THC Relief Pods by Social Concentrates

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THC Relief Pods by Social Concentrates Information

THC Relief Pods by Social Concentrates are potent pods, also known as cannabis suppositories, each one containing 100mg of THC. They come in 10-packs, providing a unique cannabis experience, including a sense of relaxation, a heightened mood, and a unique, tranquil journey of mind and body.

THC Relief Pods are designed to deliver elevated potency. These THC-infused suppositories work quickly and they provide long-lasting effects, making them a fitting option for those seeking a prolonged, sustained experience with cannabis. These pods can be used by anyone comfortable with their administration method and could be suitable for various times of the day, depending on the desired effects and user’s tolerance.

The Power Pack: Potency, Effects, and Suitability

With 100mg of THC infused in each pod, THC Relief Pods by Social Concentrates provide a potent punch. This potency leads to effects that are noticeably quick to start and linger on for an extended period. AMong the effects, you may experience a sense of relaxation that is soothing and comforting, followed by an overall sense of elevation and calmness. 

Due to their potency and lasting effects, these pods are recommended for seasoned cannabis users who are comfortable with stronger doses. These THC-infused pods are mixed with cacoa butter for improved bioavailability.

Beyond the Ordinary: The Suppository Advantage

So why THC Relief Pods by Social Concentrates? Up to 70% of the medicinal compounds in a suppository are bioavailable. This means a higher percentage of the active components is absorbed into the body, leading to a more efficient and often more intense experience.

To administer, the pod is gently inserted into the rectum or vagina, where it dissolves and is absorbed by the body. It’s a simple process, but it’s always important to follow any included instructions or recommendations from the manufacturer.

Just like any other cannabis product, the pods should be stored in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight. To maintain the best quality, it might be best to keep them in a refrigerator.

HC Relief Pods by Social Concentrates are an innovative and potent option. Their potency and lasting effects make them an intriguing choice for the seasoned cannabis user looking for a unique experience. 


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