THC Cara-Melts

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8 individually wrapped 10mg THC pieces

80mg THC per package

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THC Cara-Melts Information

One of the most indulgent THC edibles you will ever have the pleasure of trying! Treat yourself to a bag of Twisted Extracts THC Cara-Melts that are so delicious you won’t be able to stop snacking on them. The THC Cara-Melts are sweet, individually wrapped caramels infused with Sativa Cannabis extract. They are perfect if you’re looking for a small dessert at the end of the day to help you unwind, but they can also help you relax throughout the day since they come in single servings and are so easy to carry around.

Delicious bites for THC on the go

Twisted Extracts THC Cara-Melts taste exactly as you may remember the classic caramels from your childhood. They are very buttery and creamy with a chewy texture that will delight your senses. However, these are not childish treats because if you buy THC Cara-Melts online, you will discover they have been infused with cannabis oil.

Every bag of THC Cara-Melts holds 8 pieces. Each of them has 10mg of THC. You can try THC Cara-Melts in case you suffer from symptoms related to stress, anxiety, loss of appetite, or pain. But you can also sample these delicious treats if you want to have some fun.

Users report the effects of the THC Cara-Melts are those of euphoria, a burst of energy and creativity, and feeling very uplifted.

These gourmet caramels come in a resealable bag that is very easy to use in case you have an active, on the go lifestyle. Or if you simply want to experience your daily intake of THC in a very discreet yet delicious way!

Ingredients and tips for best use

Ingredients: Sugars(sugar from cane, corn syrup, fructose), Hydrogenated coconut oil, Milk, Butter, Salt, Mono and diglycerides, Soy lecithin, Cannabis extract, and Vanilla – artificial flavour.

When you buy THC Cara-Melts they will come individually wrapped as single doses of 10mg. This allows for easy use that you can also carry with you throughout the day. Please allow 60 to 90 minutes for the first dose to take effect before an additional one. For optimal results, please consider using Cara-Melts with food.

Warning: Please understand that, despite this being sweet, the product is not intended for children or for pets as the active ingredient in the product is Sativa & Indica dominant Cannabis extract, THC.

This product is not vegan.

10 reviews for THC Cara-Melts

  1. Michael

    The effects of these are fairly mild when compared to other candies / gummies with similar dosing. There is a slight weedy taste to these so keep that in mind when purchasing. They are individually packed so you can throw a few in your pocket. Overall these were pretty good and we would consider ordering again.

  2. Marci

    I’ve been ordering these caramels for quite some time now and keep coming back to them as a favourite. The flavour is incredible with a little taste of cannabis, but by no means strong. I enjoy it. The high is lovely and as smooth as the caramel. I eat a whole caramel then continue on with my evening and wait for the warm buzz to begin. It is slow coming on and very gentle, but enjoyable. They help me to chill out after work and I sleep like a baby after eating one. 100% recommend these!

  3. Marilyn

    Great flavour – I cut each caramel in half as a treat before bedtime and sleep comes in the best way. I just heard that caramel in general is high in antioxindants, so think how much good is going on here! Don’t chew these lovelies though. Let them sit on your tongue and suck gently to get maximum taste and effect. Enjoy!

  4. Andre

    Always like caramels and these little guys at 10mg each are great for a afternoon walk.

  5. Amber

    Fantastic caramels!

  6. Amber

    Delicious and perfectly portionned.

  7. Amber

    So yummy

  8. Amber

    Great flavour

  9. Amber

    So yummy!

  10. Quinton

    These are great! They helped me discreetly consume THC and also have a long sustained experience. The effects are very much bodily and some headiness, with a subtle sativa profile of psychological effects. They helped me enjoy a nice day in the park and on the beach!

  11. Alexandre

    Good taste and high,
    Price point ok too!

  12. Ted

    The best edibles on the planet. Delicious too. 100% Recommend!

  13. Katelyn

    Love these, they taste the best, and are a fan favourite. 10mg is a nice pick me up during the day

  14. Patrick

    The cara-melts taste great! They have a uplifiting sativa effect, and allow you to dose according to your tolerance level. Would reccomend

  15. Jeff

    Nice high – very giggly and mellow. Love it.

