Rockstar Kush

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Indica Dominant Hybrid
70% Indica / 30% Sativa

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Rockstar Kush Information

Rockstar Kush, which also performs under the name BC Rockstar, is a Canadian-born strain that has smokers everywhere saying, “wow.” A popular strain in British Columbia, Rockstar Kush is a cross between Rockstar and Bubba Kush. This strain’s indica-dominant genetics imbue it with a skunky aroma cut with the unmistakable smell of Kush strains, along with a hint of blueberry. Rockstar Kush has a massive THC concentration, regularly clocking in around 20 percent. With its indica-leaning effects, this strain is great for anyone seeking a little R&R.

What does Rockstar Kush Do?

Before sparking up Rockstar Kush, get comfy – you might not be going very far. Rockstar Kush’s indica-heavy effects give it a sedative high, and can regularly lock smokers to the couch. Consumers report that Rockstar Kush makes them feel happy and euphoric, but those emotions are overshadowed by its relaxing traits, making it borderline sleepy. It’ll also spawn the munchies, so make sure you have snacks on standby.

Thanks to its indica-heavy high, Rockstar Kush is best used at the end of a day. It even makes a great nightcap, with its grounding and body-heavy high. It’s not ideal for wake-and-bakes, and morning smokers may find themselves sleeping in.

In addition to the high it provides, Rockstar Kush may have some health benefits. Proponents say that cannabis may be able to alleviate symptoms of several health problems. For example, heavy indicas like Rockstar Kush are particularly adept at overcoming symptoms of stress, anxiety, and insomnia. Indicas may also be particularly good at relieving inflammation, making Rockstar Kush a nice option for alleviating arthritis.

What does Rockstar Kush Look and Smell Like?

As you might expect, Rockstar Kush has a pretty loud aromas. It blasts smokers with a cacophony of flavours including blueberry, and the pungent, spicy scent of skunk. It also boasts the natural Kush aroma, which an experienced nose can detect immediately. Sparking up Rockstar Kush introduces some new tones into the mix, including hints of fuel, pine, and sweet fruit.

32 reviews for Rockstar Kush

  1. Adriel


  2. Jamelie

    This is a great indica, morning like at night you feel relaxed

  3. Kerry

    This is a must have strain, my favourite daytime go to

  4. Jad

    lovely taste, great high, day and night

  5. Victor

    Definitely one of the most reliable strains out there.

  6. Bradley

    A classic, best smoked when it’s a bit drier as I find it lasts longer and hits harder.

  7. Saeed

    Definitely one of the best stains

  8. Ryan

    Second time buying this stuff, good price

  9. Lee

    Great product, premium strain

  10. Kerry

    Favorite all around, flavor and potency ?

  11. Steve

    When I’m ready to shut off for the night and clear my brain, Rockstar is a perfect option. Very relaxing and sets me up for a quality sleep.

    Sometimes gives me serious munchies.

  12. Jean-Francois

    Such a good, relaxing high, looking forward to try all the other Kush!

  13. Steven

    A strain I always come back to. Perfect for relaxing after a long day and turning off your thinker.

  14. Eleni

    One of my favorites that I will be ordering again. Very sweet and pungent.

  15. Deryk

    My fav strain of all time!

  16. Andy

    buds were very sticky and the high was very relaxing. nice for a nighttime smoke.

  17. Sandra

    This is a lovely Indica. Good and strong, great flavour, super high.

  18. Steven

    Never disappointed with this one.

  19. Jonathan

    Beauty! And great scent!

  20. Kathleen

    A perfect and calming high. Smells and tastes amazing, will be coming back for more of this strain. Kathleen

  21. Nicole

    My all time top favourite. Great for everyday activities, never makes me drowsy.

  22. Catherine

    Super sticky, dense buds. Great for relaxing. Smooth and strong.

  23. Gwen

    This is BY FAR my favourite strain. It’s very smooth and mellow. I can be very high-strung and anxious…some strains seem to accentuate this regargless of strain families: indica; sativa; or hybrids…this one just leaves me feeling at peace with the world. Thank you Rockstar. <3

  24. Brandon

    Powerful and sedating. Great for late night, or any time you want to relax and like, not think all that hard.

  25. Tina

    A strong, flavourful yet smooth strong hitting weed. One of my frequent purchases!

  26. Barbara

    Strong and sticky! Awesome aroma 😀

  27. Nicole

    A repeat purchase! Never a disappointment!

  28. Rian

    Just awesome!

  29. Darryl

    Definitely a strong strain perfect for night time.

  30. James

    Great taste. Very potent. Great for insomnia, stress and depression.

  31. Anonymous

    Still my favourite strain.

  32. Anonymous

    Strong Rockstar taste that I remember and love!

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