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THC Distillate Carts by Straight Goods Information

There’s something new brewing in Canada’s Pacific Northwest. Straight Goods may be the new kids on the block, but these THC Cartridges look like the work of master extractors. They’re making a name for themselves with these Cartridges, which offer a true concentrate experience without the unnecessary complexity of a dab rig.

Each Cartridge is filled with a gram of rich golden-coloured concentrate. The simple recipe discards additives like propylene glycol in favour of two ingredients: THC Distillate and natural terpenes. With 8 distinct variants extracted from individual strains, these Straight Goods THC Cartridges have killer variety as well. Choose between sativa, indica, and hybrid strains to craft the perfect smoking experience.

What is a THC Cartridge?

THC Cartridges are a relatively recent innovation in cannabis. When legal cannabis markets first emerged in the US, companies rushed to create the most user-friendly and simple way to smoke concentrates. After the Canadian government legalised weed in 2018, these gadgets made their way north.

THC Cartridges are built from ceramic, metal, plastic, and glass parts. These containers are then filled with some kind of marijuana concentrate. In the case of Straight Goods’ THC Cartridges, the concentrate is made from 95 percent THC Distillate and 5 percent natural terpenes. Cartridges conduct heat from a battery to vaporise the concentrate for consumption.

To smoke a THC Cartridge, you’ll need some kind of 510 threaded vape battery. These are the most common types of vape batteries, and readily available. Batteries are sold separately from Straight Goods’ THC Cartridges, but we offer a wide variety of them in our Vapes section.

Available Strains

Quality is an important aspect of any cartridge. So is variety. Straight Goods recognised that, which is why they included 8 separate flavours with their THC Cartridges. Each Cartridge offers something different, with a plethora of tastes and effects. Available strains include:

  1. Strawberry Cough – a fruity flavour and balanced high mark this hybrid.
  2. Maui Wowie – the classic Hawaiian landrace.
  3. Blueberry OG – indica vibes infused with addictive taste.
  4. Grape Ape – a juicy and tantalizing indica.
  5. Lime Sorbet – a new and rare Bubba Kush descendant.
  6. Cantaloupe Haze – a virtually impossible-to-find hybrid.
  7. Mango Haze – this designer sativa-dominant hybrid has relaxing tropical vibes.
  8. Gorilla Glue – also known as GG4, this is one of the most powerful strains of the last decade and boasts multiple award wins.

30 reviews for THC Distillate Carts by Straight Goods

  1. Matthew

    Straight goods have to be, hands down the greatest cartridges available. I have tried MANY other brands. These will not « clog » like the flap tip ones eventually do. I specifically enjoy the air flow adjustment since some of us cough easier than others. Adding air flow makes the puffs a little « lighter » to handle. The flavours are amazing as well. We all have different tastes so try them all! My personal fav are Green Crack Punch, Cantaloupe Haze and anything blueberry. I still buy these even if cheaper options exist on the market. They are simply THAT good.

  2. Katrina

    I did not like this cart. At first it was very hard to drag, I tried with 3 different batteries and it finally worked with the 3rd one. When I could finally drag it I took a big hit and instantly regretted it. I coughed for about 30 mins afterwards and my throat was all f-Ed up. I couldn’t smoke anymore and I’m not sure if the high heightened the pain or what but it was harsh. I was worried my throat was a done deal Koz it hurt a lotttt. Had a lot of honey lemon water to soothe my throat and then went to bed and hoped for the best. I’ve been smoking weed for 15 years so no it’s not my virgin lungs that caused the harsh coughing. I tried grape ape. Gave it away to my friend. Will not buy again. Oil color and packaging was very nice though.

  3. Tricia

    Straight goods is an amazing product .

  4. Sarah

    The flavour of the Grape Ape was amazing, it tasted almost like grape kool-aid. The cartridge was great and didn’t clog at all and the hits were nice and smooth. I like the mouthpiece on these ones as well.

