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Rose Buds by SeC Information

Rose Buds are the ultimate expression of cannabis potency from SeC. The manufacturer says that these Rose Buds are its finest masterpieces, each worth 800mg of THC. Clearly, these fierce roses pack a powerful punch, and the recoil may be a bit heavy to bear, even for you. These Rose Buds also have an intense watermelon flavour, as if the increased potency wasn’t enough.

The ingredients list is rather short, as the SeC Rose Buds contain only:

  • Colouring
  • Organic raw cane sugar
  • Glucose syrup
  • Citric acid
  • Water
  • Gelatin
  • Organic virgin coconut oil
  • Natural and artificial flavour

Most medical patients attest to the therapeutic benefits of the SeC Rose Buds. They’ve successfully alleviated chronic pain, anxiety, depression, muscular soreness, and even insomnia.

What do the SeC Rose Buds look and taste like?

The Rose Buds bear a striking resemblance to something you’d see in a pastry shop. The dual green colours and the sugary texture combine together, creating the image of a sweet cookie dough. The vivid green gives you the impression of freshness and vitality, which perfectly describes the psychoactive experience. The watermelon taste is a perfect contrast to its bright-green appearance.

The fruity sweetness of the watermelon flavour brings much pleasure to your taste buds. As you take a bite, you’ll feel the rich flavour going down your throat, reaching all the way to your stomach. The Rose Buds quickly decompose in your stomach and only after they get metabolized do the effects kick in. Usually, this entails a delay of 30-40 minutes after eating one of these rose buds.

How does the SeC Rose Buds affect you?

Just one Rose Bud has 800mg of THC, only 200mg shy of 1 gram. Considering the purity of the THC, the psychoactive effects will be quite potent. Your mind will feel the repercussions of the THC in a calming fashion. As the psychoactive experience begins, it’ll calm you down and alleviate any symptoms of anxiety or depression. These mind effects make it possible to improve your move and concentration for the short term.

As the psychoactive state gets to a peak, your body will start getting warmer and number by the second. Pains, aches, migraines, headaches, muscle soreness, most of these should vanish by now. Similarly, you’ll no longer have problems with insomnia since the THC relaxes your body and mind. It’s a state similar to sedation, allowing you to experience ultimate tranquility.

16 reviews for Rose Buds by SeC

  1. Alexander

    This thing hits you like a train !!

    5 stars in every aspect

  2. Jo-anne

    After eyeing these for awhile finally bought one on sale. Was pleasantly surprised at the potency of this gummy art. As a high tolerance user, I generally double the recommended dose. Mistake!! This little rose packs a wallop and 1/2 of the rose knocked me on my butt!
    Had a pleasant unplanned afternoon of cloud riding

  3. Anthony

    Bought this and took it camping with me consuming small nibbles every so often. i had a nice head buzz and everything felt smooth and easy. a nice gummy for sure.

  4. John David

    Whoever mixed this up wanted to see people walking sideways – not for the faint of heart at a high dose, this is one of the tastier but certainly strongest products in this category. Beautiful floral design that doesn’t lend itself well to dosing but cut up the pieces equally and start munching from low dose working your way up because they overclocked the thc content in this little diddy.


  5. Patti

    This product was bought for a member of my family. She was so amazed at the beautiful design of the actual edible itself. It really is beautiful. She has tried some of the product and her review to me was basically 5 out of 5 stars. She enjoyed the experience from the visual to the taste to the effects. I’m definitely ordering it again. Thank you.

  6. Nicolette

    The flavour is so good! My only concern with this is it’s hard to judge how big of a piece you’re getting since this is rose shaped with petals, this one is pretty strong so use with caution and start with smaller pieces and top up if needed.

  7. Jenn

    I was a little disappointed in this rose. I have bought several versions of Sec edibles to manage pain and insomnia in the past year. I also wonder about the actual dose of this because it doesn’t hit me the same as the butterfly from the same company even when I’m quite confident I had the same dose. I love the idea for those of us wanting or needing higher doses for chronic pain to get the higher mg/package but I really wish they’d make smaller ‘portions’ @400 or 800 mg etc. within the same package so you don’t have to try to divide them up. Perhaps there are some who can enjoy this in one go! I didn’t try that and maybe I would have been more satisfied.

  8. Jim

    These are top notch edibles. Taste delicious and are dairy free which is a big plus for me. I’ve found after experimenting a bit that if you pull the petals of the flower and eat it like that, it’s easier to dose and also gives you a better idea of how much you need (one petal, two etc.) to feel how you want to feel. Best bang for your buck and always a crowd pleaser, I keep a healthy supply.

  9. Eric

    strongest edibles I’ve bought and man did it WORK! would buy again

  10. John

    Another product we CANNOT live without! Tried all the others and this is the best bang for the buck – hands down! Always looking for HIGH does LOW cal products and this one never fails us. Surprising because we always adjust to most edibles and they stop affecting as well – you won’t find that here!

  11. Sarah

    Love love LOVE these. SeC has fantastic products, always a sure thing for a nice relaxing body buzz.

  12. Tarik

    Great edible option – best bang for your buck in my opinion. You can cut it up into many pieces and make it last.

  13. Aniruddha

    Great product. I usually just eat a fourth at a time.

  14. Alexandre

    This thing hits you like a train !!
    Only recommended for experienced user,
    Do not make plans if youre gonna take this one !
    Good job SeC

  15. Rory

    I dont know what possessed the guys and gals at sec to put this much thc into one candy, but I am glad they did. The flavour is incredible. Best watermelon candy ever. Take my advice, eat it one petal at a time lol. The effects come on strong, both cerebral and physical. If you have nothing better to do with your day, get ready to melt into the couch. Super good price for such a strong edible. Could easily last a person with self control several daze. I mean days. *high*ly recommend…

  16. Tim

    Holy cow! This thing will put you down haha. 45 min after eating this my eyes went crossed and I couldnt move. Do not go into public if you are going to eat a whole one. Some tasty. They should have made it taste bad as this could be dangerous. I will definetly use this as a emergency pain killer for my autoimmune disease. Gaurenteed to do the trick for me. 5 stars in every aspect

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