2000mg Gummies by Atomic Wheelchair

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2000mg Gummies by Atomic Wheelchair Information

2000mg Gummies by Atomic Wheelchair are infused with THC and they provide the user with a very strong and longer-lasting high. This vegan-based weed edible offers different flavour options, such as blueberry and raspberry.

** Special note **

A Collaboration between MMJDirect & Vancouver Legendary Gummy Makers! We now offer PUNCH! in 1200mg and 2400mg!



The precise dosing of 2000mg Gummies by Atomic Wheelchair allows for consistent effects. With these cannabis edibles, you may find yourself easing into a state of energetic euphoria as your mood is enhanced and cramps and tensions in your body are released.

2000mg Gummies by Atomic Wheelchair: The Effects

2000mg Gummies by Atomic Wheelchair are a great (and tasty) alternative to smoking or vaping cannabis. Plus, the effects are known to be longer-lasting with edibles. These THC-infused gummies are highly potent, so they should be consumed the experienced marijuana users.

So what effects can one expect? 2000mg Gummies by Atomic Wheelchair treat their user to more than one benefit. The initial high usually comes in as a positive energetic boost that scrapes away negative thoughts and feelings of overwhelm. You may notice that your mind slips into a calm state while levels of focus and creativity are elevated.

Besides an increase in appetite, these cannabis gummies also treat the body well by easing up tensions, clearing up cramps, and relieving other pains and discomforts.

How To Dose 2000mg Gummies by Atomic Wheelchair

Atomic Wheelchair is known to produce seriously strong edibles. So even experienced users are encouraged to start with a small dose and wait for a minimum of 30-60 minutes before considering taking another dose.

Keep in mind that with edibles, it takes a little bit of time before the effects are experienced as it goes through the digestive system. If you eat too many edibles too fast, you may find yourself being hit by a very intense high that you weren’t expecting.

What is great about these weed gummies is that they are consistent in their dosage and discreet. You can consume them with precision and ease while getting consistent effects.

44 reviews for 2000mg Gummies by Atomic Wheelchair

  1. Scott

    Good stuff. Equal to, or stronger than, the Punch.

  2. Mike

    Extremely strong!! My tolerance levels are quite high and even I found this one a little iffy at times. Be very careful with the dosage or you’ll be holding on to your bed for dear life lol I only need the smallest sliver of this stuff before bed. Any time I take even the slightest amount extra it’s a little too much and I never thought I’d say that about any weed product. The 1000mg in my opinion is much easier to dose and a much easier ride. Good side is this lasts me a couple months at least. High quality you definitely get what they say you get with this. Not for novice use!! Raspberry taste was really nice I actually would like that flavor with the 1000mg version one day. I recommend but with a warning ⚠️

  3. Karla

    Great product, easy to cut up into 10 or 8 equal doses. Relieves my pack pain, helps me sleep, great to relax and have a smile on your face.

  4. andreas

    Pretty amazing product and when done in the right dose, get a good scale, they set up your nights for peace and relaxation. the price is amazing and very high quality THC. Very impressed and I got some of my friends to buy from mmjdirect as well. Thanks a bunch!

  5. Carolyn

    Excellent product, these go a long way.

  6. Dzmitry

    Good strong stuff. Don’t plan anything too active 😆

  7. Alexandre

    tres tres puissant pour personnes habituer au haut taux de thc!

  8. Susan

    Best gummies ever! I’ve tried every gummy I can find and the only brand that will actually get me stoned and reduce my pain is Atomic Wheelchair.

  9. Matthew

    As someone who suffers from almost daily Sciatica pain, I can confirm that this product is quick, discreet, and powerful in terms of pain relief and providing an all around sense of well being. Thank you for giving me a part of my life back !

  10. Gerald

    Great stuff. Love it. Very potent. Strongest edible i have ever had.

  11. Janet

    I’m a regular buyer of these. Great value, especially when I can catch a sale! I can divide them according to what I need each time.

  12. paul

    Love this product! This is a staple product. Consistent and strong! Perfect for micro dosing! Thanks mmj.

  13. Vanessa

    I was really impressed with this edible! A great low cost compared to other edibles, and a decent high dosage. The flavour was nice, without any cannabis taste, I assume that they are made with THC distillate. The texture is nice and easy to chew. The calming effects of the gummy were quick and long lasting. It helped me have a more enjoyable day and sleep. I cut up the 2000mg gummy into smaller portions, for daily dosing. I definitely recommend these edibles.

