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Where’s My Bike may be the oddest train we’ve had here, in terms of name. This name comes from its parents, Amnesia and Biker Kush. Where’s My Bike is a 90% Sativa that offers very potent effects, similar to those of amnesia. For a few hours, you’ll forget about everything as you wallow in the fumes of this great strain!

The THC concentration ranges between 12-18%, though it may reach higher values given the right conditions. This much THC allows the strain to provide much more potent effects. First comes the euphoria, surrounded by amnesia and haziness, only to end up with relaxation and a couch-lock sensation.

What does Where’s My Bike look and smell?

The spiciness and sweetness of Where’s My Bike is present in its flavour and aroma. Your taste buds will enjoy the flavour of bubble gum combined with intense fruitiness. The berry spice and herbal overtones serve to complete an already delicious treat. With so much spiciness and sweet bubble gum flavours present, there’s no way you wouldn’t enjoy this tasty treat!

In terms of look, Where’s My Bike has some of the biggest nugs in any cannabis strain. The green nugs are covered by random dark-orange hairs. The cherry on top is represented by the white crystal trichomes that are spread everywhere. They make this strain look even more spectacular than it already is.

What are Where’s My Bike’s effects like?

Being a 90% Sativa with 12-18% THC concentration, this marijuana strain is quite potent and euphoric. The 10% Indica has almost no bearing on the effects. The cerebral rush starts with an intense surge of energy heading to your brain. Happiness and hazy euphoria take over, leaving your brain foggy and amnesiac. This is where the strain’s name comes from.

As the cerebral rush comes to a peak, it’ll start heading toward relaxation and a tiny bit of sedation. Though, this sedation comes with the ample energy rush provided during the onset. There’s a couch-lock sensation waiting to take over you and improve your focus and disposition. These are powerful effects for a trained mind that knows what to expect.

In terms of therapeutic potential, Where’s My Bike is a great addition to your collection. It can alleviate many medical symptoms, such as those of insomnia, spasms and cramps, migraines, chronic pain, depression, and anxiety. Generally, most weed strains have some kind of beneficial therapeutic characteristics. Where’s My Bike excels in improving your mood and relaxing your mind.


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