Black Cherry THC Indica Gummies

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80mg THC – Indica

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Black Cherry THC Indica Gummies Information

Cannabis edibles come in many forms and shapes, yet the Black Cherry THC Jelly Bob Gummies are one of a kind. They’re the missing link between jelly bombs and gummies, a veritable treat for finer tastes. There are 8 pieces in a package, each with a 10mg dose of THC. Each Jelly Bomb Gummy contains both THC and CBD in equal measure, leading to a delectably therapeutic experience.


The Black Cherry THC Jelly Bomb Gummies are the best cannabis edibles for many cannabis enthusiasts. They’re not only tasty and aromatic but also healing and therapeutic. The gummies alleviate symptoms of:


  • Pain
  • Stress
  • Inflammation
  • Fatigue
  • Anxiety
  • Depression

How do the Black Cherry THC Jelly Bomb Gummies affect you?


These gummies are not for the faint of heart. During the first initial phase, these gummies will make you happier and more euphoric than you’ve ever been. Depressive episodes quickly vanish a few minutes after eating the first Jelly Bomb Gummy. Then, the euphoria steadily turns into a soothing state of relaxation and tranquility. The cool taste of these gummies will stick with you until the very end!


The gummies rejuvenate your tired and exhausted body, bringing it to a new level of satisfaction. As for your mind, these Black Cherry THC Jelly Bomb Gummies are very calming and sedative. You might even feel sleepy after eating one or two of these gummies. Your appetite will start rumbling, so if you had a lack of appetite, these gummies will put you back on track.


How do you consume these gummies efficiently?


Ideally, you’d want to dose these Jelly Bomb Gummies out in a way that lets you enjoy them for a long time. You can easily divide the tablet into 8 parts, each one having 10mg worth of THC and CBD. This way, you’ll know exactly how much you’re consuming at any given time. If you want to increase your dose, you should wait 90 minutes so the effects of the first dose end. You should also think about combining these gummies with food, as the effects will be stronger this way. They’ll also last longer if you eat them together with other snacks.

79 reviews for Black Cherry THC Indica Gummies

  1. Danielle

    Very happy with this purchased.
    The taste is really good and once you take it you feel so relaxed
    I would recommend it at lease a try for the price.

  2. Morgan

    My husband, my father in law and myself love these gummies. Have been taking them on and off for years. They are fantasitc, they help shut my brain off after busy days. I can be some what high strung and these help me relax

  3. Tina

    I’ve said it in other reviews that Twisted Extracts is one of my favourite gummy brands. They are consistent, with good flavour and texture. There is no sugary coating, which sometimes leaves gummies lacking in flavour, but not these ones! They are a bit sticky, but that just means you get to lick your fingers afterwards. I find these gummies give a consistent, full-body buzz that is super relaxing, and helps with sleep, anxiety and pain. The gummies are easy to split into smaller doses (I find 10-20mg, 1-2 little squares) is perfect for me. These are a great deal if you catch a sale! Highly recommended.

  4. James

    These are my favourite indica gummies. It’s nice to know it is an indica since I use it to get to sleep and a good rest too. The taste of the Twisted Extracts gummies are really good, especially the Black Cherry. I take 10 or 20 mgs and it is perfect to wind down, relax and drift off into dreamland. These convenient little gummy packs are the perfect size to carry along in a pocket. I cut the whole gummy into pieces first after opening, as all 8 pieces come as a whole actual gummy. MMJDirect sells high quality products for an unbelievable price. This is a really great product that has a very fair price tag with consistently good results. Just what I need especially when I get home late and just need to get to bed. I would buy these again in a heartbeat, a really nice indica strain that is very effective.

  5. Pamela

    I bought a package of the Black Cherry Gummies to help with chronic, diffuse arthritic pain that I have been dealing with for many years and use opioids to get relief, which I would like to stop taking. I popped one in my mouth, and, oh boy, what a taste sensation. I don’t normally like the taste (or aroma) of CBD products, but these gummies were very subtle in aroma, but like I said, huge on taste. Now, I should have read the package and followed the recommendation for new users to start off taking 5-10 mg. I took the 10mg, but should have done 5. These little gummies sure pack a punch, especially for a newbie consumer. I must say that this significantly reduced my pain enough where I could get some quality sleep. If the other flavours are as vibrant as the black cherry, I’m sure they will be delicious. As I write this review, I am on the website to order more. I highly recommend this product.

  6. Susan

    Bought these for sleeping purposes. I’ve tried other brands

  7. Bruce

    These are just the ticket to a good nights relaxation and sleep.