  14. keith

    These are great, but test them out first then cut up to desired dose. We average 70-90mg chunks,usually only need 1

  15. matthew

    I have tried several edibles in many different forms and I can legitimately say that the Atomic Wheelchair has been, hands down, THE best experience I’ve had with THC in any form. I use it for pain mainly however this strain also kills my anxiety and casts a blanket of peacefulness.

  16. Tanis

    wow, this is the best value for your buck and they rock!!

  17. Michael

    Even if a regular user, have a high THC tolerance, slow your roll with these delicious gummy pies. Softer than most gummies, melting quickly in the mouth, Atomica hits heavy, but can last so long.🫠 Pain is gone 😌. Stress? Namasted away.🙃. For me it triggers, much needed bouts of uproarious laughter🤣 before giving me the deepest sleep.😴 Each gummy pie is divided into equal slices to aid in dosing for our convenience, good medicine for the body

  18. Brenda

    This is an amazing produce. Definitely not for a newbie. I am a seasoned medical cannabis user. Was finding it hard to find a produce I could ingest easily. I have tried smoking, vaping, making my own oil, brownies to name a few. Nothing can compare to this gummy. I cut it up in smaller sizes. Personally I get 12-14 gummies out of the big one. A little chuck of this and my pain is almost gone and I can still function. If you want to be a couch potato, Just take 2 chucks. Put in an old gummy tin and carry them everywhere. Great stuff…Enjoy

  19. Alexander

    Incredibly strong edibles, grab a seat, your favourite snack and enjoy the ride! I’ve ordered these multiple times and this brand has been number one in consistency for me, no more worrying if you’re actually getting what the package says. This gummy delivers with a punch without fail, every time! I recommend starting at half a triangle (200mg cut to 100mg) then having more but to each their own. The flavour’s and jellylike consistency are always fantastic too, it barely tastes like weed and with a nice candy fruit flavour. 10/10 Highly recommend this gummy over any other for high doses!! Thanks to mmjdirect for supplying this fantastic product!

  20. Kara

    Very strong. For experienced users only. The taste is good and doesn’t taste like a regular edible. The blue raspberry tastes just like a regular candy. Beware though, take small portions to begin with.
    Good for severe pain, anxiety and sleep deprivation.

  21. Nicolas

    these are the best

  22. Niall

    We have gotten the 2000mg gummies a few times now and they are amazing! I have chronic pain and they help so much. The cost for the amount of Thc is an excellent deal and I do like the guides to cut the wheel into wedges. I’ve tried both watermelon and green apple and they taste amazing with no pot taste to them at all. Another feature I like is that they don’t dry out once you cut them up! The only reason I took one star off is that it would be even better if this came portioned out into set amounts, once in a while it’s too easy to take a little too much. Other than that they are the best edibles I’ve come across!

  23. Marilyn

    This is such a good deal for those that want a higher dose of gummies!
    Taste is good, surprisingly for the high dose, doesn’t really have a weed taste per se. It easy to cut up so you can divide it, depending on how one wants to dose. As it says on the package, not for newbies. I highly recommend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Michel

    Not for newbee but very good

  25. Dean

    This thc delivery avenue is perfect for the triple OG cannabis pioneer..smooth ascent to cruising altitude with mimimal stomach turbulence…if you can handle some outer atmosphère astral travel this is the ticket for a surreal couch vacation….

  26. martin

    Really good product

  27. Ben

    This is certainly not for newbies, as it is all too easy to cut yourself a slice that is way too big and all of a sudden your on the moon. However, if you do love a strong edible, look no further. It’s a great way to get a high level of THC without having to consume a lot. The flavour is really not that bad considering the amount of MG. I found it gives me a really good body high and the effects last much longer.

    As someone who takes anywhere from 50-100mg THC per dosage, it’s perfect for me to slice up the gummy like a pizza and have a sliver each time I’m consuming it. The downside with the high potency is that you really don’t know exactly how many MG your getting each time, so again, this is not for noobs. Great price for what you get, I always order an atomic wheelchair when I order for MMJDirect!

  28. Jeremy

    Solid product. Good price for the potency.