  5. Jordan

    Straight Goods has some high-quality vape carts. They have an adjustable head for airflow, which is superb. The head also comes off so you may be able to refill them. Overall they just feel really well made in the hand, very impressed.

    And of course, they hit very well, ideally on something with controllable voltage like a Yocan. I wasn’t getting the full potential out of them with those slimmer pen vaporizers. 2.8v gets me the best high to taste ratio I find.

  6. Henry

    Straight goods delivers, great hits and perfect flavour make this one of my favourite cartridges. Hit a little, hit a lot make the buzz exactly the way you want.

  7. Rebecca

    First time trying this product. I loved the taste

  8. Jason

    Great vape

  9. Jen

    I really enjoy these cartridges! Super smooth right from the first pull. The adjustable airflow feature is great. Mouthpiece is comfortable. The high hits fairly quickly and won’t have you disappointed. I bought the green crack punch sativa. Would recommend!

  10. Nadia

    This is my go to vape carts. The taste is good. One hit and I’m feeling it for hours. I can get away with two but it’s very strong and it’s amazing! It hits super smooth cus of the airflow and you can adjust it too which is so different from other vapes carts for sure. I’m instantly in a cheerful mood energetic and it wakes me up so I wouldn’t do it too late at night. this makes me want to get creative. I can concentrate better too when I’m gaming 5/5😎

  11. Dusan

    Look no further! This is by far the best THC cartridge available on this website. It offers adjustable airflow just by turning the bottom of the cartridge, you will see a series of holes opening up. This is super nice since everyone has their own preference about how much product they would like to consume or what feels better. The THC potency is very high, a few hits will have you feeling very cozy. 2 of my favourite flavours by far are cantaloupe haze and lime sorbet.

  12. Jamelie

    My order took 4 days to deliver and I can’t believe how great this one makes me feel, the pull is very nice and smooth, the buzz is out of this world, I even got to do some very imaginative drawing and painting while buzzed with this. Also it’s always a plus when there are sales because the quality is always the same but it’s nice to pay at a cheaper price. Thank you for a great buzz

  13. Andrea

    best cart’s I’ve ever tried! definitely worth the price.

  14. Patrice

    Got this brand for the simple fact that its new on the site. I’ve tried other brands such as Next Level, Pegasus and other brands that are not on this site but there was always something missing in them to give me that ”wow” effect. Flavour I picked was the classic Grape Ape and these have a punch of flavour and the hits are consistent. Potency is also noticeable so you feel something almost first toke! Would recommend.

  15. Cai

    Went with the Strawberry Cough and Maui Wowie carts and they did not disappoint! As someone with chronic depression (dysthymia and major depression) Strawberry Cough has become a favourite for lower-mood days. Haven’t tried the Maui Wowie one too much, but it seems like a solid sativa.

    I usually go for High Voltage’s carts which are similar in quality. They’re the same size and last around the same amount of time. Haven’t changed the airflow too much, but it’s a nice option to have. My only complaint is that the packaging isn’t super convenient if you switch between carts frequently. The tips are a funky shape so none of the silicone covers or HV containers fit either.

  16. Lindsay

    WOW! These carts are awesome, even the packaging is nice. Each pull is so smooth and I love how you can adjust the flow, which I have never seen on any other cart. The flavour was nice and didn’t leave a weird after taste that some other carts do and it did not get sticky near the end either like some. I bought a sativa one, and the effects were quick, but nice, and it helped me manage my pain and gave me a little boost to do some things around the house, so I found it uplifting (I am a daily cannabis consumer). I was able to still focus and it did not make me feel drowsy the way that some do. I also preferred this mouthpiece over most other ones, as it has a nice groove. I use mine with a Juju battery and it works really well. Premium quality for sure.

