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Shatter by Drip Extracts Information

Shatter by Drip Extracts takes all you love about shatter and takes it up a notch. It tastes better, looks better, and it smells better thanks to the novel strains used. Most importantly, it offers a set of clear-cut therapeutic benefits to medical patients. This includes pain relief, neuroprotective benefits, sleep aid, help with inflammation, and more. In other words, its therapeutic potential is yet untapped and you have to discover it for yourself!

This shatter is the result of years of deep research and cutting-edge extraction methods. Only the highest-grade butane and cutting-edge equipment are used to create Shatter by Drip Extracts. When you thought you’ve tasted it all, this shatter comes to restructure your preconceived notions about shatter products. It’s glorious and it knows that! Cannabis concentrates have never been tastier and more therapeutic than with this shatter.

What does Shatter by Drip Extracts looks and taste like?

 Drip Extracts’ Shatter is amber and semitransparent, a result of the intense extraction methods used to make it. Being a concentrated form of cannabis, this shatter is brittle and glassy, because of the high-grade butane used in its making. In fact, this shatter is simply a resinous extract from the purest cannabis plants. It takes the form of a glass-like sheet that you can “shatter” into smaller pieces and consume separately. It looks incredibly delicious and bubbly!

The flavour and aroma depend entirely on the strain you pick. Shatter by Drip Extracts comes in the following flavours:

  • Slurricane: The offspring of Do-Si-Dos and Purple Punch, this strain packs a blueberry and creamy OG flavour. Its 60% Indica profile ensures enough sedation and relaxation goes your way
  • Lemon Trainwreck: The flavour mixes citrus, lemons, and gasoline, oddly enough. The pungent spiciness and citric sweetness combine perfectly. Moreover, the 70% Sativa profile leads to intense euphoric and energetic effects
  • Death Bubba: This strain brings a whiff of woody pine spiciness, which combines with the sweetness of the lemon flavour. The 70% Indica dominance leads to soothing mental and physical comfort, which balance out your stress and exhaustion
  • Girl Scout Cookies: GSC is legendary for its minty sweet aroma, coupled with the cherry and lemon aromas. There’s a bit of nuttiness and aromatic vanilla somewhere there, which makes the 60% Indica profile feel even more sedative and relaxing
  • Pink Kush: Berries, sweet candies, floral sweetness, and vanilla candy-like aromas make Pink Kush a must-have in anyone’s collection. This strain is 90% Indica dominant, so you can expect a large influx of sedation, calmness, and healing benefits

How does Shatter affect you?

 Shatter by Drip Extracts packs a powerful punch thanks to the extraction process. This is a concentrated form of cannabis, after all. You should expect increasingly potent effects that alter your thought patterns and influence your physiological functions. Shatter will improve your mood and alleviate most cases of depression and anxiety. Consuming this in moderate doses will also help with insomnia and appetite loss. It’s only a matter of which strain you pick, as every strain can help you in a different way.

Lemon Trainwreck, for instance, elevates your mood and sends uplifting effects to your brain from the first smoke you take. On the other hand, Pink Kush will plant the seed of sedation and relaxation deep within you. Shatter by Drip Extracts is quite versatile and extensive in terms of effects. It’s also made from pure-grade strains that bring a novel perspective on shatter as a whole!

6 reviews for Shatter by Drip Extracts

  1. Shaun

    Thought I give Pink Kush a go and was very happy with how it went out.

  2. Patrick

    I went outside my norm with this purchase and, unfortunately, I wasn’t impressed with the product. I did like the packaging. I opened it up and the shatter was more like a paste and it was stuck to the parchment paper. I couldn’t open it up. So I chilled it in the freezer, but it didn’t harden at all. It was nothing but a sticky, Pink Kush, mess. I did manage to get some into my pen and managed to smoke some of it. Worst part was, it tastes great and gave me a super buzz. It was just waaaay too much work to smoke. So, I’m going to stay away from this product, but, if you can deal with the sticky mess, this stuff does taste great and carries a nice buzz.

  3. Patrick

    Great superb shatter in drip form and only 25 a g?, perfect !

  4. Mike

    The Slurricane tastes the best, with the berry smoothness and the citrus aroma. It helped me calm down my anxiety before going out to a date, which is something few other strains did for me. I didn’t feel unfocused and dumbed down, though. Slurricane was smooth and relaxing but I was more focused and ready to overcome my anxiety as well.

  5. Jody

    Great shatter, very good taste!! Next time I want to try girl scout cookies for my fatigue problems. If lemon trainwreck was good, the cookies should be good as well.

  6. Brian

    Tried Death Bubba and was happy with the smooth feeling and relaxation

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