Rockstar Kush (Smalls)

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Indica Dominant Hybrid
70% Indica / 30% Sativa

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Rockstar Kush (Smalls) Information

Rockstar Kush is a special cannabis strain in our books, thanks to it being a cross between Rockstar and Bubba Kush. Besides, this strain has a skunky berry-pine flavour, and a blueberry and earthy aroma. If this is what you wanted, then you’re in luck! Rockstar Kush is one of the most pungent and skunkiest strains alive. Medical patients love it due to its intense therapeutic potential.

The THC concentration reaches 22-25%, and considering this is a 75% Indica strain, you’re in for quite a healing journey ahead. This strain is insanely potent and quite well-balanced in terms of effects. At first, you’ll feel uplifted with euphoria and motivation, though these states quickly turn into introspection, relaxation, sedation, and tranquility. All your racing thoughts and uncontrollable depressive predilections vanish into a smoke of Rockstar Kush!

What does Rockstar Kush look and taste like?


Rockstar Kush boasts an insanely delicious blueberry-skunky-pungent-pine flavour. That was quite a mouthful, and so is this strain! The skunky aftertaste only becomes smoother and better during the exhale. Once you take a few smokes, the skunk becomes so powerful it’ll make you a bit dizzy, in a good way. The spiciness awaits you just beyond a few smokes, so go ahead!

This strain has lime-green medium-sized nugs with amber hairs all over the place. Surrounding them is a thin layer of crystal trichomes that looks absolutely delicious. If you haven’t seen trichome-rich strains until now, this is the perfect beginning for you. The more trichomes, the more potent the strain, so we have nothing to complain about. There’s a bit of resin here and there, giving off the impression of ultimate sweetness and deliciousness.

What are the effects of Rockstar Kush like?


Rockstar Kush will rock your mind and body in phenomenal ways. First comes the bit of euphoria that you easily assimilate. That’s not the main star of this show. After the psychoactive effects reach a threshold, the sedation reels in. Your body descends into a state of painless relaxation that feels blissful and comfortable. However, the sedation continues beyond this point until it turns into a complete couch-lock sensation. For some people, the sedation might be too strong that it turns into paranoia and anxiety.

However, for the vast majority of people, the sedation is just what they need. You should also know that no matter how strong the sedation becomes, it’s not dangerous in any way. It’s also not a permanent state and it won’t leave any damage behind. Instead, it’ll allow you to undergo the best healing experience you’ve had to date!

113 reviews for Rockstar Kush (Smalls)

  1. Ed

    A strong, flavourful yet smooth strong hitting weed.

  2. Hardy

    Très belle cocotte beaucoup de thc
    Le prix est très bon niveau qualité prix
    Assez fort mais ne donne pas le goût de dormir

  3. Alicia

    Decent-smoking indica. Did the trick for me. Not too heavy, still functional but chill. Def will be buying this again for a mid indica

  4. Alexander

    Totally satisfied with this strain for the price! Even though they are mediums to smalls they look good with a deep purple colour to them, also covered in a decent amount of crystals. The smoke is a very good as a night time strain and hits just the right note. In the jar the smell is decent but after you smoke it, wow does it smell dank and fantastic! I will definitely be re-ordering this every now and then to give it a try again.

  5. Dario

    Great product especially for the price. Used it mostly for night time to relax. Will definitely buy again as it helped me get to sleep earlier and helped the symptoms of my herniated disc. I give it three stars only because I have a high tolerance and was hoping it would stronger.

  6. Colborn

    Love to hit this in the vape and then sit back and let it kick in, always a joy to smoke this one.

  7. Dan

    A berry nice buzz. Not a complete couch lock but did chill me out. Good taste, good buzz. I will buy again.

  8. Jasmine

    My favorite bedtime strain!

  9. khush

    Definitely recommend it!

  10. Shaun

    This one has that sweet skunky with a hint of pine smell, if you can get this one for around $2/g, you are the official winner. This one is has great Bubba Kush roots and that alone makes this one a great indicator that the Indica will have the couch beckoning in short order. If you value concentration without recall, this will do just fine, you can watch that movie again the next day with the wife and wonder why the hell you missed so many parts. This is a great smoker, I’ve combined it with Chanel Hash to great effect, but only for experienced folks, intermediate folks have stumbled, so smoker beware.

