THC Tropical Gummies by Bliss

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THC Tropical Gummies by Bliss Information

You wouldn’t think that some of the best cannabis chefs in the world are busying themselves with making tropical-flavoured gummies. But that’s exactly what’s happening with these THC-infused Tropical Mix Gummies by Bliss.

The company’s head, Miss Bliss, is a cannabis chef who taught at Oaksterdam University in California, one of the best marijuana schools in the world. These Gummies reflect that – super high-quality snacks infused with clean THC 100 percent derived from cannabis plant. Each pack contains 300 milligrams of THC, divided between 15 Gummy treats (that makes 20 milligrams of THC per Gummy). If you love an edible that unites classic taste with potency, don’t sleep on Bliss’ Tropical Mix Gummies.

What Does Tropical Mix Gummies Look and Smell Like?

Each 15-Gummy pack of these Tropical Mix Gummies by Bliss contains four equatorially-themed flavours: guava, blue raspberry, and pineapple. They’re not flavoured with natural cannabis terpenes, but that’s actually a blessing in disguise. Instead, they’re representative of true Gummy taste, blending the zing of citrus with the succulent taste of sweets. Make no mistake – these snacks are next-level.

What Are Tropical Mix Gummies’ High Like?

These Tropical Mix Gummies by Bliss pack a potent punch, thanks to their 20-milligram dosage. Under normal circumstances, taking one or two of these Gummies should be adequate to get the average stoner high. For those seeking more intense experiences, higher doses are possible – just pop an extra Gummy into your mouth.

Your body doesn’t process edibles the same way that it does smoked or vaped marijuana. As a result, edibles last longer and produce more powerful possible effects than other routes of marijuana administration. They do take longer to kick in, though. While smoked or vaped weed hits you instantly, edibles can take up to an hour to exert their possible effects.

83 reviews for THC Tropical Gummies by Bliss

  1. Jacques

    Good vibes, not too strong

  2. Kanita

    Can’t afford a vacation but desperately need a break? These edibles will transport you to a happy and relaxed place.

  3. John David

    I’ve ordered these multiple times and they’re a consistent product for taste and dosage, at 20mg per gummie there’s lots of room to level up your dose and the effects are swift which means you won’t be waiting hours to decide whether to increase your dose. Tasted like a penny-candy from back in the day. This flavour does have a slight weed-y after taste, if that doens’t tickly your fancy then maybe try one of the heavier berry flavours.

  4. Jesse

    Would have given a 3.5-star rating if I could. The dose was good and the high was nice, but the taste was not great. There was a bitter aftertaste and it left a bit of a yucky taste in my mouth as well. I probably wouldn’t buy these again unless they were on sale due to the taste and opt for some of the better-tasting gummy options. They look better than they taste, so just be aware!


    Consistent, tasty..decent high. I used these often throughout the pandemic, and I was looking for something I could take without getting so high as to be unable to function with my day-to-day work. These Bliss delivered every time, with no surprises. When I wanted to get more of a buzz going, I would experiment with stacking these with another brand of gummy. I can say I was never disappointed by these guys!

  6. Samuel

    These tasted good, didn’t have a bad weed aftertaste. Didn’t get me super high but did a good job of relaxing me. I reccomend

  7. Verda

    bliss is our all time favourite edible product. the buzz is perfect

  8. Shirley

    What can I say? These are just handy little pieces of pleasure.

  9. Michael

    Very nice tasting, very mild high with very realxing mood.

  10. Eric

    Not having a big tolerance, I’m biting those square 1/4 at a time for nice smooth head high and relaxing time afterward. Really nice flavor which make it VERY DIFFICULT not to eat more!!!

  11. Jim

    these were nice and relaxing, not too strong just a ease you into a good sleep. I don’t have a big tolerance so others may say not strong enough, for me they are.
    I got them to help me sleep and they do that. They taste good, can’t taste the M in it.
    they are a lower dose but they do what I want.
    Give them a try for sure.