  16. Olivier

    Grenat Produce. The taste is note than awesome, tasting both Flavors, caramel and a finale of cannabis. Perfecto for mild buzz. But watch out if you eat too Much, it can be really strong.i really enjoyed it.

  17. Tim

    My wife has had trouble sleeping for years. She had been taking prescription sleeping pills which left her ever more groggy in the mornings…she “slept” but didn’t really sleep. I finally had had enough and wanted to try something safer and more natural. She doesn’t like inhaling anything, so we decided on the Cara-Melts. She loves them and NEVER has trouble sleeping any more. It’s been so nice to see her without the anxiety of going to sleep and she wakes up without the “hangover” of the prescription sleeping pills. She can’t say enough good things about these little life-savers!

  18. Tim

    These seem like high quality candies. They have a stronger effect then higher doses from other companies. they are still very mild and seem like they would be perfect for a non seasoned weeder. I strongly suggest these candies as they seem to use only high-quality ingredients.

  19. Donna

    Love these caramels. The cannabis and caramel flavors blend nicely. The 10 mg indica dose is relaxing, and I often take one (and on occasion two) in the evening to promote a restful night ‘s sleep. These are a favorite.

  20. T.J.

    Taste great and a fun little high.

  21. Brandon

    I got a few packs of these for me and my buddies and we all loved them. the caramel is very tasty so its a great mix. I got the indica kind myself and found it was a really nice high and helped me have an amazing sleep which was nice as I dont usually get a good sleep. I found the price very reasonable and would recommend them to new and experienced users.

  22. Ashael

    Love these! Great flavour with a bit of a thc aftertaste that goes well with the caramel flavour. Have tried both Indica and Sativa and they both do a great job depending on what you’re in the mood for. 😋

  23. Daniel

    These were nice. Quite strong marijuana flavor, which I’m not super into, but overall they tasted good. Good purchase for someone looking for something not overly strong.

  24. Marc

    I have bought these many times and the sativa and indica are both very different highs. I prefer the sativa as it relaxes my whole body where as the indica more makes my mind focus. The taste is slightly cannabis flavoured but it goes well with the caramel taste so it actually tastes good. I have recommended these to many people.

  25. Carter

    I loved the flavour of the caramelts. There is a stronger weed flavour with these but I found that it mixed well with the caramel flavour. I ordered the indica and found the high extremely relaxing.

  26. Stephanie

    These are my favorite edibles! The caramels and jelly bombs are both great. The flavor is delicious and the high is consistent. I have the indica caramels to help sleep at night and I don’t wake up feeling out of it 🙂

  27. Guillaume

    Good taste and effect!

  28. Amber

    I actually ordered these by accident, but ended up being quite happy with them. I could really taste the cannabis in them, but it was quite a nice flavour. I don’t really like caramels, but I find myself craving that flavour now. Taking 1 did the trick for me, and made me feel so relaxed and happy. Taking 2 really hit me hard, but in the best way. I may even order these again. Only gave 4 stars because there are so many other edibles that I like the flavour and texture of more, but overall, these are a great little treat.

  29. Jesse

    Tastes great and lovely high.

  30. Colin

    These are nice little edibles that do the job well. At 10mg of THC each each, you can easily moderate your dosage or cut it in half if you are new to edibles. There is a weed taste but it goes away well over time. Well worth it at the price.

  31. Alice

    Both are great! Saved the indica for my birthday last weekend. WOW!

  32. Alice

    Sure did the trick Christmas morning!

  33. Cassandra

    Delicious and effective! New favorite!!

  34. Colleen

    My new favourite, very tasty hard to stop at 1!! But 1 does the job well.

  35. Andy

    love the flavour of these for sure. didnt feel much the first time i tried eating 1/2 a candy. next time ill try a full one. #slowuntilyaknow

  36. Darryl

    I absolutely love edibles and these are no exception. Really small and super tasty and they do the job very well.

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