  11. Chance

    Always satisfied with every purchase I have made from MMJ! Very fast delivery with great packaging. The Rockstar kush is very smooth and strong with a very nice appearance and smell! This strain helped me so much with many different things including sleep. Thank You!

  12. Victoria

    Great high. Smooth.

  13. Joseph

    Amazing strain, no cough. Really helped me. Sleep at night. Will be buying again 👍

  14. Jason

    Really enjoyed this bud. Very relaxing and when it goes on sale it’s insanely cheap.

  15. Neil

    Rockstar Kush is one of my go-to strains for my needs: pain management and relaxation. Smooth and tasty

  16. Mike

    Nice bit of purple in this one. Reminded me of the first time I ever had purple kush! Strong but very nice and relaxing high. Perfect for early or late evenings before bed. No doubt in my mind this was a pure strain of purple kush the taste was unmistakable! Strong pungent kush smell that cannot be hiding once you light this up lol I had been craving purple kush for awhile as it had been a few years and this did not disappoint. Still as solid as ever.

  17. Alexandre

    Un peu feuillu mais resemble beaucoup a son parent le Rockstar que j’adore d’ailleur. Celui ci est très pâle et orange ,le goût est selon moi épicé et et terreux.son arôme fruité et skunky fais de lui une variété qu’on a le goût de fumer tout le temp! Et son buzz dure assez longtemps

  18. Vincent

    This brought me back to time in my younger years when the color purple was the bomb 😜. Well this won’t disappoint.
    The nugs are medium sized just perfectly grown. You clearly see all the purple . But the best part is yet to come…. The smoke is great 10 /10 it’s strong but not enough to be a big bother. This is real good for body pain. Sleep, nausea, appetite and will help you relax. Thanks MMJ for another quality product 👍

  19. Tabitha

    Love this bud! Purple, tasty and a lovely energy boost I get from Rockstar Kush!
    Buying it again 2x👍

  20. cody

    awesome !! great price great smoke. i have not seen anything this purple since high school. 100% would buy this agen.

  21. Fernando

    Kushy smell classic taste. Love the high . Work Great for calming me. Thanks

  22. Andrew

    Great value. Relaxing and mellow high. Enjoyed evening smoke to wind down but didn’t feel tied to the couch. I will order again.

  23. Eric

    Great strain

  24. Mike

    Two thumbs up! Gets the job done every time

  25. Michael

    amazing budz, very nice hard hitting high, person Fav now!n

  26. Shawn

    Love this strain! The cure for what ails you!!

  27. Jason

    Rockstar says it all..this is a wonderful go too for relaxing evenings.

  28. Korinn

    This is a great kush that wasn’t too couch lock-y but did ease anxiety. I felt like I could function on this one though fav kush still remains pink kush

  29. Kerry

    does the job and more.I am waiting for a hip replacement.I am drifting through time and space, pleasently.thank the rockstar.

  30. Terran

    This cross of Rockstar and Bubba Kush wins on all fronts. Though I haven’t tried all the strains out there (yet), this is my new favorite so far. If you need strong medicine, this hits hard, but where it’s needed. Earthy, skunky and nice sticky buds, best not to take it if you have to go out or have anything important to do. This works wonderfully for pain and insomnia, and will leave you calm, relaxed, pain free and delightfully and thoroughly baked. Definitely be ordering more. And on that note, a shout out to the staff at MMJ Direct. My orders arrive well packaged, on time, and the quality has been consistently premium. Thanks bunches. 🙂

  31. Nancy

    good enough for me

  32. Aventine

    Super pungent skunky smell, with the classic spicy kush finish from it’s bubba parent. Really sticky, dense, resinous buds with a thick coat of crystals. Very strong, BC Rockstar is definitely not for the beginner smoker, but is a good appetite stimulant, and good for those who need strong medication for pain and insomnia.

