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THC Gummies by FranknStein Information

FranknStein’s THC-infused Gummy is known for its effectiveness and strong potency. The effects can be fast-acting and longer-lasting offering you a state of comforting relaxation and calmness.

This flavourful edible can alleviate a variety of body pains while guiding your mind into a creative and productive state. As your body starts to ease up on tension and aches, you may experience a noticeable boost in your mood.

FranknStein THC Gummy: Effects and Health Benefits

Because these gummies look like any other regular ones, you can discreetly consume them throughout your day to benefit from the helpful effects they can offer.

FranknStein THC Gummy can provide relief from stress while delivering a state of relaxation and comfort. Chronic stress can be a heavy and overwhelming daily battle, both physically and mentally, but this THC-infused gummy can alleviate this burden for you.

The therapeutic properties of FranknStein THC-infused Gummy can also help:

  • Relieve pain
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Alleviate muscle pain, cramps, tensity
  • Treat insomnia
  • Significantly ease the symptoms of anxiety and even depression

THC Gummy: Dosage and Tips

Gummies are ideal for you if you prefer to avoid smoking cannabis, but pills might also be hard for you to swallow. It is very easy to ingest these gummies because you are simply chewing on candy that tastes delicious.

Each package gives you the specific dosing of THC, but if you are fairly new and you don’t yet know your tolerance levels with THC, then start small and go slow. Only consume a small dose and wait for at least 60 minutes for effects to kick in. If the effects won’t be as strong as you need them to be, then slightly increase your dose and allow time for the effects to start working. Repeat until you reach the desired results.

34 reviews for THC Gummies by FranknStein

  1. Jayne

    These are great! These are very potent and are great for pain relief and nausea if you have no appetite

  2. Robin

    I was very happy with how many were in the bag, it seemed endless. I bought originally for the name but I’m buying again because the product is fantastic!

  3. Michael

    These things are always delicious, very nice high, relaxing, no anxiety, makes you want to listen to some Bearnaked ladies’ songs in your back yard.

  4. Robyn

    These are delicious and the potency is fabulous! I enjoy them for a wonderful relaxing drift into a satisfying sleep.

  5. Karim

    These were really tasty, and very powerful too. Good buzz.

  6. Mark

    One of my favorites for sure. Always fresh and yummy. I like the variety of flavors. The strength seems consistent. My friends LOVE them. Buying more. Again.

  7. Ron

    Awesome dosage and taste

  8. Tom

    Great product. I have purchased them many times and have tried all the flavors by now. Definitely best value when they are on sale, the $30 is a little steep for how much punch they have. Despite that price point, they are still my go to because of the volume of gummies that come in the pack. It is easier to dose, than 1 mega gummy. Be careful if you got kids, just look like normal candy.

  9. Guillaume

    yummy, i like it. good product.. I love them day and night, nice effect and taste.. good deal

  10. Nicolette

    These are SO GOOD!! Probably one of my favourites from MMJ options, the peach hearts and cherry ones taste just like the gummies I had growing up. I got this to help me wind down and relax before bed, I’d have them around 6-7pm and this keeps me happy right up to bed time and gives me good sleep. I would not recommend taking a full one if you’re just starting out with edibles, best to start with a quarter and work your way up to be safe – these come around 25mg. The dosage information isn’t clear, so I recommend pouring out the whole bag, counting the quantity to figure out the individual piece dosage.

  11. Vincent

    This was my first time trying this brand Franknstein cherry 🍒 flavor 25mg each
    I am an experienced user because of my pain management situation. I usually take up to 100mg per dose. When I try something new I go easy…so I started with 2x25mg 50mg after 30 min I started to feel the body high….took another 25mg so total of 75mg….and that did it…the body high was just high enough to bring the intensity of the pain down to a 3 and remained for at least 3 hours…. without making me very high…. but and extra 25mg would have done that ☺️😉I recommend this for pain management. Taste 5/5🍒 duration 5/5
    For intermediate to experienced Users

  12. marie josee

    cool il y avait lontemps que j avais pas buzzer de meme en plus ils ont bon gout je les recommande

  13. ADAM

    Okay product, effect weren’t all that special, expected a little more. May try again but as of now not over the moon for them. Maybe see if a friend with a much lighter tolerance to try them and get their take on it. Thanks

  14. Rob

    Tried these last weekend. They were not bad. I found them to be on the weaker side when it comes to gummies though. The gummie count broke down to 25 mg per piece (I think) but they seemed more like 20 mg. Not a huge difference if your eating one but when you eat 250 mg worth it’s noticeable. Good for beginners. Nothing bad about them though

  15. Jason

    Sour keys had no after taste, great flavour like store bought candy. Not as potent as others, inconsistent effect

  16. Georgia

    I found some of the gummies a little hard, and the cannabis taste does come through. I also found that the gummies were difficult to gauge in terms of doses, so it was a lot of trial and error to figure out what works for you.

