African Transkei Chocolates (Blue)

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1 Gram of African Transkei’s in each chocolate

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African Transkei Chocolates (Blue) Information

African Transkei Chocolates

The main ingredient in these tasty chocolates is African Transkei shrooms. They are highly-potent shrooms that will not only take you to the moon but will deliver a visual experience that is out of this world. If you think you’ve had the best psychedelic strains out there, wait till you feel the effects of this popular magic mushroom.

Brief History of African Transkei Shrooms

These shrooms were discovered in 2002, which is relatively recent, in Durban, South Africa on the Wild Coast. They were found growing on some dung below a canopy of trees. These shrooms are commonly known as South African Transkei Cubensis shrooms (SAT)

They are suitable for anyone who is starting out with edibles or eats them every day. You can have them whether you’re going out for a night of dancing or staying in for some Netflix and chill.

A Visual Trip Like No Other

People who have tried these chocolates report experiencing hallucinogenic effects like never before. The psychedelic experience has been described as otherworldly. You will see lights and colors dance, transform and explode before your eyes while your surroundings distort and morph into shapes you’ve never seen before.

All this is accompanied by a sense of calm and euphoria that will overcome both your mind and body. This will allow you to veer into your inner-consciousness and discover a greater connection with everyone and everything around you. It is a visual trip that just has to be experienced to believe.

Also, you will be more creative. You might want to find a creative outlet, which is why dancing is a great option after consuming these African Transkei chocolates.

Tips for Safe Consumption

If you’re microdosing, it is recommended to take 50-500mg. If you’re going for the full psychedelic experience, 2-3g is enough. However, you might want to proceed with caution by starting with 0.5-1g to see how it affects you.

11 reviews for African Transkei Chocolates (Blue)

  1. Sally

    Beautifully packaged and quickly shipped. A delicious way to consume mushrooms. Set up to be easily cut for microdosing.

  2. Daria

    I really love these! My first experience with 1G was like a relaxing safari to a sunny place with lots of geometric patterns. I laughed a lot, and it was the first time I saw inanimate images breathe and move (I’m relatively new to shrooms). The second trip was at 2G and spectacular. I laughed my butt off at everything. Tactile hallucinations (feeling the beats of my music backdrop or the visual fractals on my skin itself). Only negative comment is that it made me SO cold, and near the end of the trip, alternately overheated and cold every few minutes, which was distracting and annoying. Still worth it though!

  3. Josiah

    My buddy took some of these, and said he had the trip of his life! I also enjoyed them, I usually don’t take a much as him though ! These work great, and are super convienet and consistent. Great experience and great trip! I would recommend these to anyone thinking about trying them. thank you!

  4. Nihal

    My friend and I took these in a big park, and spent the entire day there the second they hit. All my senses were alert! And I could not stop smiling, my cheeks hurt! I felt like I was falling in love with nature. Visuals weren’t super intense but the mind effects were more than enough (in a good way). I’m glad mmj has all sorts of varieties of shrooms, the service is amazing, and I will always come back.

  5. Warren

    My friend took two chocolates and had the best experience ever. Very happy time, rich visuals and heightened awareness of sounds and color.

    He felt very relaxed and said it was restorative. Highly recommends and wants more.

    Taste was great and easy I to eat. He said 2g was perfect and very easy to control but also experience things.

  6. Patrick

    This taste great. Just whish i got more. Take away the terrible task of chewing raw mushrooms.
    Bon goût. Pas besoin de subir le goût un peu particulier des champions.
    Merci MMJ

  7. Daniel

    My friend asked me to grab these for him, and he really liked them.

  8. Robert

    I had tried shrooms before but this was the first mushroom trip for my wife. We split this into 1/3’s. However, my wife may not be a great candidate for shrooms due to being highly susceptible to motion sickness and the open eye visuals she experienced with these made her feel as though she was “spinning”. We both thought the taste was good and at the 1/3 dose it had a mild effect on me. I would try these again at a stronger dose (probably 1/2 of this and go from there).

  9. Guillaume

    5 stars.. Good product!

  10. Michael Ray

    Relaxing high. Perfect for day tripping

  11. Tyler

    Aboustely fantastic high right now as I’m writing this hahaha , 12/10 like all their products best service in years

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