    -great taste and smell
    -good value for price
    – great for pain management, insomnia

    -never have enough of this around!

  33. Benjamin

    classic rockstar kush ses dans section fort

  34. Dom

    Mmj never disappoints great as always will buy again

  35. Frank

    Absolutely awesome product, great price and our new favorite 🤩

  36. Kaitlyn

    This was SUPER STRONG considering the price, which is super affordable especially when it’s on sale, and for that reason it’s very easy to recommend. The taste is nice a skunky, that good “weed smell” from the old days.

    It was a great strain to relax with, without worry about paranoia for me. This is a quality strain and worth the money!!

  37. Andrew

    It’s Rockstar. It’s good. Buy it.

  38. Corey

    Really good weed! Great way to decompress after a long day for me

  39. Karen

    Rockstar is my very favourite strain and this one does not disappoint. Apparently only a 3 star but as a long time smoker this does the trick for me. The taste is amazing and the price can’t be beat.

  40. Justin

    Love Rockstar, this is always a great bud and one of my favourite indica dominant strains. Very dank smell and skunky/piney flavour. The high is blissful and eliminates stress entirely. This one can leave you couchlocked with a potent body buzz, so make sure not to smoke this heavily in the morning. You absolutely can;t go wrong with a great price like this!

  41. Henry

    They may be small but they pack a great punch. I like getting smalls, price is right and the quality is there, how can you go wrong? I am never disappointed with Rockstar, this strain always delivers!

  42. Sarah

    Very fresh and potent. Loved it.

  43. Jeremy

    Rockstar Kush is great. 5 stars for me. Not the strongest indica, but really nice and smooth taste. Great value purchase.

  44. Darrin

    Man, I feel just like a Rockstar!!

  45. Stephanie

    Nice smell, great strain!

  46. Edgar

    This stuff is the bomb. It stinks up my whole house when I open my jar. Beautiful, dark, glistening and sticky buds to for. No joke, had a friend try it and two puffs had them nearly tripping!! They had a month tolerance break, I warned them lol

  47. Fadi

    Pretty strong and dank, taste is good as well!

  48. Heidi

    Wonderful kush taste and expected results. I love this strain and its earthy taste. I recommend completely

  49. Ryan

    Well what can you say about Rockstar Kush. Well the smell is amazing and the taste is exceptional with a great stone and great for smoke and run kinda day.

  50. Devin

    Rock star kush!!! Great product. Girlfriend loved it and when I see it on a good sale again imma gonna search it all up. Got a gram for her as a gift didn’t stick around too long was one of her favourite products so far.

  51. Rob

    Daytime smoke so you won’t end up crashing. Nice sticky buds that burn well. Great for wake and bakes.

  52. Brittney

    This is a powerful strain, I only need a little bit to feel the effects. It helps me unwind and relax before bed. Definitely worth trying!

  53. Sarah

    I order this on the regular. It’s a fabulous after dinner smoke for me, who can be high stress and high strung all day and love this to have an immediate hit of relaxation when my work is done. It gives me enough of a buzz that I enjoy a snack and my shows, and then fades out into a nice sleepy high that takes me to bed.

  54. Quinton

    This was a decent bud! I very much enjoyed it and it was smooth. The smell was as described and it helped me relax after busy days! Worth a try.

  55. Alexandre

    Good indica,
    Loud stuff!

  56. Maude

    I bought this one for my boyfriend. Je préfère quand ça donne de l’énergie et de la créativité, mais lui préfère quand ça assomme d’aplomb! He is really happy about this one! We’ll buy again.

  57. Travis

    I’ve bought this a time or two before and it’s a very nice smoke. Nice sized buds, not to stemmy and I digged the flavour of the j. Very nice. Just bought a couple more oz’s.

  58. Lauren

    This product was great! Came packaged beautifully, as advertised. I bought it because it was a great price and I needed an herb I could vibe with throughout the day without K.O.-ing too bad. It was great for that. Would buy again!!

