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60% Sativa dominant Hybrid Strain

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Zkittlez Information

Don’t let this strain’s strange spelling scare you. Zkittles (also written as “Zkittlez” or just “Skittles”) is a powerful indica-dominant hybrid that’s taken the weed world by storm over the last few years. Zkittles is a multiple award-winner, having snatched victories at multiple Cannabis Cups and one Emerald Cup in 2016. It’s a pretty new strain, developed by crossing Grape Ape and Grapefruit together. With a particularly high potency and an uncommon terpene profile, Zkittles is bound to become one of your new favorite strains.

What do Zkittles Look and Smell Like?

One of the most striking parts about this strain is easily its flavour and scent. Zkittles boasts a rather unique terpene profile, thanks to the appearance of humulene among its tastes.

Humulene is well-known as the bitter flavour found in hops, and that taste is on full display with Zkittles. Caryophyllene is also apparent, lending this strain its fresh, peppery aroma, as is the floral flavonoid linalool. Together, these individual tastes coalesce into a new combination of tastes. Zkittles boasts a highly sweet flavour, cut with some tropical, fruity tones.

Zkittles is easy on the eyes, too. While it doesn’t boast the purple or red hues that a plant high in anthocyanins would, it’s a solid representation of cannabis genetics. Lush green buds crowned with bright orange hairs stand proudly, fluffy and light, ready to crumble into a joint or bowl.

What is Zkittles’ High Like?

Zkittles’ high is also one of the strain’s highlights. Smokers say it makes them feel relaxed and happy, two traits typical of indica strains. However, it’s far from a pure indica. It still features a euphoric and uplifting rush that helps invigorate and energize smokers.

For medical patients, this strain may also provide benefits. It may be particularly adept at eliminating stress, anxiety, and depression, and can possibly alleviate chronic pain and improve sleep.

4 reviews for Zkittlez

  1. Siatiak

    The smoke taste good on the inhale, also hard hitting sativa

  2. Brandon

    The hazy aroma of it’s G-13 lineage really comes through, the flavor is fruity-floral-haze if that makes any sense to you. Overall a very pleasant sativa.

  3. Anonymous

    I love the flavour on this one 🙂

  4. Barbara

    This strain has a different aroma, not unpleasant, just different. It delivers and relaxes and calms…

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