on a magic mushroom trip will see something that’s not there – for example, a river flowing through a living room. These cases are exceedingly uncommon, though, and they’re usually the result of users taking extremely high doses.

Other common effects of psilocybin include intense feelings of tranquility. Some users may gain personal insight, while others find new knowledge about the universe itself. Finally, some users have said that magic mushrooms helped them work through particularly traumatic events. As a result, some researchers believe that psilocybin may be able to help alleviate anxiety disorders like PTSD.

Instructions and Recommendations

Penis Envy PE6 are highly potent magic mushrooms, and new users should be careful when using them. Always treat shrooms with respect, and you’ll always have a positive experience. There are a few key facts to know about magic mushrooms for newer users, though.

Dosing Best Practices for PE6 magic mushrooms

Dosing is one of the most important pieces of knowledge for a psilocybin mushroom newbie. Magic mushrooms are powerful psychedelics that can lead to positive overall experiences. However, improper use may also cause short episodes of fear and paranoia, known as a “bad trip.” While bad trips aren’t dangerous and cause only short-term discomfort, it’s a good idea to avoid them. Using the right dosage is one of the best ways to avoid a bad trip.

New users should never use more than a 1-gram dose of Penis Envy PE6. This allows them to dial in on the specific emotions and sensations that magic mushrooms impart. More experienced enthusiasts can take up to 2 grams for a moderate experience. For expert psychonauts, dosages of 3 or even 3.5 grams are possible.

However, these should only be performed by users who know what they’re doing. Mushroom enthusiasts who want to take high doses should also consider enlisting the services of a friend as a designated trip-sitter.


18 reviews for Penis Envy PE6

  1. Christopher

    I have nothing but great things to say about this strain. I slowly ate about 4 grams over the course of an evening and had one if the best nights of my life. I love music and watching my favorite bands perform live on YouTube while on these shrooms gave me an other-worldly experience. Sounds and colors were all amplified. I can’t recommend this enough.

  2. Benjamin

    PE6 considerably “stronger” psychedelics mush verry blue bruising (high psilocin content) and other alkaloids in this strain !

  3. Robert

    Excellent potency. I went ahead and made 3.5g into a tea and it’s rare that I’ve had such an effect. Actual closed eye visuals of any kind are usually not a thing for me, but wow.

    I’ve been feeling relaxed and more creative ever since I took it. Excellent product. I will order this again. More proof that this is a product that should be available to everyone.

  4. Carol

    Always fun!! It starts with a great bout of giggles. And then ends with chill introspection

  5. Mike

    Ordered this a few times . I am Always satisfied with my orders from mmj , not as strong as the actual penis envy but still always a great experience overall .

  6. Zara

    A powerful experience, I took 3.5g with lemon ( lemon tekk) it did bring nausea, but it was a very deep and personal experience very insightful and helped with my anxiety and depression

  7. Glenn

    I have purchased penis envy mushrooms several times and they never disappoint. They are long-lasting with great visual and mental effects.

    I found the easiest way to ingest these is by grinding them up and putting them in a smoothie. I am not a fan of mushroom taste so this way I can ingest them and enjoy without the mushroom flavour.

    My main use of them has been for my partner who suffers from depression. Micro dosing with penis envy has really helped him feel more stable and deal with the nuances of regular life. Even with all the stresses of Covid and the restrictions caused from it, his depression is still on an even keel which is amazing.

  8. Ben

    Split 3.5 with the girlfriend in a nice lemon tea. We have learned to not put too much water in because it is unpleasant and you want to make sure you drink it all. I tend tend to deal better with the neseau than my girlfriend, she needs to have food as well, but it still lasts 40 min or more. The trip lasted a little over 4 hours and we had blast while hiking on my favorite trail. Lots of fairytale feeling visuals observing trees and fungus growing on them. Once we got back after about 2 hours it hit my girlfriend harder and she spent half an hour laughing on the floor. Lots of positivity and laughs👍 I love the neat packaging, very professional👌

  9. Patrick

    I have been indulging in mushrooms for about 30 years, yet in my area, I’d never came across the PE6. So when I saw them listed on I was ecstatic. I ordered some right away. When they arrived, I marvelled at their beauty. The were big and the caps were gorgeous. I immediately chewed back a couple grams. They tasted like dirty socks smell. They hit fast and they hit hard. I didn’t have any visuals, but these put me in the right place. The buzz was uplifting and I found myself laughing at any and everything. Do yourself a favor and buy some of these, NOW!!

  10. Jeff

    Wow, these were pretty intense. As someone who’s tried a wide range of MMJ’s choices, I was excited to try the new varients of P.E. I had taken 2 after a night of sleep on an empty stomach. They came on hard, and in a way, it felt like it was pushing through about 40 minutes in. Definitely, the earliest onset that I’ve had pretty vivid visuals. I watched a dumb movie and laughed like an idiot but I had a really good time. My friend took 3 and was having conversations with aliens in his head, so it all really depends on the person and your experience with them. For both of us, they lasted about 4 hours but expect hours 1-3 to be quite intense.

  11. Ryan

    A fun smooth Shroom. Was expecting a little more potency being part of the PE family but we’re still a fun ride. If you want something heavy I’d go for regular PE but these are still a good time. Stronger than a golden teacher or Mexican cube.

  12. Mike

    Loved them 😍big things in a small package but still felt in control definitely buying more and other types to try🤩

  13. Dannick

    I loved the experience and the effects of these mushrooms. the hallucinations was just wow for the price all worth it. thank you mmj.🤗🤗

  14. Jeremy

    These mushrooms were interesting for me, and provided a different experience to what I’m accustomed to when taking psilocybin. Less visual for me than other varieties but also more consistent good vibes. Took them with a few friends and we couldn’t stop laughing, plus the feelings of love and connectedness added to the overall positive mood. One huge factor with this strain is that the really creep up on you, to the point of questioning whether or not they are working at all. However, when they eventually hit you are in for a good time! Would recommend.

  15. Guillaume

    perfect for me !

  16. Mike

    awesome, big fan

  17. Matthew

    Penis Envy are my favorite, then i noticed wow there is a new one. called penis envy PE6. Of course the curious buying mind wanted to try some. what i noticed with this medicine, is is diffrent from just penis envy on there own, but it makes a modern twist on what i was feeling with that. to be honest, the mushroom stone felt more modern then ancient. New visuals, strong come up, beautiful shape and colours of mushroooms. recommended

  18. Catherine

    A friend of mine bought this particular one and we were 3 to try it for the first time. It. Was. AMAZING. Honest to god I only took 2g total and I was suuch in a good place, my friends took around the same amount and felt the same. The body high was insane. Chills everywhere(good ones), a feelling of heavyness that sometimes could be a bit oberwhelming but still not bothering, an euphoria like never : best shroom tested so far, and my friends could say the same(and they tried a looot of varieties). Everything was beautiful, the leaves of threes created mandalas and at one point i was just layed on the grass, in the forest, looking up to a trippy sky surronded by trippy trees. At another point we were literally just outside on the patio tripping on the ground, fixating on a burning piece of wood lol.
    Last but not least: the feelling of it was orgasmic. I swear. It was beautifully overwhelming how good we felt, we were almost moaning😂

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