  12. Murray

    I like trying different kinds of edibles and bought these on recommendation from a friend. As someone who frequently eats edibles I like the 20mg and how they relax my body and aches . The handy tin keeps them fresh and clean wherever you want to tuck them away

    I’d recommend to the new users not to take a full 20 mg to start though, try half of one and see where you are first with thst

  13. Tina

    I love these gummies! I discovered early on when I tried them that as well as giving me a fun, active high, there is something about this formula that also gets me going, if you know what I mean. 😉 As a female, I save my Bliss gummies for nights when there’s going to be some extracurricular activities. I don’t know if they have this effect on everybody, but WOW. I even coined a new phrase – when I have one of these, things get a little blissky! Ladies, give it a go, these were seriously a game-changer for me in the bedroom. I have been through many tins of these, and the effect is consistent. Way to go, Bliss!

    OK, aside from that obviously amazing benefit, these gummies also help me get a great nights sleep and deal with anxiety. I find they are a little potty tasting, which isn’t my favourite, but the benefits FAR OUTWEIGH the taste and it’s in no way a deterrent for me. I’d choke down anything for the benefits I get!

    100 out of 5 stars. Highly recommended.

  14. Jeremy

    At 20MG they are not too strong, but since they are absolutely delicious you will eat more then one. Really nice quality gummy in a hard tin. Found some in a tin I had opened like a month before, and they were still fresh and soft. Good balance between potency and taste, some are really strong, but taste not great.

  15. Jeff

    These are great for the price. For inexperienced people who want to try THC for pain relief, I always recommend cutting each square piece into quarters. Start with ine quarters, wait and hour, and take another quarter if no effect. This easy dosing makes sure first timers don’t have an unpleasant experience when just looking for a bit of pain relief.

    Moving up to a half cube right away gets you pain relief and a head high, which could be disorienting for people trying this for the first time.

    There is a small bitter aftertaste as these are chewed, for all of the gummy flavors. This goes away quite quickly and a small price to pay for an effective product.

  16. Christopher

    Good taste but not as strong as some others of similar dosing.

  17. Robin

    These gummies are awesome! I ordered these wanting to try something new and I was not disappointed. They taste like a tropical fruit salad and the high is long-lasting and mellow. I will definitely buy these again!

  18. Dylan

    I love these edibles! Very strong an generally good taste. Make sure you don’t have much planned after taking one of these, they hit like a truck. For the price, you can’t get any better.

  19. Stacie

    These are the best. I buy 4 or 5 tins every time I place an order.
    I’ll never buy from anywhere else.

  20. Sherri

    I have been purchasing these for some time. Do not disappoint! The doses are perfect for an evening on the couch, and help with falling asleep as well. Taste is mild, I purchase both regular and tropical. Best bang for the buck out there in my experience. This is my go to- I’ve purchased other products, but repeatedly come back to this one. Tins are great, nice and portable and keep the product fresh. Do not hesitate to try this product. Best on the market.

  21. Emily

    Taste way better than the average gummy of this dose, and none of the sticky flavour due to sugar crystals.

  22. Kiersten

    Great taste, and liked them so much the first time I’m buying them again. The edibles are pretty consistent, I like the sugary coating on them, you can barely taste the THC but they can pack a pretty good punch. If you just want a mellow night one dose is great. The most I’ve taken in a sitting would be 5, was watching a tv show and became so engulfed in the show I forgot I was just a viewer in my living room and thought it was on stage haha. That said, my tolerance was also fairly low at the time (3 weeks with no THC in my system). Depends on the user, if you have a heavy tolerance you may need a few more of these to get the job done, if you’re a newbie or doesn’t smoke or eat edibles on a regular basis this is great!

  23. Ivy

    This product is fantastic as an aid in getting a good sleep. It relieves hip, knee, and finger joint pain. It relieves anxiety, PMS mood swings, and other mood instabilities. It’s a great product and I will continue to use it.

  24. Denise

    Amazing product, always consistent!

  25. Sarah

    Good variety of flavours. Mild weedy aftertaste only. Well packaged.
    I’m a regular/daily cannabis user, so 2 pieces of these gave me a nice buzz, without getting too high.
    Not the best edibles I’ve ever had, but pretty good!
    I will be buying these again.

  26. Corey

    Fantastic effect! My wife and I are new to this so we are only taking little bits at a time and having fun with it. Definitely reordering!

