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THC Party Mix Gummies by Bliss Information

Trying to mix your weed experience up a little? These Party Mix Gummies by Bliss are the perfect combination of taste, potency, and utility. Made with 100 percent natural THC derived from cannabis, these infused treats will quickly become your new favorite way to get high.

They’re also beneficial for medical patients, since they’re edible, feature a standard dosage, and come in a resealable, portable container. Each container holds 15 Gummies infused with 20 milligrams of THC each for a total of 300 milligrams of THC per tin.

What Do Party Mix Gummies Look and Smell Like?

With four lip-smacking flavours in every container, Bliss’ Party Mix Gummies offers something for any palate. Green apple grants a sour kick, while peach provides a salivating sweetness that complements the sweet tones of juicy grape. These Gummy delights are designed with today’s mobile world in mind, and they’re ideal for on-the-go professionals.

What Are Party Mix Gummies High Like?

With a respectable dose of 20 milligrams per Gummy, these THC-infused treats have a potent punch. For reference, many stoners consider a standard dose for edibles around 10 milligrams. Newer users should keep this fact in mind when they try Bliss’ Party Mix Gummies, starting with a lower dose and working their way upwards.

Because of the way the body metabolizes them, edibles affect a user differently than other forms of THC. As a rule, edibles take longer to affect a user than smoked or vaped THC, but feels more intense and lasts longer. Keep this in mind if you usually smoke flower, or you may end up caught in a couch-lock!

Because they come in premeasured doses and a reusable, durable, and portable container, these Party Mix Gummies by Bliss are a great option for medical patients. Since you can always have them in your pocket, you can keep your medicine with you, wherever you go.


  1. Amber

    I use THC to help with my crippling anxiety and insomnia. These gummies are the best I have tried yet. They kick in shockingly fast (about 30 mins), and they are extremely potent. 1 a day before bed has worked miracles for me, I have never had such a good sleep. The taste and texture is also super nice. I would recommend them to anybody.

  2. Jamey

    These are awesome! The taste is delicious and the effects are even better.
    I like that you can easily decrease the dose of 20mg, simply by cutting it in half. Depending on the night, sometimes I have half or will go for the whole gummy. Either way, you won’t be disappointed 😁

  3. Luke

    Great product, very potent as well! Use them for pain relief. Nice to lots of different flavours!

  4. Brenda

    I have purchased the 300mg party Bliss and Tropical Bliss. Both are very helpful products. I prefer the taste of the party variety but both work equally as well. I use for insomnia and migraines. I will even just suck on a gummy if my stomach is too upset and swallow them. Great help to me.

  5. Nikol

    This pretty little tin is perfect to carry with you and the square gummies are easy to halve if needed. Great flavour with no green taste and a good buzz after 20-30 minutes. Usually lasts 4-6 hours. Like taking a Tylenol except tastier and probably easier on the kidneys and liver!!

  6. Susan

    Great taste, fast acting, long lasting and strong affect. First time I’ve ever felt anything from an edible. My sister introduced these to me at Christmas and I was pleasantly surprised. Very good for anxiety and depression as well.

  7. Michael Ray

    These are great. A repeat but for sure. Tastes good with barely any weed taste and the high comes on pretty fast and definitely enough to get you couch locked if that’s your thing lol. Perfect for when you’re out and about. 👍

  8. Breanne

    Wonderful fruity taste with a tiny bit of an aftertaste which is much milder than other edibles I’ve tried. They give quiet the kick, I’m a daily smoker and every time these give me a pleasant high. Come in a complement metal tin which is useful after consumption as I use it to store my supplies while travelling. I definitely plan to purchase again and would recommend to everyone I know for sure!!

  9. Russell

    Tried these for the first time last month. Usually I’ve purchased the twisted extract – which have always been good. However, these Bliss edibles are a totally different level and have been consistent every time. They start to kick in quick – in about 30 mins – then continue to elevate and plateau for a few hours. Most of the time we just take half – this with a few glasses of wine and watch out (in a good way!). About to order some for Xmas gifts and to top up my personal stock too lol. I highly (no pun intended) recommend to give them a try. You cant go wrong with these.

  10. Muzammil

    Classical Multiple Pack. Take less or more for varying effect. Works instantly, and lasts long effect. Discrete.

  11. Muzammil

    Classical. Discrete. Take more or less for varying effect which is instanteous and lasts for min 2 hrs.

  12. Jonathan

    These are the best gummies. They hit like 20mg should. Very easy to get the high you want due to their consistency. The party mix tastes a bit better. Also they are coated with sugar which is good because they stay together, ie they won’t fuse together in the heat of summer when mailed.

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