  8. Mike

    Bought the Twisted Extracts brand before, like the brand. They offer a quality product with consistent potency. The Black Cherry flavour tastes good – natural flavour. The Indica is nice and mellow. I used to cut out squares with scissors , unwrap and eat but they can get sticky and hard to unwrap. It’s actually easier to just take a bite, the wax paper will just unwrap in your mouth. Gives a pleasant body high for a few hours and easy to adjust dose, just bite off a little more or less depends how you feel! Will purchase again.

  9. Jesslyn

    I take these gummies to help me sleep at night. I enjoy the taste and how they allow me to fall back asleep at night. I usually take these 45min before bed and I highly recommend these gummies

  10. Kanita

    Take one or half of one of these and drift off to a pleasant dreamland sans dreams. Your limbs will begin to feel heavy and soon you won’t feel them at all.

  11. Robyn

    Excellent product. I find these are consistent from piece to piece and package to package in Indica levels. They also happen to be quite tasty.

  12. Andre

    Ive been ordering these for a while now and they are great. I originally ordered them to help sleep but they are also great for migranes and muscle pain. Tastes great and are a great product! I do highly recommend them for sleep and muscle pain. Maybe even post surgery.

  13. Cindy

    I use this to sleep at night. It helps. I cut it into smaller amounts.

  14. Pat

    I liked these gummies, but I did not like having to cut them apart.

  15. Char

    I suffered from bad insomnia for 2 years following a concussion and was able to finally start to sleep after using these gummies along with some natural sleep supplements. I use them regularly now for a solid night’s sleep, which I’m so thankful for after not sleeping for 2 years. They’ve been a game changer for me!

  16. Paul

    Don’t buy this. There’s only a limited supplies so hands off. We don’t need anymore competition. Jokes aside, please make more and have another sale soon.

  17. Aden

    Came not melted at all which I totally thought they would. Tasted great and did what they were meant to do (ie get me high lol). Great price too! Would recommend to anyone looking to get into cannabis!

  18. Jo-anne

    Now this was absolutely delicious 🥰🤗!
    Packed a punch as well…wasn’t expecting a gummy to be so potent!😎
    As with most edibles,it took about 40 minutes to kick in….but wow did it kick!

    Mind you, I did eat 1/2 of the whole block….so 👅 tasty it was gone before I realized that I ate half!
    Good thing I’m old and need not be anywhere, anytime.😎🙏.

  19. Michael

    Great taste, I constantly come back for more of them.

    You do have to cut out your pieces, find it pretty easily done with scissor or exacto knife, just keep it wrapped in something like parchment paper (or the paper it comes with) if you are OCD like me and pre-cut the pieces for future you

  20. Melanie

    These little Lego blocks and my faves. They help you wind down after a long stressed day. They allow me to fall asleep quickly and they last for about 6 hours. You wake up feeling refreshed and not groggy. Bonus is They taste great too. I love the easy way to cut them up due to the marks on them. Totally recommend this product.

  21. Dan

    These great tasting gummies give you a good chill vibe without complete couch lock. Of course that depends how much you consume.
    They are great to help you sleep. They also help with appetite. I’m a multiple repeat purchaser.

  22. Nawrasaldin

    Tasted so good, and was a really nice relaxing effect. My only issue is how it comes in 1 giant piece that you have to cut up. I guess not really that big of a deal, I wish I could take off just half of a star for that. but its not that hard to cut it with scissors. but it tastes like Jell-O.

  23. Alicia

    Delicious flavour and very relaxing high.

  24. Vickie

    ZZZ bombs are my go-to for an amazing sleep. I suffer from insomnia and these are the perfect solution with a hint of happy.

  25. Christina

    The ZZZBombs are so good for me – I am a recent widow and my daughter suggested the ZZZ Bomb to help me sleep – they are the best – period – I now have 3 different friends using this product for sleep assist

  26. Sarah

    I love these. Very consistent in taste and potency. You know what you are getting. They taste amazing, no bitterness or aftertaste. I have a high tolerance and find 3 little squares lull me to sleep.
    They are very sticky, so good idea to keep them in a cool place.
    I have tried others and always come back to these.

  27. Sara

    I use 1/2 – 1 gummy to help me sleep.

  28. Johanne

    Great bedtime snack… lots of giggles watching a show then have a great sleep… can still get up at 5:30 and run 10k

  29. Kirsten

    These taste great. Easy to work out dose. Comes as a Lego block that can easily be chopped up. I like these later in the day when it’s time to switch off. Always get a great nights sleep 😴

  30. Shelly

    These are great! I have Rheumatoid and use them frequently to help with inflammation, joint pain and sleep. They’re quite sticky so I cut them into 8 and dip them in cinnamon sugar. Yummy!

