Strawberries and Cream Chocolate Bar by Grandpa’s

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Strawberries and Cream Chocolate Bar by Grandpa’s Information

Grandpa’s Strawberries and Cream Chocolate Bar delivers an intense cerebral numbness with a rich flavour of strawberries. The cream aroma and flavour top things off, making this edible one of a kind. The aestheticism, flavour, and aroma are top notch, and all that’s left is the THC concentration. It can differ based on the product, though it’s sufficient to make you go dizzy with pleasure.

What does the Strawberries and Cream Chocolate Bar look and smell like?


When you unwrap it, this edible looks like your average white chocolate bar with bits of strawberries inside. You wouldn’t even know you’re eating a THC-infused edible unless you actually taste it. That’s when the true marijuana experience starts unraveling itself. The cerebral rush makes your head lighter and spreads throughout your body, kicking all the doors down. You’ll feel relaxed, euphoric, and happy all around, especially with how intense the strawberry flavour is.


What are this Strawberries and Cream Chocolate Bar’s effects like?


This Strawberries and Cream Chocolate Bar is a superior cannabis edible with an emphasis on euphoria and relaxation. You can say this has both Sativa and Indica traits, though it’s not a plant strain. The THC concentration may be different depending on the actual chocolate bar. However, the overall effects revolve around intense euphoria and sedation.


This edible may also reveal therapeutic benefits if consumed for this purpose. If you suffer from insomnia or chronic stress, Grandpa’s Strawberries and Cream Chocolate Bar may alleviate these symptoms. The same holds true for depression, anxiety, and other medical conditions. Taste the strawberries and learn to relax! This edible will help you achieve long-lasting relaxation and euphoria.

4 reviews for Strawberries and Cream Chocolate Bar by Grandpa’s

  1. Jhonatan

    top 3 edible ,with 100 mg u good, 5 days so high.

  2. Deryk

    Grandpa’s Strawberries and Cream Chocolate🍫Bar tastes sweet AF 💯!!
    With such a sweet tasting bar that will keep you craving another bite comes 500mg of THC!
    Eating this product gave great relief from chronic back pain, and fibromyalgia on my wife’s behalf. For me it worked wonders on my chronic back pain as well. And it also gave me a better appetite followed by a great restful sleep. Relaxed muscles. Eased joint pain. Put depression and anxiety levels to a nice calm feeling.
    I recommend to everyone, and will continue to do so with family and friends as well.
    Overall I give a least a 4 out of 5⭐ rating.
    Will def reorder more of these in the future!! Thank you MMJ 🙏

  3. Alkistis

    Delicious and kind of dangerous, but in a good way. The chocolate bar is pretty small, maybe the size of a kit kat, so one square packs a very powerful punch. Awesome to keep in the freezer and just cut up a piece whenever you feel like it…

  4. Rob

    Nice taste if your a fan of white chocolate. Goes good with a long movie

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