Oral Sprays by Astro Edibles

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200mg per 5ml Spray bottle.

Each spray contains 4.44mg of THC


Oral Sprays by Astro Edibles Information

Astro Oral Sprays by Astronaut Edibles are the perfect alternative to cannabis edibles you don’t actually want to chew. The sprays are made with Pure THC distillate extract and come in two wonderfully delicious flavours that will delight your taste buds – Mint and Raspberry Mojito.

Like a THC cocktail to go

Every Astro Oral Spray bottle has 5ml and packs 200mg of THC. As a result, on average, you can get an approximate 4.4mg of THC per spray. The bottles themselves are very small, thin, and sleek, which means you can carry them with you everywhere you go. Put them in your backpack, purse, or simply in your pocket. They are so small and travel friendly you won’t have any issue treating yourself to a few sprays throughout the day.

If you buy Astro Oral Sprays online, you can get them in two flavours – Mint and Raspberry Mojito. The Mint Oral Spray is very refreshing and may even improve any halitosis issues you are dealing with. The Raspberry Mojito flavour is fun and fruity, highly reminiscent of the cocktail it was named after.

Therefore, if you want a touch of summer and sand on the go with a relaxation effect both on the brain and the body, this could be the flavour for you. One of the things users love the most is that both flavours mask the classic taste products containing THC have, which is a bonus if you’re planning on using this throughout the working day.

Easy to use with buildable effect

The best way in which you can enjoy Astro Oral Sprays is to apply them 2 to 3 times under your tongue. If you buy Astro Oral Sprays online, you can also ingest them. However, the effect won’t be as fast and it might not be as strong.

If you apply them under the tongue as instructed, please wait for 20 to 30 minutes before reapplying. You can repeat this step several times to get the effect you want. The body and head high you may get from using this product are described by users as being mild. Therefore, if you reapply, you can get a stronger effect.

Ingredients: MCT Coconut Oil, THC distillate, natural flavour and colour

This product is vegan and gluten-free.

8 reviews for Oral Sprays by Astro Edibles

  1. Rory

    I tried the raspberry spray. It tastes really nice. Its a great way to compliment an edible, as it comes on a little faster, and will start out the nice time that will be intensified when the edible kicks in. Or as a nice dessert after a doobie. I like how discreet it is, and will definitely carry one of these in my vest. Pretty good value for the price, of you ask me. Perfect co pliment to any order, just to try something new. It gave me a very mild body and mind stone at first, but I think I may have liked it too much haha be careful. Dont go overboard!

  2. Pauline

    I love my sprays. Easy to carry in my purse or pocket. Always have one on me so as soon as any pain, 2 sprays under the tongue and within minutes no more pain. (Arthritis in knees, feet, hips and hand)

  3. Jesse

    This product is super effective and portable, which is great in a pinch. The taste is great and it’s a decent buzz. The only issue I have is I find it hard to figure out the ideal dosage. Sometimes it’s one or two sprays but sometimes I need more to fully relax. Either way, I would recommend it for someone looking to purchase something easy and accessible when you need to relax or get a little buzz on.

  4. Danielle

    I like this as a discreet low dose medicine. I can carry it on me and take a spray or two for anxiety through out the day. Nobody is the wiser. It’s not a strong high, but it works great for low doses.

  5. Kevin

    Good spray but I find it much more expensive than the previous (larger 8ml) spray.

  6. Michael

    Not a bad product but definitely go with 2-3 sprays.

  7. Jason

    I purchased the raspberry and Mint flavor a few months back and I was very satisfied with the raspberry. 5 pumps and I was TKO! Only problem was that I had uncontrollable munchies lol

  8. Adam

    Bought this to try on an evening out with some friends. Sprayed under our tongues (3 people, not regular users) and we finished the whole bottle in a matter of hours with effects nowhere near what they should have been considering the amount consumed (200mg). Usually 10mg of an edible is more than enough for me.

  9. Adam

    bought this for a family member, they said it was good for some pain, it wont get you very high, just a mild/medium pain reliever.

  10. Jesse

    given before bed makes one stay asleep & even less snoring (dunno why) but seemed to every time

  11. Catherine

    Bought the raspberry mojito flavour. Not that great tasting in my opinion, maybe mint is better? The high lasted for maybe an hour and tapered off really fast. Not the biggest fan of this product.

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