  27. Antoine

    small cube gummy with nice case. Good product

  28. Ben

    Super good tasting and gives a really nice high. I found that the effects were pretty long lasting and one was good enough for me, I can’t wait to try other flavors.

    I can’t wait to buy again 🙂

  29. Bert

    These are awesome! I gave a couple to my friends and now they are ordering them as well.

  30. Marlene

    Love these! Gives me a solid full night’s sleep and I do not feel groggy in the morning. Great product.

  31. Melanie

    I love these. Nice way to spend your evening.

  32. Maryam

    I loved these gummies! They taste so good and each pack has a variety of flavors which I liked.They’re also coded in sugar making a perfect weed gummy 😀 Cute packaging to store your weed in after and I got very high – would purchase again!

  33. Drake

    These are by far the best tasting Gummy edibles I’ve ever had. Not even comparable. All the flavors are perfectly balanced and not overly sweet. The nice tingle on your tongue and throat from the THC actually adds to the fun. Perfect for anyone starting or even just as a delicious pick-me-up!

  34. chris

    The best stuff – quantity, quality, price, in the morning is nice, sets you up for the rest of the day.

  35. shea

    This was a great purchase. Never buying from a store dispensary again! You’re getting 10x the value you would otherwise. Plus these tasted great ✅

    Absolutely 5 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  36. Bryan

    My favorite edible. Flavor is good, has a bit of an acidic aftertaste but overall the flavor is good and they give a long lasting mellow high.

  37. Mark

    This is a great product! Ive been using it for over 2 years now. It has the perfect dose at 20mg apiece. It comes on light then all of a sudden you just feel this wave of calmess come over you. It is a very relaxing high. Perfect for movies or even going out!!

  38. Anita

    They have a bit of a weedy taste but definitely tolerable. Gets the job done for sure 🙂

  39. Pat

    I like this product very much, it suits my needs .

  40. Morgan

    I liked these gummies! they come in a nice little container so its discreet to carry. They taste good too and don’t have a bad aftertaste like some others. Will buy again!

  41. Michael

    These gummies taste great and are similar in potency to an an average 20mg gummy. Effects are somewhat on the indica side so if you’re looking for something to help you relax, this might be it. The reusable tin is a nice little bonus. Overall all we are very satisfied with the purchase and would highly recommend these.

  42. Alexis

    I’d tried a few gummies in the past and never thought much of them. A friend recommended these and I can’t get enough of them! I recently ran out and had to buy another brand over the counter and was so disappointed with those compared to my experience with these!

  43. Kari

    Not usually an edible girl, but these are pretty good.
    They are quite tasty not very weedy.
    I like that they are the perfect portion for micro dosing without having to cut them to the right dose. Lol I hate that.
    I enjoy them they get me through the day .

  44. Luke

    These gummies are so good pack punch. Lots of great flavours, love the resealable tin

  45. Melissa

    Bought these gummies to help reduce how much I’ve been smoking. Each gummies dose was perfect and lasted a few hours without making me feel overwhelmed. I’m a heavy user with a high tolerance but 1 gummy was more than enough for a mellow relaxed high that lasted. Only gave 4 stars cause these are super bitter and leave a terrible bitter aftertaste. Will purchase again though just cause they work pretty good.

  46. Hythum

    One of the best edibles out there. I usually break each one in half. Great buzz

  47. Stephanie

    I love these, colourful and so cute! Great metal tin container for reusing afterwards too (and plastic free!)

  48. Peter

    These are amazing, they’ve made me fall in love with edibles all over again. I’d never had a good experience with gummies beforehand, they would always feel weak and like I got ripped off, but these gummies are the real deal. I’ve been a daily smoker for years, but despite my tolerance, just one of these gummies is enough to make me feel great, with two taking me to the moon. Not only is the high great, but I also love the taste of these! I can’t wait to restock on them.

  49. Nicole

    These are amazing! From potency, taste, texture and cost effectiveness I’d say 6 out of 5!!!
    The tins are so cute too and can be easily reused.
    Not the greatest flavor choices for the tropical but thats personal preferance
    Definitely a repeat purchase in the future

  50. Stephen

    strong and tasty, just the way i like it. perfect!

