Black Cherry THC Indica Gummies

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80mg THC – Indica

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Black Cherry THC Indica Gummies Information

Cannabis edibles come in many forms and shapes, yet the Black Cherry THC Jelly Bob Gummies are one of a kind. They’re the missing link between jelly bombs and gummies, a veritable treat for finer tastes. There are 8 pieces in a package, each with a 10mg dose of THC. Each Jelly Bomb Gummy contains both THC and CBD in equal measure, leading to a delectably therapeutic experience.

The Black Cherry THC Jelly Bomb Gummies are the best cannabis edibles for many cannabis enthusiasts. They’re not only tasty and aromatic but also healing and therapeutic. The gummies alleviate symptoms of:

  • Pain
  • Stress
  • Inflammation
  • Fatigue
  • Anxiety
  • Depression

How do the Black Cherry THC Jelly Bomb Gummies affect you?

These gummies are not for the faint of heart. During the first initial phase, these gummies will make you happier and more euphoric than you’ve ever been. Depressive episodes quickly vanish a few minutes after eating the first Jelly Bomb Gummy. Then, the euphoria steadily turns into a soothing state of relaxation and tranquility. The cool taste of these gummies will stick with you until the very end!

The gummies rejuvenate your tired and exhausted body, bringing it to a new level of satisfaction. As for your mind, these Black Cherry THC Jelly Bomb Gummies are very calming and sedative. You might even feel sleepy after eating one or two of these gummies. Your appetite will start rumbling, so if you had a lack of appetite, these gummies will put you back on track.

How do you consume these gummies efficiently?

Ideally, you’d want to dose these Jelly Bomb Gummies out in a way that lets you enjoy them for a long time. You can easily divide the tablet into 8 parts, each one having 10mg worth of THC and CBD. This way, you’ll know exactly how much you’re consuming at any given time. If you want to increase your dose, you should wait 90 minutes so the effects of the first dose end. You should also think about combining these gummies with food, as the effects will be stronger this way. They’ll also last longer if you eat them together with other snacks.

8 reviews for Black Cherry THC Indica Gummies

  1. Sara

    Love this flavor! Perfect for those who don’t want to smoke but have trouble going to sleep. A constant repurchase of mine!

  2. Marilyn

    these give a nice mellow feeling and help me through the night

  3. Cassandra

    Taste was delicious and definitely relaxed me. New favorite gummie!

  4. Jean-Francois

    hello, when i buy thc and sativa gummies i also need just thc gummies because those are strong for sleep and it provides a heavier high than sativas one does not go without the other. so here is why i love thc gummies their taste is excellent and i have reusable packaging

  5. Amber

    Tasted so good, and was a really nice relaxing effect. My only issue is how it comes in 1 giant piece that you have to cut up. I guess not really that big of a deal, I wish I could take off just half of a star for that.

  6. Daniel

    Good tasting, feels good, no complaints at all.

  7. Jessica Ann

    I bought both Cherry and Mango and they’re both awesome! Very tasty!

  8. Michael

    Great flavor (Cherry) and excellent effects. Note that these come in 1 piece and need to be cut to size. Highly Recommended.

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