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Honey Oil Vape Cart by Social Information

The Social Vape Cart contains 100% pure cannabis honey oil, making this product a premium one. There aren’t any artificial flavours here, no PG and no VG at all. Instead, there’s only cannabis of the finest quality that fills your mouth with a prime flavour. You’ll wish you’d have found this product earlier. The Social Vape pens are made of ceramic heating elements and glass housing.

This makes the oil flavour explode in intensity. It’s much more aromatic and flavourful than any other cartridges. As for the effects, many medical patients use these honey oil carts thanks to the extensive therapeutic benefits. If you have anxiety, depression, chronic pain or fatigue, these carts will heal your body and mind!

What effects does the Social Honey Oil Vape Carts have?

Simply put, these cartridges have standard cannabis euphoria and sedation effects. As soon as you consume this oil, your mind will explode in a wave of euphoria and motivation. Any negative thoughts or depressive predilections vanish into dust, replaced by optimism and euphoria. These carts are filled with Sativa concentrate, which means the euphoria is very intense.

Other than this, these Social Vape Carts promote a state of perfect wellbeing. Relaxation and sedation envelop your entire body, producing a state of bliss that doesn’t end soon. It feels as though you’re covered in a warm cocoon that heals your body of all medical symptoms. These carts can help you alleviate symptoms of:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Chronic pain
  • Muscle aches and numbness
  • Chronic fatigue
  • ADHD

How do you use the Social Vape Cart?

This cart is to be used with the Social vape pens. Each cartridge contains a specific quantity of honey oil, so be careful that you take the right dosage. Increasing or decreasing the dosage is an option and you should make use of it! Everyone benefits differently from various doses.

1 review for Honey Oil Vape Cart by Social

  1. Tina

    I love this company. It has some of the best flavours, impactful sativas, hard hitting hybrids and indicas, and the cart itself draws like a dream. Never have I had a cart stop working. A while back with the concern of additives in the vapes I used these exclusively from a medical marijuana website. Very happy they are at MMJ. The mouthpiece is by far the best fit and most natural. I have tried five other cartridge companies sold here and the Social company is still my number one fave.

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