Violator Kush

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80% Indica Dominant Hybrid

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Violator Kush Information

A powerful cross between the well-known Hindu Kush and Malana strains, Violator Kush is known for its great abilities to produce large yields of greatly resinous flowers on a short, bush-like plant.

This cannabis strain flowers for around eight weeks and it can produce up to four pounds (which is almost two kilograms) per square yard, if grown properly implementing the Screen of Green technique.

It delights its users with the taste of spicy pine in harmony with a sharper spicy earthy aroma.

The Great Characteristics of Violator Kush

Violator Kush is an Indica dominant hybrid, with a high of about 80%, leaving the Sativa level down at about 20% (numbers can vary somewhat). Its THC content can average around 16-18%%, but it is quite common for it to reach as high as about 20%, or even 22%. This cannabis strain is definitely recommended for nighttime use, but it may prove helpful in the late afternoons as well. Its CBD content of about 1.5% is known to bring its users also into a more social and talkative state.

The strain is described as starting smoothly creating a warming body fuzz sensation, followed by a sense of euphoria that tends to accelerate quite quickly. Throughout the high, Violator Kush is known to bring the effects of sedation to the user, which can be as strong as getting a couch-lock effect.

The Violator Kush is ideal for those suffering from insomnia, appetite loss, chronic pain, and even depression or anxiety. It has been reported to offer effective help in alleviating the mind from the suffocating burden of stress and anxiety.

This cannabis strain has also proven efficiency in helping with digestive issues, helping those struggling with a loss of appetite, and experiencing nausea. So, if you are in need to get relief from any of the above-mentioned symptoms, you can easily buy Violator Kush online in Canada.

31 reviews for Violator Kush

  1. Henry

    This strain violated my senses. The taste was good but the buzz hit strong, keep this one for the end of the night or it may come earlier than expected.

  2. Paul

    This bud has a really nice green appearance, and also has a pleasant taste. I like this strain quite a bit, and I plan on getting more. Thank you all at MMJDirect!

  3. Melissa

    Great strain for helping with chronic body pain. The smoke is a little harsh but worth it for the full body relaxation. Helps when my arms and wrists are aching after a long day of working.

  4. Elias

    Love it – getting more

  5. Romain

    Violator Kush is a great strain, and the last batch offered by mmjdirect if EXCELLENT.
    Everything you can expect from this kind of indica; potent, strong smell, earthy taste, perfect for Sunday movies or just ease off after work. The health benefits on the physical side is great (pain relief mostly), and you can smoke quite a lot without being overwhelmed (note that it depends on one’s tolerance of course). Full body high for a relaxing moment without any trace of mind fog or paranoia.
    If you are looking for a not so commonly available indica that retains quality and still brings something new to the table, this is it guys and gals !
    100% recommended

  6. Anna

    I like this strain smells taste great and especially can’t go wrong with the price when it was on sale. Will definitely be purchasing more of this in the near future.

  7. Madeleine

    Have ordered violator a few times for nighttime use and for me this strain can gets me super high and ready to pass out if I go heavy, or can be the perfect smoke to unwind and watch some TV if I smoke a little less. Brings on a nice balance of head and body high, and gets you totally relaxed. Was super sticky and was a smooth smoke. Will be buying again!

  8. Michele

    The beautiful frosty nugs and the aromatic smell that emerges from upon first opening pkg., is euphoric. The buds are sticky and full of terps. If you want a hard hitting, couch lock high, look no further. Pain, goes away as you drift into a day dreaming haze.

  9. Jeremy

    This is a truly wonderful strain as its effects are very well balanced. Depending on your mindset or the time of day you could be either extremely productive or extremely relaxed. The Violator Kush has a pleasant aroma and taste, and the price is affordable as well. I tend to have great sleep after smoking this strain which is a welcome bonus. You could do much, MUCH worse.

  10. Wendy Ann

    Of all the strains I have tried, Violator Kush is just the best. The effects are well-balanced, whether I want to relax or just keep going. It is always well packed and fesh, as always. I highly recommend.

  11. Jamelie

    Has an “is ees what it ees” type of high, real great buzz, especially with a pipe or bong!!

  12. Ryan

    Tasty bun and a great buzz

  13. Tyler

    Great buzz, had me sprawled out on the couch

  14. Katie

    I really like this one, I will definitely buy again.

  15. Krystle

    Such a good smoke I get this every time I see it good stuff

  16. Steve

    Maybe I got an older bag but I wasn’t a fan of the taste or smell. Didn’t have that standard kush spice and smelt more like hay.

    Still did the job though.

  17. Courtney

    Great taste, great buzz and fast acting!

  18. Daniel

    Knocks me out quick, happy with it.

  19. Deryk

    Great strain with a nice taste.

  20. Chtistian

    Nice big buds, smells great. MMJ has never disappointed me.

  21. Tyler

    Good for night time use as I find it’s a heavy indica high. Super relaxing and euphoric. Good for insomnia and munchies. Underrated indica strain for sure

  22. Jonathan

    Great smell! Great effects

  23. Mehki

    Hard hitting, fast acting.

  24. Travis

    Ouuf this strain is wonderful. Very balanced I’d say. It can get you VERY high, but it won’t overwhelm you. It gives you a euphoric head rush but then slowly fade into a blissful body high. It lasts quite long too. Word of caution…SUPER pungent. It reeks hard and will stink up. So bare that in mind. Overall it tastes citrusy but “gassy”, beautiful buds that glisten with bright colour. Fantastic for social anxiety, depression and insomnia. Can’t go wrong with this strain.

  25. Brandon

    Sedating, but not as much a Master, Rockstar or other kushes. I’d call this a lazy midday strain. Leaves you with just enough mental focus to get chores done or to take a nice walk through the park. It has a rich, earthy taste with nice undertone of sweetness. One of my favorites

  26. Melanie

    One of my favs and this was a great buy! Smells soooo good too.

  27. Allison

    Nice relaxing effect. Potent!

  28. Jackson

    Smooth taste. Potent.

  29. Leanne

    Great for appetite and anxiety. Also tasty and smooth. Amazing bud

  30. Darryl

    Really good strain for insomnia.
    Super tasty as well.

  31. Anonymous

    Top marks for taste.

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