  59. Jeremy

    This strain was particularly potent in comparison to it’s price, which overall is quite affordable especially when on sale, and for that reason it’s very easy to recommend. Whether or not you like the taste is probably down to personal taste, for me I tend not to prefer the skunkier varieties of weed – and this variety definitely falls under that category. The Rockstar Kush was effective for relaxation, although it did trigger a bit of anxiety in me at times. Despite that, I still think this is a quality strain and you certainly won’t be wasting your money.

  60. Georgia

    Another classic indica strain I love to fall back on. I’ve bought it many times as it has a great taste, burns well, and is a good indica for the end of the day. It’s a strain who’s quality I know I can rely on. If you are looking for insomnia relief, this one will provide it

  61. Jazmin

    Great strain. very strong

  62. Tony

    Not sure about the burn and taste, but good stuff nonetheless.

  63. Jordan

    Great bud definitely locks you in the couch

  64. Cole

    These are suuuper sticky buds, and when you break them up you get blasted with a lovely piney aroma and fingers covered in sticky icky goodness. Potency was great for the price. Bud presentation was pretty good considering it was shipped in a box with other stuff in it. Bud burns well and indica content will relax your body as you fade into calm and pleasant buzz

  65. Cedrick

    C’était pas toute a fait se que je recherchais pour le gout mais pour ce qui est du buzz c’est parfait 👌je le recommande

  66. Giuseppe

    This strain is nothing new but is still a power hitter. One of my absolute favourites

  67. Tyler

    Bought this for its indica characteristics and it didn’t dissapoint. Nice easy smoke great quality bud, great sedative effects allowing for relaxation. Great quality grow, nice strain

  68. Alana

    It starts out super uplifting and takes you to a lovely state of stress-free relaxation. I love this strain for playing video games.

  69. Ryan

    I’ve ordered numerous strains from mmjdirect and have always been impressed by both the quality and potency of their products. That being said, Rockstar Kush was a major disappointment. Though the user reviews were mostly positive and the price was certainly reasonable, for me personally, this strain was underwhelming in almost every aspect. The buds, though substantial in size, were very dark and that excess chlorophyll made both the smell and taste most unappealing.

    I purchased Rockstar Kush to help alleviate my chronic back pain, but its effectiveness has been limited. The quality and potency of this strain were, unfortunately, not what I’ve come to expect from mmjdirect.

  70. Patrick

    As usual, my girlfriend and I were thoroughly excited to try out this AAAA Rockstar Kush. It didn’t disappoint. The buds themselves were smaller and tight. The smell was strong and aromatic. I rolled it up. We smoke a 1g spliff and we were both pleased with the sweet taste and the strong head buzz that came with it. Light and tasty and totally recommended. This is the way.

  71. Samira

    Just the smell alone says it all, orgasmic aroma feels like my lungs are making love 🤷‍♀️

  72. Casey

    Rockstar is frequently my go to for a number of reason. First is its the best bang for your buck, awesome price when you buy a full ounce (like I do, great deal to stock up on)
    Gets you a nice body high, usually I feel it in my legs first, a nice radiant warmth relaxes your body from head to toe. I smoke it daily after work to clear my head and start winding down for bed.
    Great nighttime smoke but wouldn’t reccomend it for day smoking unless you want to get nothing done haha

  73. David

    A wonderful night time relaxing strain.I enjoy mine mixed with a little hash makes for a nice long enjoyable smoke.Nice hard nugs requiring a good set of scissors to cut it up. Full of flavor and trichomes, I highly recommend this Rock star of Cannabis!

  74. Jessica

    Whenever I need to pass out Kush is a good idea. Love this strain, coated in trichomes, super earthy potent smell. Will no disappoint.

  75. Randall

    Rockstar Kush is a very good strain. I will continue to purchase this time to time. It’s a good blend that allows you to smoke anytime of the day

  76. David

    I have purchased rockstar Kush before it’s a great bang for your buck, first of all you’re talking about 4 star rated marijuana… You’re talking about an Indica-based 70% with a good 30% sativa leaving you with A great daytime smoke… Or for the evening a great high and then a beautiful sleep! And of course the taste is amazing because there’s so much actual THC which is a nice oil all over and through The entire bud! You must try this if you have not already

  77. Justin

    Love this strain.

