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Raspberry THC/CBD Indica Gummies Information

Say hello to your new favourite gummy treats. Twisted Extracts has taken their gummy game to the next level with these Raspberry Bomb Gummies, featuring 40 milligrams of THC and 40 milligrams of CBD per pack. With their balanced 1:1 THC/CBD ratio, these Raspberry Bomb Gummies are a great companion for medical and recreational users alike.


If you’re familiar with the Entourage Effect, you probably already understand the significance of this 1:1 THC/CBD ratio. The presence of multiple cannabinoids within a strain or edible may be able to enhance the overall potency of the product. Additionally, the combination of cannabinoids can create entirely new, unique effects.

With that in mind, it’s no wonder Twisted Extracts decided to create these Raspberry Bomb Gummies. Each pack holds 8 gummies, armed with cannabinoids extracted from indica plants and charged with lip-smacking raspberry flavour. Try them for yourself and see what all the fuss is about!


Twisted Extracts Raspberry Bomb Gummies – Flavour and Appearance

Twisted Extracts doesn’t mess around with their 1:1 THC/CBD Raspberry Jelly Bomb Gummies. They lab test their gummies to ensure accurate and precise dosing. They also hand-wrap every gummy to maintain high product quality.


Aside from their balanced cannabinoid ratio, the standout trait of these Jelly Bombs is their intense flavour. The tangy-sweet taste of raspberry is on full display with these gummy treats, making them a great choice for berry lovers anywhere. Their juicy texture bursts across the taste buds, carpet-bombing your tongue with flavour.


What are Twisted Extracts Raspberry Bomb Gummies Effects?

Twisted Extracts designed these 1:1 THC/CBD Raspberry Bomb Gummies with laid-back and chilled-out vibes. First, these gummies are made using extract from indica plants. Indicas typically exemplify the laid-back, relaxing traits of a cannabis high, and these gummies are no exception.


Additionally, the inclusion of CBD in their recipe means that these gummies may have some particularly potent sedative effects. Recreational users will appreciate these gummies effects, which may include improved sleep and relaxed mood. They’re great for when you need to take a step back and chill out or just take a load off at the end of a hard day. On the other hand, this makes these gummies fairly unsuitable for a breakfast snack.


Medical patients may also be able to utilize these gummies’ possible medical benefits. Patients seeking relief from conditions like insomnia, low appetite, inflammation, chronic pain, and more may be able to find it with these Raspberry Bomb Gummies.

2 reviews for Raspberry THC/CBD Indica Gummies

  1. Heather

    Great product, would definitely recommend!

  2. Alana

    I’ve left reviews on the caramelts and other flavours of these amazing gummies, but I still wanted to give these guys a shout out. I think out of all the Twisted flavours this one is my favourite. I love that it is indica specific, so you know it’ll be fantastic for evening use and relaxation. I find the effects with these gummies come on fast and are nice and steady. They are perfect to microdose with or have a fun night in. Either way, these are always my #1 favourite edible, hands down. A

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