  51. Grant

    Holy hell do I love these

  52. Dusan

    I gave these a try when looking for a cost effective edible option which actually has the THC content listed on the packaging. These things pack a punch! Even eating 1 cube (20mg) will get you feeling a slight buzz/mood booster. When I want to have more in the evening, 3-4 cubes will give a deep high to almost anyone. The packaging has some downsides since a few of these tins take up some space and clank around, but that’s a minor factor. Really great, potent, cost-effective option.

  53. Esme

    I bought these gummys because I was having oral surgery and couldn’t smoke/vape for a while. They were really great and potent for the price and helped with the pain. They were small as well and weren’t hard to chew. I am not a huge candy person but I really enjoyed these! Not super sweet or rubbery but had a nice sugar coating. Would recommend to anyone looking to cut down on their smoking

  54. Guillaume

    Great flavour! pretty good high! for the price it’s a good deal .. I could eat it all day

  55. Sunny

    Different flavours and colors sure made this quite enjoyable for a mid week party. Along with the price compared to edibles available here in canada you really can’t go wrong with this party in a can!

  56. Rahul

    tldr: These were dope.

    Longer review: I’ll walk you through the experience.
    Firstly, the packing is solid and rather cute. It doesn’t feel cheap, and the gummies fit perfectly into the space, and are organized by color. A 10/10 from my fragile Virgo heart.

    I started with one, and while I admit I’m an avid smoker and a big dude with a good tolerence… These HIT. It was a gradual, slow raise to getting high, but as I sat there, watching anime with my partner, the euphoria, or rather the BLISS set in. I started feeling a little high maybe 30-45 minutes in, and about 2 hours later it was time to go to sleep. I slept soundly like I haven’t in a while.
    I’m amped I have 9 more to go!

    The only negative for me is that while I liked how it really did taste like candy (with a slight weed-y aftertaste), the texture threw me off. It was.. thick. 4.9 stars from me!

  57. Rob

    These are really good. Comes in a nice tin, and each piece is lightly coated in sugar which really helps to avoid sticking on warm days. They taste great and the buzz lasts for a few hours, which is nice. I really like having an alternative for smoking and these do the trick. Recommend.

  58. Desiree


  59. Patrice

    I’ve had these before from my step-mom and I loved them! I hadn’t had edibles a lot in my life but these gummies really were smooth rides compared to say space cake. Still a precaution to go slow and use moderately, one too many and you may pass out on your couch for a few hours lol. They taste nice and the effects last a good while. Would recommend.

  60. Lauren

    This was so yummy and shipped well. The flavours were such a fun mix. Usually would cut one in half, eat and relax. 10/10 would recommend.

  61. tanis

    Love these gummies! Have a good high to them 😜Bought it cause when I don’t wanna smoke I’ll eat a few gummies.

  62. Lindsay

    Delicious flavour and great effects, beginning in the body melting away pain and tension. Then hits the head slowly, but not an overpowering high, great for sleep.

  63. Kieran

    Amazing product.

    It wasn’t too long ago that I stopped taking edibles because they were difficult to dose. That was until I decided to buy these THC Tropical Gummies by Bliss.

    These edibles provided an amazing 20mg dose with a flurry of several therapeutic effects such as greater focus, lower anxiety, higher creativity, the giggles, mild euphoria, and overall a very good starting dose for those who are looking to feel a superb low-dosage.

    It tastes like the gummy colour you’re about to eat (e.g, blue will taste like a blueberry candy), with a hint of cannabis in the centre! They taste great, so be very careful not to eat the whole thing in one sitting.
    That being said, I would NOT recommend these to THC-sensitive people who are looking to microdose cannabis, as these edibles are quite high in potency.

  64. Jamey

    These gummies are the best! Perfect dosage, and still the ability to cut if you happen to want less. The flavours are even better than the original Bliss gummies.
    My favourite edible I have tried, yet! Try it for yourself – you won’t be disappointed 😁

  65. Marc

    I find these really strong so I will actually cut them in half. Great quantity for the price and the taste isn’t bad either!

  66. Cynthia

    The taste of these gummies really surprised me, they’re so good! They aren’t too sweet and the after taste isn’t too intense. The relaxing effect comes slowly so I take one in the morning on the weekend for relaxing day, but they’re also great for sleep I take half and I’m out within the hour.