  31. Joe

    Love the taste easy to cut up from the line on them . Lots of good laughs like any of these gummie more u take longer it last enjoy

  32. Heather

    These are so convenient when you want to get high but don’t feel like smoking. They remind me of sour keys in the taste, also a bit like jolly ranchers…so they’re good. Very potent too. I seem to experience such a different kind of high than when I smoke, so I generally start small (half a gummy). Would purchase again!

  33. Sybil

    Great taste. For me a great sleep aid.

  34. Darla

    this works really well for me to help me fall asleep with my osteoarthritis pain it is difficult to get comfortable

  35. Giulia

    Out of all the gummies I’ve tried, these are by far my favorite!
    I use these for pain and insomnia. I like how they are sectioned for easy dosing. I usually take two of these before bed and it puts me in such a relaxed state and off to dreamland.
    The taste is good, without a heavy after taste.

  36. Joël

    I enjoy these at night for a soothing end to my day.
    The high is wonderful as it sends complimentary waves of warmth and exhilaration through my whole body.

  37. Jayne

    Great tasting gummy not too sugary.. can titrate the dosage

  38. Carol

    I have a friend that has had to have a knee and two hips replaced and dealt with a ton of pain and was unable to sleep! He discovered zz bombs and great pain relief and was actually sleeping at night! He told me about them as I have pain issues and also sleep issues. I tried zz bombs and they work for me as well.

  39. Harrison

    Great gummies that actually don’t taste bad. Flavour was great and pretty potent for their size. I take these before bed for a good night sleep.

  40. Andres

    Great flavour!
    Effects kick in about the 20-30 min mark.
    The high lasts about 4-5 hours.
    This product helped me get amazing sleep. Like it says it’s a zzz bomb.
    Amazing for winding down after a long day.

  41. Patrick

    Very nice, marked for accurate dosing, but requires a knife or scissors to separate. Great taste though, great effect, consistent. Will buy again

  42. Winnie

    Very tasty and the effects are nice! The pieces are hard to cut because it’s a gummy, but I like to sprinkle it in sugar to make it easier. And it makes it taste even better!

  43. tihana

    One of my favourites!

  44. Bernice

    Great gummies!! Love all the flavours! 😁☺️😌

  45. Channelle

    Great option for beginners. Little to no weed taste. Will sleep like a baby!

  46. crystal

    These ones are super strong and potent, I find I can dose them even smaller or else I wake up feeling hungover. If you don’t want such a strong edible try taking the 40mg/40mg dose

  47. Dvora

    These are my favourite gummies. So glad to have found them at my favourite new store! Look forward to receiving my order (which by the way comes sealed in an organized way and neatly packaged. It is a pleasure ordering my favourite from this store!

  48. Meghan

    I love all of the Twisted Extracts products. The Black Cherry THC Indica Gummies taste amazing, and like all of the Twisted Extracts THC Gummies they are strong. If you’re used to popping a 20mg gummy and feeling a slight buzz, this product is not that. I take 5mg pieces at a time, and I feel the effects in about 15 minutes. I use the indica gummies before bed and they help me sleep soundly. I wouldn’t buy any other brand.

  49. Jaskaran

    These were recommended to me as easy to change dosage because of the lego brick style. Can confirm, they are amazing and easy to dose. Potency is always the same, which is good. Taste amazing, zero after taste. Flavours are always spot on and high in accuracy.

    HIGHly recommended for consistent and medium effects. Only thing to be careful about is storage, always store in cool dry place. DO NOT forcefully remove the wax paper if stuck onto gummy. Slow and steady is the trick .. peel back like taking a bandaid off.

  50. Amy

    My husband will ONLY have this edible. He LOVES them!!!!

  51. Michael

    This brand and flavour is quickly becoming my go to. The 10mg cubes are perfect for measuring dosage. The black cherry flavour is pleasant. Sweet, a bit tart with just a hint of cannabis undertones. The effects come on gradually but distinctly and provide a nice calming buzz. Perfect for relaxing or winding down before bed.

  52. Mathieu

    These are my go-to gummies. Always consistent; you always know what to expect in terms of potency. These help me sleep and relax. They’re great for travelling; eat 1-2 before the flight/ride and your travels will be much better. They taste great too. Highly recommend!

  53. Michael Ray

    tastes good and absolutely have no weed taste which is great especially for beginners who aren’t used to the taste of weed lol. works as intended. definitely a repeat purchase!

