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Shatter by Drip Extracts Information

Shatter by Drip Extracts takes all you love about shatter and takes it up a notch. It tastes better, looks better, and it smells better thanks to the novel strains used. Most importantly, it offers a set of clear-cut therapeutic benefits to medical patients. This includes pain relief, neuroprotective benefits, sleep aid, help with inflammation, and more. In other words, its therapeutic potential is yet untapped and you have to discover it for yourself!

This shatter is the result of years of deep research and cutting-edge extraction methods. Only the highest-grade butane and cutting-edge equipment are used to create Shatter by Drip Extracts. When you thought you’ve tasted it all, this shatter comes to restructure your preconceived notions about shatter products. It’s glorious and it knows that! Cannabis concentrates have never been tastier and more therapeutic than with this shatter.

What does Shatter by Drip Extracts looks and taste like?

 Drip Extracts’ Shatter is amber and semitransparent, a result of the intense extraction methods used to make it. Being a concentrated form of cannabis, this shatter is brittle and glassy, because of the high-grade butane used in its making. In fact, this shatter is simply a resinous extract from the purest cannabis plants. It takes the form of a glass-like sheet that you can “shatter” into smaller pieces and consume separately. It looks incredibly delicious and bubbly!

The flavour and aroma depend entirely on the strain you pick. Shatter by Drip Extracts comes in the following flavours:

  • Slurricane: The offspring of Do-Si-Dos and Purple Punch, this strain packs a blueberry and creamy OG flavour. Its 60% Indica profile ensures enough sedation and relaxation goes your way
  • Lemon Trainwreck: The flavour mixes citrus, lemons, and gasoline, oddly enough. The pungent spiciness and citric sweetness combine perfectly. Moreover, the 70% Sativa profile leads to intense euphoric and energetic effects
  • Death Bubba: This strain brings a whiff of woody pine spiciness, which combines with the sweetness of the lemon flavour. The 70% Indica dominance leads to soothing mental and physical comfort, which balance out your stress and exhaustion
  • Girl Scout Cookies: GSC is legendary for its minty sweet aroma, coupled with the cherry and lemon aromas. There’s a bit of nuttiness and aromatic vanilla somewhere there, which makes the 60% Indica profile feel even more sedative and relaxing
  • Pink Kush: Berries, sweet candies, floral sweetness, and vanilla candy-like aromas make Pink Kush a must-have in anyone’s collection. This strain is 90% Indica dominant, so you can expect a large influx of sedation, calmness, and healing benefits

How does Shatter affect you?

 Shatter by Drip Extracts packs a powerful punch thanks to the extraction process. This is a concentrated form of cannabis, after all. You should expect increasingly potent effects that alter your thought patterns and influence your physiological functions. Shatter will improve your mood and alleviate most cases of depression and anxiety. Consuming this in moderate doses will also help with insomnia and appetite loss. It’s only a matter of which strain you pick, as every strain can help you in a different way.

Lemon Trainwreck, for instance, elevates your mood and sends uplifting effects to your brain from the first smoke you take. On the other hand, Pink Kush will plant the seed of sedation and relaxation deep within you. Shatter by Drip Extracts is quite versatile and extensive in terms of effects. It’s also made from pure-grade strains that bring a novel perspective on shatter as a whole!

56 reviews for Shatter by Drip Extracts

  1. Craig

    I didn’t have a bong so grinded up and sprinkled into my joints. nice additional buzz. would buy again.

  2. Ken

    Love it

  3. Jonathan

    This shattter is tasted mild and fruity and was super smooth and fast hitting. I smoked it in a pipe over ashes and sprinkled in a spliff and find that a little goes a long way.

  4. Mike

    The flavour, look, smell and colours are all just good. Nothing mind blowing or worth telling any one about but also does the job its supposed too soo.

  5. Alicia

    Always great quality shatter. Does the job and does it good. Great taste, amazing appearance, no complaints here.

  6. Ricky

    Great shatter. Good flavor. Good smoke

  7. Rene

    Love this!! Does the job!

  8. Justin

    To get this for $15 is an amazing deal. It’s not the most potent shatter I’ve ever had, but it certainly packs a punch. Again, for a price like that, can’t beat it.

    The smoke and high are just what you’d expect from shatter. I chose the MK Ultra, which has a nice indica-dominant high. I Add in a few small chunks into with my bong hits to up their potency, and the shatter vaporizes beautifully without any waste. Doesn’t make the the hit too harsh on the thraot, and adds a nice THC aroma to it.

    Until I find a better value on shatter (fat chance), this will be my go-to.

  9. Jade

    This product is affordable and usually the quality is good. The packaging is easy to open, as well. Product helps with relaxation quite well!

