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THC Distillate Carts by Straight Goods Information

There’s something new brewing in Canada’s Pacific Northwest. Straight Goods may be the new kids on the block, but these THC Cartridges look like the work of master extractors. They’re making a name for themselves with these Cartridges, which offer a true concentrate experience without the unnecessary complexity of a dab rig.

Each Cartridge is filled with a gram of rich golden-coloured concentrate. The simple recipe discards additives like propylene glycol in favour of two ingredients: THC Distillate and natural terpenes. With 8 distinct variants extracted from individual strains, these Straight Goods THC Cartridges have killer variety as well. Choose between sativa, indica, and hybrid strains to craft the perfect smoking experience.

What is a THC Cartridge?

THC Cartridges are a relatively recent innovation in cannabis. When legal cannabis markets first emerged in the US, companies rushed to create the most user-friendly and simple way to smoke concentrates. After the Canadian government legalised weed in 2018, these gadgets made their way north.

THC Cartridges are built from ceramic, metal, plastic, and glass parts. These containers are then filled with some kind of marijuana concentrate. In the case of Straight Goods’ THC Cartridges, the concentrate is made from 95 percent THC Distillate and 5 percent natural terpenes. Cartridges conduct heat from a battery to vaporise the concentrate for consumption.

To smoke a THC Cartridge, you’ll need some kind of 510 threaded vape battery. These are the most common types of vape batteries, and readily available. Batteries are sold separately from Straight Goods’ THC Cartridges, but we offer a wide variety of them in our Vapes section.

Available Strains

Quality is an important aspect of any cartridge. So is variety. Straight Goods recognised that, which is why they included 8 separate flavours with their THC Cartridges. Each Cartridge offers something different, with a plethora of tastes and effects. Available strains include:

  1. Strawberry Cough – a fruity flavour and balanced high mark this hybrid.
  2. Maui Wowie – the classic Hawaiian landrace.
  3. Blueberry OG – indica vibes infused with addictive taste.
  4. Grape Ape – a juicy and tantalizing indica.
  5. Lime Sorbet – a new and rare Bubba Kush descendant.
  6. Cantaloupe Haze – a virtually impossible-to-find hybrid.
  7. Mango Haze – this designer sativa-dominant hybrid has relaxing tropical vibes.
  8. Gorilla Glue – also known as GG4, this is one of the most powerful strains of the last decade and boasts multiple award wins.

6 reviews for THC Distillate Carts by Straight Goods

  1. Matthew

    these cartridges taste great due to the terpenes. the buzz is mild at first but creeps up progressively. peerfect for mid shift long lasting buzz that doesnt over power you! although the carts are great they do have blocking problems when theyre exposed to cold ish temps(canadian winter) other than that they are great

  2. Kerry

    First time trying the Straight Goods vape and was impressed 🥳. The product itself is great, nice and smooth. The mouth piece is great, well made and the adjustable air flow well thought out. Totally recommend the Gorilla Glue!!🤩

  3. Luke

    very potent! great toke every time

  4. Patrick

    Right off the hook, I ordered 3 carts, Cantaloupe Haze, Strawberry Cough and Grape Ape. Boom! They arrived. The packaging was up to par and the product was esthetically pleasing. Each cart has its own built in airflow adjustment dial, nicey, nice. Full gram too, nicey, nice. So she trys the Strawberry Cough and loves the taste, me, I load up the cantaloupe haze, it’s delicious. She tries mine, love best it. All in all,they were all amazing, but the best flavor was hands down, the Cantaloupe Haze. You will not be let down if you purchase these. Top notch vapes.

  5. Brent

    Best Vape cartridge I’ve had in years.
    Very smooth, flavourful and potent.

  6. Brandon

    these are probably the best cartridges I’ve been able to get to this day! for the price I wasnt expecting what you get. they’re full grams at 95% thc id expect twice the price but nope. theres many flavors to choose which i love as they’re all very good. I got them on sale too so even better. love the high these give me and how easy they are to use. if you smoke weed you need these.

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