  78. Seyedeh

    Great daytime high. Smooth and flavour full. Good price, highly recommended (pun intended).

  79. Brittany

    This is a great evening strain in my opinion, although it doesn’t leave me too tired after day time use as well. Rockstar is a repeat purchase of mine that I love and will keep getting! It’s always got a good price for the quality of the buds and the high which is why it’s a top choice of mine.

    I agree with other reviews that the burn on this strain is sometimes a little wonky. I have no problem with the buds however, and I don’t find the wonky burn to be enough of an issue for me to stop purchasing! Though it might be something to keep in mind.

    I definitely prefer smoking this in a dry herb vape, but in my opinion it smokes fine in a joint as well.

  80. Steven

    Hey, who does want to be a rock star? It’s a good bud.

  81. Khaled

    This is a great mid-day to night-time strain depending on your level of tolerance. Rockstar strains tend to be a bit more punchy from a taste profile and not as smooth as a bluefin or pink for example.

    The burn on the strain wasn’t the best as did go out quite a bit on it’s own which usually means it wasn’t cured properly. The actually flower was okay in appearance, wasn’t the worst I’ve seen but definitely not the best.

    If you are a joint smoker, I would avoid this strain as the way it burns will cater more to bongs, vapes, etc.. could be the batch I had, but try for yourself!

  82. Adriel


  83. Jamelie

    This is a great indica, morning like at night you feel relaxed

  84. Kerry

    This is a must have strain, my favourite daytime go to

  85. Jad

    lovely taste, great high, day and night

  86. Victor

    Definitely one of the most reliable strains out there.

  87. Bradley

    A classic, best smoked when it’s a bit drier as I find it lasts longer and hits harder.

  88. Saeed

    Definitely one of the best stains

  89. Ryan

    Second time buying this stuff, good price

  90. Lee

    Great product, premium strain

  91. Kerry

    Favorite all around, flavor and potency ?

  92. Steve

    When I’m ready to shut off for the night and clear my brain, Rockstar is a perfect option. Very relaxing and sets me up for a quality sleep.

    Sometimes gives me serious munchies.

  93. Jean-Francois

    Such a good, relaxing high, looking forward to try all the other Kush!

  94. Steven

    A strain I always come back to. Perfect for relaxing after a long day and turning off your thinker.

  95. Eleni

    One of my favorites that I will be ordering again. Very sweet and pungent.

  96. Deryk

    My fav strain of all time!

  97. Andy

    buds were very sticky and the high was very relaxing. nice for a nighttime smoke.

  98. Sandra

    This is a lovely Indica. Good and strong, great flavour, super high.

  99. Steven

    Never disappointed with this one.

  100. Jonathan

    Beauty! And great scent!

  101. Kathleen

    A perfect and calming high. Smells and tastes amazing, will be coming back for more of this strain. Kathleen

  102. Nicole

    My all time top favourite. Great for everyday activities, never makes me drowsy.

  103. Catherine

    Super sticky, dense buds. Great for relaxing. Smooth and strong.

  104. Gwen

    This is BY FAR my favourite strain. It’s very smooth and mellow. I can be very high-strung and anxious…some strains seem to accentuate this regargless of strain families: indica; sativa; or hybrids…this one just leaves me feeling at peace with the world. Thank you Rockstar. <3

  105. Brandon

    Powerful and sedating. Great for late night, or any time you want to relax and like, not think all that hard.

  106. Tina

    A strong, flavourful yet smooth strong hitting weed. One of my frequent purchases!

  107. Barbara

    Strong and sticky! Awesome aroma 😀

  108. Nicole

    A repeat purchase! Never a disappointment!

  109. Rian

    Just awesome!

  110. Darryl

    Definitely a strong strain perfect for night time.

  111. James

    Great taste. Very potent. Great for insomnia, stress and depression.

  112. Anonymous

    Still my favourite strain.

  113. Anonymous

    Strong Rockstar taste that I remember and love!

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