  10. Clay

    Drip Extracts Shatter is a dream come true for true cannabis enthusiasts. Its taste is superior to other shatter products on the market that I have tried. Depending on the actual strain you choose, the flavor is completely different, yet delicious nonetheless. As for its effects, Drip Extracts Shatter capitalizes on Indica and Sativa dominance and provides suitable benefits in just the right circumstances. The high-quality extraction methods used to make this shatter ensure quality. I’m old school but I love to shatter a piece off and add to my evening pipe load. Boost the flavor and boost the effects, after all … isn’t that what this is all about?

  11. Jeremy

    Great deal for the price. Can be a little grainy sometimes, but can’t complain too much for this deal. Decent buzz and flavour

  12. Brad


    I smoke between 1 and 3 grams of concentrate a day, because of my medical conditions.

    This stuff tastes great is a super smooth smoke and extremely potent. It kicks in before you even exhale your dab. I would recommend it for anyone liking a strong dab, looking for pain relief or help sleeping. This stuff works well for me!

  13. Christien

    definitely my choice of dab, wide variety with a difference you can taste.

  14. ziviot75

    Very hard hitting shatter.
    Hit in my banger on a straight shooter and was blasted for 4 hours.
    Very hard hitting full body high.
    Taste and smell was amazing.
    Best shatter i’ve ever tried 10/10
    Will purchase again.

  15. Andre

    Awesome product. Most strains easy to break apart, if they get soft, just stick them in the freezer for 10 minutes.

  16. Kyle

    I got 3g. Some of CandyLand and some of the Rootbeer Runtz. This is good quality shatter at a very affordable price. The candyland was my favorite of the two. It has a very sweet taste, like candy!
    The rootbeer runtz seemed more like an acquired taste, i don’t like rootbeer drink so that’s on me.
    The color is vibrant yellow and see-through as you would expect, and it truly does shatter very easily into tiny pieces. Great potency. Good job!

  17. Adrian

    sometimes you need that hit that gets you there fast and hard, and this did it

  18. Winston

    Always a Good choice. Can’t go wrong with quality or price.

  19. Dany


  20. Alexandre

    Great shatter. Easy to divide up into portions. I’ve found that sometimes it gets a bit sticky; I just pop it into the freezer for a few minutes and it gets all solid again. Pleasant euphoric high for the Dutch Treat. I’d suggest upping your temp a bit if you usually like running low, as the flavor is rather cheesy.

  21. mathieu

    Great shatter to add in my joints.Enhance my lesser potent flower.

  22. Nick

    Good shatter, good taste. A decent amount of vapour. It is hard and not very malleable, but was easy to break off the right size needed for a toke. I like taking big tokes but I only need one, and this shatter is very well made for that.

    The taste is good, nothing great but it is pleasing. It does put me directly on my ass, in a good way.

    After a puff, like seems good! I usually save this for a weekend session but sometimes I treat myself during the week as a stress reliever and it works great!

  23. Brandon

    All around great product, I would highly recommend buying, especially when on sale

  24. Stacey

    Was looking to try something different yet similar to cannabis. This was excellent product , felt fantastic and would definitely order again .

  25. Jo-anne

    Hadn’t had any decent shatter in years! 🤣
    Love Drip brand vape carts so I got Dutch Treat and Pink Kush.
    Both were dynamite!👌🏿😍!
    Effect was immediate and packed a wallop, not too tasty but a really great full body high😎❤️.
    Usually a medicinal buyer but this was for fun😜😍😄 and did not disappoint!

    Great price, great Color and keeps well in the fridge.
    No grainy feel or lack of amber colour here. Get some…you won’t regret it!!😎

  26. Deryk

    This Shatter by Drip Extracts damn near put me on my ass!! It has a delicious sweet, but bold taste to it.
    It provides a really nice aroma in the air when smoking this stuff too.
    I would personally only recommend for experienced tokers. And have recommended it to family and friends, as well as a few neighbors. Those who took my advice and tried some thoroughly enjoyed it!
    This shatter helped with chronic back pain, rheumatoid arthritis, and a lack of appetite, as well as insomnia! My wife says it helped with her fibromyalgia also!
    Overall I’d say this Shatter by Drip Extracts is a solid 5 out of 5⭐ product. A
    Will def be purchasing more in future orders!!

  27. Benjamin

    produit de belle qualité pour le prix je recommande bon gout

  28. Drake

    Yet another amazing shatter. I don’t have as much experience with all these products however I will forever be a fan of their Girl Scout Cookies. Very high quality and the flavor get me every time. Recommended for sure!