  67. Nicolette

    Good potency, interesting texture, and they taste good. Slow ramp up of the high.

  68. Renee

    I got these in hopes of good flavor and also a good sleep and these deliver both! I enjoy them a lot where I can take a full one if I want to have a nice mellow evening into a good sleep, or just bite half if its simply for sleep and I don’t wake up with any grogginess the next day either! Absolutely have become a staple for me to keep on hand 🙂

  69. Georgia

    Great price! Bliss has great quality buzz associated with their gummies (mostly being used for anxiety and insomnia). That being said, sometimes you can taste the cannabis (they are strong!) and I have had a pack with extremely hard/difficult to chew gummies (rare, happened once). Despite this, I have purchased them again and again, because they do exactly what I need them to do at the end of a day or for a relaxing day off. Really like the taste of these gummies, and the majority of the time hides cannabis taste well!

  70. Amy

    These are by far my favourite gummies of all time. I’ve tried many now, but these are the best in my opinion. They taste rad, the high is great. I eat them at work and find I am much more productive when it comes to mundane tasks I usually avoid doing. I honestly use them as a coffee in the morning. I sleep so well at bedtime now too. I used to eat a lot of melatonin before. I highly recommend to all my friends and strangers alike.

  71. Lisa

    Love the canister ! Amazing taste! It takes about 30 min for me to feel the high which is super intense and makes me happy and hyper! Perfect time to vacuum my entire house;)

    Would recommend a

    Buying this product a second time!

  72. Ephraim

    I tried a few edibles before and even some with higher THC content didn’t match up to the high I got with these. For me, it produces a relaxing but functional high that includes a lot of laughs. Perfect for socializing.

  73. Brenda

    These work great for those nights when you know you are not going to sleep but you are tired. I take 2 about an hour before bed and I have a very relaxing peaceful sleep.

  74. Amber

    I gave these a try to help me wind down and sleep. I have always suffered from bad sleep, since I was young. I also suffer from depression and anxiety. This was so close to getting a five, I just thought the taste was a tiny bit strong. I did find these very potent, therefore a great value. I only need 1 a night, and I get a good night’s sleep. I also love the little tins these come in. I find those zipper bags so hard to open, so this was a nice change. I would definitely recommend.

  75. Niall

    Bliss was my inaugural foray into edibles and it was a very good one. The packaging is great, a lot of care goes into the product and you can really feel that love and care each time I take one. By far the best edible I’ve come across.

  76. Deanna

    Love these gummies! They taste great with only a slight aftertaste and are super potent. I enjoy them for nighttime use as I always sleep so well afterwards! I would definitely buy again, great value!

  77. Simon

    Good taste, practical packaging and they’re pretty potent. Good bang for your buck!

  78. Jonathan

    These are the best gummies on here. They taste good and they hit hard. They also stay separate even in heat unlike some other ones which melt together.

  79. Amanda

    Great product. Taste is good (for an edible). Sweet and tropical. Pink is definitely my favourite. High hits 45 – 90 minutes after taking. Price is way cheaper than buying local. Definitely recommend!!!

  80. Jessica

    Great value – if you have ever gone to a store to purchase gummies, they are a total rip off… these gummies are probably the best price I have seen for edibles.

    Great for falling asleep or relaxing after a long day. They taste really yummy. Will definitely buy again.

  81. Michael Ray

    Not a big fan of edibles and I’ve tried a lot of different products but these are great.
    Tastes good and doesn’t have a strong weed taste to it. Feels stronger than 20mg a piece to be honest that I just end up eating half and I still get a pretty good high so a whole piece would get me blitzed lol. Good bang for the buck and would definitely order again! 👍

  82. Ashael

    Great flavour with little aftertaste. Biting one in half helps for a great nights sleep and a whole one provides a nice happy glow. Love these gummies and will definitely buy again! 😀

  83. Kara

    Loving these Tropical Bliss gummies! They taste fruity and great without a lot of aftertaste. The buzz creeps in and is mellow and happy. In my case, great for social interaction and Zoom calls with my family.

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