  54. Georgia

    Love all of twisted extracts products, but this one is my favorite flavor. Easy to dose, tastes really good, and gives you a good hit. Great effects, and works exactly as a zzz bomb should and helps you to sleep, relax at the end of the day. Highly recommend, will purchase again and again.

  55. Christina

    These tasted great. You can cut them into low dosage which is perfect if your not looking for too strong of a buzz

  56. Scott

    Waiting for a hip replacement is a long process, especially during these pandemic times. I was tired of taking over the counter

  57. Nicolette

    I love these gummies! If you like cherry flavour, you’d love these. This comes in a brick with lines marked in to cut it into the right dosage portions, it’s a bit sticky but not bad to deal with. I got this to help me sleep and to relax and have fun as well, gives me a great night sleep after taking one. I’d say this is a good choice for those just starting out to take edibles (maybe do like a half dose to start).

  58. Joel

    Twisted extract in my opinion is a top notch professional product. Most consistence dosing that I have tried. Not perfect I’m sure,but top shelf from the other stuff I have tried

  59. Cathy

    Although we’ve been smoking pot for 50 years or so we are first time users of a lot of these new products.
    We liked these ones very much.

    Nice flavor, took 2 squares each and found it light and floaty. My skin was a little tingly and lips a little numb, good body stone. Spent a lovely afternoon with an enjoyable buzz

  60. Rachel Laura

    Ordered to help with sleep and when used as an alternate to chocolates it is very effective.

  61. Raymond

    Love these gummies! Taste great and consistent. Really help me to sleep.

  62. Amanda

    I love them. Works great for me 🙂 good flava flav.

  63. Mark

    Huge fan of these, particularly the black cherry flavour. I take these pretty much every day to wind down at night. It’s replaced alcohol for me as a nightcap. Puts me in a nice slumber and I get a really good sleep after taking them. I like to cut the lego blocks in half again to give 5mg doses, meets my needs perfectly. Wouldn’t recommend having them during the day, but definitely for a super chill night. Highly recommended!

  64. Amber

    I love these. They have an almost boozy flavour.

  65. Rob

    I’ve been a fan of Jelly Bombs for awhile now. The taste is awesome, for any flavor. Easy enough to cut into pieces for people just starting on edibles. Highly recommend

  66. Kevin

    These edibles are incredible for sleep or for chilling out. Wife and I use them for watching TV before bed. Afterwards you are relaxed, calm and ready for sleep. The taste is good. Not too strong but doesn’t taste like that terrible weed taste(my opinion). I like that the squares are easy to modify how much or how little to dose depending on your particular needs. Also reasonably priced for edibles. I will definitely keep buying them!

  67. Cadotte

    Excellent flavor… the indica buzz is so great… perfect for sleeping trouble but also perfect to spend an hilarious evening with friends … highly recommended

  68. Aimee

    I have always been a fan of these. While I tend to lean towards Sativas these are wonderful when you just want to sit on the couch and kick back and just relax. The tasty amazing and are the best texture, not tough and chewing with a hint of plastic flavor like some edibles. Would definitely recommend!

  69. Patrick

    Bought these for my girlfriend as she cannot smoke cannabis due to asthma. 1x 10mg gummy gets her the buzz she wants(low tolerance), they taste great and she likes them for gaming

  70. Dyalla

    Love this product, taste great

  71. Amélie

    My favorite flavor of this collection. A good high also, I prefer this one to the sativa! It comes in a block, which I already knew, which i personnaly enjoy so I can choose my dosing. Combined this with some cbd oil and had a fun and chill time! 🙂

  72. Sara

    Love this flavor! Perfect for those who don’t want to smoke but have trouble going to sleep. A constant repurchase of mine!

  73. Marilyn

    these give a nice mellow feeling and help me through the night

  74. Cassandra

    Taste was delicious and definitely relaxed me. New favorite gummie!

  75. Jean-Francois

    hello, when i buy thc and sativa gummies i also need just thc gummies because those are strong for sleep and it provides a heavier high than sativas one does not go without the other. so here is why i love thc gummies their taste is excellent and i have reusable packaging

  76. Amber

    Tasted so good, and was a really nice relaxing effect. My only issue is how it comes in 1 giant piece that you have to cut up. I guess not really that big of a deal, I wish I could take off just half of a star for that.

  77. Daniel

    Good tasting, feels good, no complaints at all.

  78. Jessica Ann

    I bought both Cherry and Mango and they’re both awesome! Very tasty!

  79. Michael

    Great flavor (Cherry) and excellent effects. Note that these come in 1 piece and need to be cut to size. Highly Recommended.

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