  29. Josiah

    This is the best shatter I’ve ever had the pleasure to try. The taste and hit you get is such a high quality that it blows the sweet leaf shatter out of the water. I tried this because I was looking for the a really good tasting shatter. They are usually extremely smooth, and the names seem to always match the taste well:)

  30. Thomas

    This shatter makes the best edibles. Melt it into some butter or oil and make the dessert of your choice. A little goes a long way. Very chill experience, although you will likely get the munchies.

  31. Ryan

    Tried a few strains, most were pretty impressive especially for the price. High quality clean shatter. Clear or golden colour. Some were waxier than others but still enjoyed it.

  32. Kevin

    Perfect to sit back and relax

  33. Brenda

    Never used shatter before and all I can say is “wow”. Very strong, very smooth, Will definitely be trying more varieties of this one.

  34. Aniruddha

    Very pleasantly surprised with strength. Good kick. Little pricey for what you get and man is it a pain to deal with if it’s too warm (thus 4 stars).

  35. Terry

    Nice quality, clean and effective. Just bought more.

  36. Danielle

    This is great! Sometimes I feel like I roll a J just for something to do and it’s kind of a waste this is perfect for in between those times. It tastes great and actually has a pretty long lasting effect. Would definitely buy again.

  37. Elias

    Very tasty and potent

  38. Michael

    Pretty good shatter. I find the slurricane to be quite chill and does give a bit of couch lock after about 15 minutes. Im not the biggest fan of shatter but figured I would give this one a try and was pleasantly surprised by the quality. The texture of it breaks apart pretty easily and is a little taffy-like when handling which to me is the perfect balance of shatter. Flavour is pretty good for shatter.

  39. Mirza

    Always found a wide range of concentrates to choose from. I usually use live resins. This shatter is no way inferior to any other form of extracts. Smooth taste and good aroma as well as nice relaxing high. Good for chronic insomnia and potent on aches and pains. Highly recommend. First time users should be cautious. Will buy again. Thanks mmj. 🌸

  40. Drake

    Super easy to get from package to banger, some real stable shatter! The effects are nice as well and the vapour is smooth as can be, will be back for more!

  41. William

    This is such great value for a very good product. It is a nice clear amber colour that produces very tasty vapor and strong energizing high.

  42. Alexandre

    This shatter was the boombaclack !!
    I strongly recomend this product !
    5☆ !!!!! 😉

  43. Lakeisha

    Death Bubba straight up fixed my insomnia with a few doses before bed. I’ve been dealing with it for years, and recently not even medication can help me. Even my usual fix-up, Tahoe OG Kush, is not helping me as it did. This shatter, though, somethings up with it. It made me sleepy as soon as I hit that first toke.

  44. Paula

    Good to dab and excellent effects on depression

  45. Michael

    Im always hesitant to try new shatter online because you don’t always know what you’re gonna get. Needless to say I was not disappointed. Im a daily smoker and I feel like the only time I truly feel high is my first hit of the day. Let’s just say I took this shatter in the afternoon for my second hit and, well, it felt like it was my first hit of the day. My friend and I smoked the Pink kush, which claims 90% indica however my friend and I started chit-chatting non-stop it almost felt sativa-esque

  46. Matthew

    Awsome flavors, smokes nice definitely will be buying again!

  47. Jim


  48. Perry

    After buying Girl Scout Cookies, I want to buy this shatter in the future. it felt great to finally escape my pains and muscular aches. I’m definitely buying this in the future

  49. Stephen

    very pleased with the pink kush. definitely going to try the other flavours as well. great price too.

  50. Mandy

    Death Bubba was great

  51. Shaun

    Thought I give Pink Kush a go and was very happy with how it went out.

  52. Patrick

    I went outside my norm with this purchase and, unfortunately, I wasn’t impressed with the product. I did like the packaging. I opened it up and the shatter was more like a paste and it was stuck to the parchment paper. I couldn’t open it up. So I chilled it in the freezer, but it didn’t harden at all. It was nothing but a sticky, Pink Kush, mess. I did manage to get some into my pen and managed to smoke some of it. Worst part was, it tastes great and gave me a super buzz. It was just waaaay too much work to smoke. So, I’m going to stay away from this product, but, if you can deal with the sticky mess, this stuff does taste great and carries a nice buzz.

  53. Patrick

    Great superb shatter in drip form and only 25 a g?, perfect !

  54. Mike

    The Slurricane tastes the best, with the berry smoothness and the citrus aroma. It helped me calm down my anxiety before going out to a date, which is something few other strains did for me. I didn’t feel unfocused and dumbed down, though. Slurricane was smooth and relaxing but I was more focused and ready to overcome my anxiety as well.

  55. Jody

    Great shatter, very good taste!! Next time I want to try girl scout cookies for my fatigue problems. If lemon trainwreck was good, the cookies should be good as well.

  56. Brian

    Tried Death Bubba and was happy with the smooth feeling and relaxation

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