  17. Billy

    This was a splendid product, listen to what they say about waiting two hours, its a stronger one so it will delay further when it comes to kicking in.

    And yeah like another user here stated, simply count how many gummies there are and divide that number into 500mg to calculate the dosage.

    Other than having to do that, the coca cola ones? Because they added the sugar coating, it made it taste so much better than something like boost edibles coca cola gummies. Definitely a must try!

  18. Nicole

    Such a great quality gummies product.
    Pretty good starter size does. Excellent flavour and consistancy. Resealable bag convenient and easily accessible. Excited to try the different varieties. Will be a repeat purchase for sure!!

  19. SCOTTY

    ALLERGY ALLERT: I was surprised to learn these had WHEAT in them. FYI for you gluten free peeps out there.

  20. Steve

    Be careful with giving these to a noob, I really enjoyed and loved them, but the noob I gave 2 of them to not so much.

  21. Nyasha

    I brought these based on the reviews and I must say i’m pretty disappointed. Of course I started with one gummy but didn’t feel a thing. So i tried two gummies and there was a high for maybe a good hour.

  22. Stacie

    These taste good. The effects are mild, good for beginners.

  23. Jonathan

    These are my new favorite gummies. They taste incredible, they don’t have any of that bizarre aftertaste I find with the Bliss or Spin gummies. They also pack a nice punch.

    One thing is the labeling is hard to decipher. It states to start at 5mg, but the package doesn’t state what each piece is. I was only able to figure out how much each piece was by empting the bag and counting. So each piece is 25mg.

    It’s a 5 star product even with the labeling. Now we know

  24. Henry

    Very nice, I like! I use gummies to help me sleep and like the ones that pack a decent wallop. Theses are the perfect dose for me to get a great night sleep and they taste great too.

  25. Terry

    Potent and hits the spot every time

  26. Sarah

    Loved the taste of these gummies! I have bought watermelon and the cola, plan to buy again. I like the dosage, my high lasted around 2 -5 hours. They helped with bringing my mood up, but didn’t knock me out and I was still able to get things done.

  27. Janet

    I tried the berries, and I agree with others who express confusion about dose, they should put that on the bag but there were 10 pieces in the bag so 50/piece. The effects I got matched other 50 mg experiences. Nice taste, might try the cola bottles next.

  28. Pam

    Two thumbs up

  29. Luc

    I’d never bought these cola bottles
    For the first time. They taste just like the cola bottles I grew up with except the nice high you feel after taking one.

  30. Eric

    product taste great, not always the same reaction to enjoying the same amount of the product but still fantastic

  31. Travis

    Freakin delicious. I’ve bought a couple of the varieties and I really love them. They pack a nice punch and taste great. Many remind me of the gummy candies I ate as a kid. The ONLY thing I do not like about the product is the lack of information on it. its 500 mg total for the bag. How many candies are in it? How much per candy? If you can’t tell me that it starts to raise questions for me like how do you know there is 500mg per bag if you can’t tell whats in a individual candy? All in all I do like them tho and just a word of advice start slow LOL. Eat one or two then maybe another later on if you so choose as you have no idea how much your consuming.

    I rated this one a 3 for the lack of info about doses. If it had the proper info it would definitely be a 5 out of 5.

  32. Morgan

    Not sure how many gummies in total in the whole bag but there is quite a bit in the bag. Ate 1 or 2 for work was not too much, good bag to have if you just want one or two to take the edge off a boring workday. Tasted like the red berries gummy candy, will buy again.

  33. Rob

    I tried a pack of each and liked them all. Favorite are the berry candy tho. Pop one before bed to help you sleep or take one before a movie and enjoy. Recommend

  34. Robert

    All the choices for all your needs I have tried both flower and candy and it’s all Good! 🙏💯 will be buying much more in the future 5 stars all the way

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