  29. Tess

    Strong. For experienced users only. The one thing about this brand if that I wish they just made these gummies in pieces rather than a whole wheel that you have to cut apart yourself. I’m not the greatest with sizing it out so sometimes get too much and sometimes not enough. So def would not recommend for folks who have a 10-20 mg max. As you can go over that much with one wrong cut. Also kind of weird that the company is called wheelchair. But the design is in fact not inclusive of considering actual disabled people. Feels a bit ableist to call your company wheelchair (I’m assuming in reference to getting high) and then have gummies that need to be cut apart with precision. Not very accessible.

  30. Aaron

    I bought one to try as large doses of 500mg as I have a pretty high tolerance for edibles, and I tell you there are the best bang for the buck I have yet found. Great relaxation and pain relief for my aching shoulders. The taste of the extracts is pretty mild, and the texture is really nice. Different than other non-vegan/regular gummies. Definitely buying more!

  31. James

    Was expecting to be let down by these as the dosage seems a bit far fetched, but even just a small nibble off the puck was enough to get me nice and toasted. Will be ordering different flavors and strengths to try now, would highly recommend.

  32. Len

    A lovely daily treat…a great way to smooth out your day between puffs!

  33. Jason

    I had originally bought the 1000mg Atomic Wheelchair gummies forever and I never imagined a 2000mg until now. I bought two a small while ago and absolutely wonderful and definately more bang for the buck. They are the best gummies I have ever bought and will continue to do so.

  34. Jason

    These gummies work.I have arthritis and when I need to forget about it l take a piece of this gummy and It helps.i also like you can cut it to the size you want .It goes a long way.They also taste good .These are my go to for pain relief

  35. Jo-anne

    So.. if you liked the 1000 mg…’re going to love double the medicinal benefits!

    Great tasting, no cannabis taste at all, just yummy watermelon. 😎❤️!
    I have a high tolerance so 1/4 of this wheel has me pain free and drifting off to a restful 8 hrs. of restorative sleep!
    Love ‘em.❤️👌🏿👀

  36. Holly

    After using the Atomic, everything else is lame


    This product is big words! wow!!!, Uff!
    that was my best experience! Please, understand this is only for big great connoisseurs and people with long experience!

    More five Star. maybe 10!

  38. Lisa

    This is such a good deal for those of us that like/need higher doses of gummies!
    Taste is good, surprisingly for the high dose, doesn’t really ‘taste like weed’ for those that want something more like a candy.
    The markings make it easy to cut up so you can divide it…I personally cut a wedge into two or three pieces for 65-100mg depending. Also makes it easy to add a second dose after a few hours.
    As it says on the package, not for newbs! But if you’re a seasoned smoker this will get the job done!

  39. Pernell

    This is truly an amazing product. I have had strong edibles and extremely strong flower. These live up to their name. They hit like clockwork, every time I have one I can set my watch to 1 hour ( \- 5 mins ). They leave me feeling like I need a wheelchair. Hands down, best gummy on the market.

  40. mathieu

    great thing to have on hand for pain and if you want to be sure to sleep well,pop a piece of this strong pie in your mouth.

  41. Rob

    I’ll start by saying this is not for newbies. I usually get the 1000mg wheels, so naturally I had to try these. They are awesome. I’d go on a rant about why but, I mean, its 2000mg in a wheel. What can I say really besides they taste good and do the job very well. If your still reading my rambling then do yourself a favour and buy 1….or 4 or whatever. 😀

  42. Nancy

    Am awaiting my order and already placing another. At this price, it’s hard to pass up! Trying new flavours. Best part of the gummies is it doesn’t leave a film on your teeth.

  43. Chantal

    This is a must try! I’m a stage 4 cancer patient and haven’t found anything strong enough that makes me comfortable at night…until I tried these! I’m so thankful I’ve found this product. Not only do they taste good, they’re at a great price point for the quality you receive. Shipping was fast and everything was so easy to order. I only purchased this product within the last week and a half, and I’m back again to stock up. Thank you so much for providing such an amazing product!

  44. Lisa

    Getting the 2,000 mg for 30% off. Oh Ya!
    By far the best gummie type edible on the market.
    True to dosage. Love the gluten free.
    Awesome product.
    MMJ second order. 2 days to Ontario. Best packaging of any company.
    If you need to use a variety of products, MMJ has the best.

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