  17. Dylan

    Well on order the product showed up in 5 days. Was hoping it would be closer to the 2 days. But after it showed up i was very pleased when i opened the box. The mouth piece has a nice shape to it and alone with the adjustable air flow 👌 that is a nice touch! And after smoking it i was semi pleased. It tasted like a shatter, i had runts, it mostly just tasted like weed, not really fruity. Which is fine cause it still packed a punch!

  18. Jeff

    This was a new experience for me. I’ve been just starting to experiment from carts, and this one is a premium model. It hits you nice and hard and I was quite surprised by the taste of the mango one, really flavourful. I like the airflow valves as well, though I’m not as sophisticated as to use it. The biggest plus for me was the size, it lasts a really long time and it’s much more bang for your buck than carts you can get in the shops. I’d say if you like carts and like flavoured stuff, these ones are for you!!

  19. Keith

    Good vape cart, I had the gorilla glue a classic. Enjoyed the high and the cart lasts longer than cheaper brands.

    The adjustable airflow was interesting and depending on the setting would create a few bubbles but nothing that wouldn’t disappear. I kept it the airflow setting pretty low.

    4 stars because I did find this cart gum up a more often compared to other carts I’ve tried in the past.

  20. Kirsten

    I really enjoyed this smoke it was different and the cartridge sizes are amazing. very good product.

  21. Evan

    These are the best carts I’ve tried. I didn’t know I needed adjustable airflow until I had it. Such a small feature really makes a big difference to the experience and I find it much easier on the throat. They all have a great taste and deliver a smooth hit. An extremely good value especially when they are on sale. I’ve purchased these a few times now and the quality is there every single time. Will be my go to carts from now on!

  22. Alexandre

    Good vape good price

  23. Ikram

    Love this cart, it’s super pretty,puffs aren’t too harsh on the throat, will buy again!

  24. Colby

    These are my new go-to! I’ve been getting Bob cartridges for the past year until I gave these a shot, and wow! The difference in quality with these is truly night and day.

    Build quality on these is premium. The shaped mouthpiece feels natural, and small things like the integrated valve for airflow on the cartridge itself are awesome. If you’re using a 510 battery that doesn’t let you adjust voltage, you can use the valve to adjust vapour quantity and general temperature—more carts should have this standard!

    The extract itself is quality as well—no weird residue or aftertaste of the vapour, and the different “flavours” are all subtle and complimentary (I think I’ve tried them all at this point!).

    Overall, I don’t think I’ll be going back to Bob cartridges at this rate — the small bump in price is well worth it!

  25. Matthew

    these cartridges taste great due to the terpenes. the buzz is mild at first but creeps up progressively. peerfect for mid shift long lasting buzz that doesnt over power you! although the carts are great they do have blocking problems when theyre exposed to cold ish temps(canadian winter) other than that they are great

  26. Kerry

    First time trying the Straight Goods vape and was impressed 🥳. The product itself is great, nice and smooth. The mouth piece is great, well made and the adjustable air flow well thought out. Totally recommend the Gorilla Glue!!🤩

  27. Luke

    very potent! great toke every time

  28. Patrick

    Right off the hook, I ordered 3 carts, Cantaloupe Haze, Strawberry Cough and Grape Ape. Boom! They arrived. The packaging was up to par and the product was esthetically pleasing. Each cart has its own built in airflow adjustment dial, nicey, nice. Full gram too, nicey, nice. So she trys the Strawberry Cough and loves the taste, me, I load up the cantaloupe haze, it’s delicious. She tries mine, love best it. All in all,they were all amazing, but the best flavor was hands down, the Cantaloupe Haze. You will not be let down if you purchase these. Top notch vapes.

  29. Brent

    Best Vape cartridge I’ve had in years.
    Very smooth, flavourful and potent.

  30. Brandon

    these are probably the best cartridges I’ve been able to get to this day! for the price I wasnt expecting what you get. they’re full grams at 95% thc id expect twice the price but nope. theres many flavors to choose which i love as they’re all very good. I got them on sale too so even better. love the high these give me and how easy they are to use. if you smoke weed you need these.

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